Shelter Intake Photo
We received a forwarded email and the above photo from Yoko thru Kathy J about this youngster, "I am wondering if White GSR is interested in this 6 months old white shepherd pup. He was owner surrendered because he bit the apartment manager's butt but the owner thought the pup was just playing. The manager told them to get rid of the pup so they brought him to the shelter." When we inquired further, we were told that he was "rescue only" and received this video:

With no place to put him and, in fact, no transport from the shelter for him (it's one we don't normally take dogs from because it's just too far for us to arrange transport), we were going to have to say no; that is, until Sawyer's dad, Michael, stepped in and offered his help. Dave and Jackie, who are currently fostering Micah, have also offered Lennon a temporary home until he gets adopted! We are a go for saving this sweet boy.

Yoko made the arrangements to have this boy pulled on Saturday. He will spend a couple days with her until Michael can get to California to pick him up.

UPDATE 10/6: Lennon (aka "Polo") has been picked up at the shelter by Yoko and is safely tucked away at her home awaiting transport. From Yoko, "The pup is doing great. He gets calmer when he wears the cone. lol. He has good appetite and had a good outdoor time this morning. Since he lived in apartment with his previous family, he seems like he is not used to use the yard so he didn't know what to do at my yard but he will get used to it soon. A very sweet dog. Don't see any aggression from him. Some construction work going on at my ranch so he met my construction workers this morning. He has no problem with men."

We have a feeling there's a horse on the other side of that fence!!

UPDATE 10/9 FROM YOKO: "He is doing great. He really is a sweet puppy. Seems housebroken. No aggression at all. Because he just got neutered, I have not given him a bath. I wipe him but he gets dirty from playing. Maybe its a good idea to bring some extra towels."

UPDATE 10/10: Thanks to Michael and co-pilot Bob, Lennon was picked up from Yoko in Acton (California) and is headed to Arizona. When asked if he was a sweetheart, Michael replied, "Absolutely wonderful! He hasn't made a peep in the car, he takes treat very nicely, and he is social and friendly. He is going to be a big one. He has big ears and big feet to grow into."

Yoko and Lennon
Michael & Bob take turns posing with Lennon before heading home

Ready to hit the road

A good passenger for sure

Lennon has arrived in Globe and has been delivered safely into the hands of his new fosters, Dave and Jackie. From Michael, "7:40 p.m. We have delivered Lennon to Dave and Jackie. He made friends with them quickly, ate a milk bone, ate his dinner, had a big drink of water and a visit outside for a potty break. David tested him for food aggression (don't try this at home), while he was eating, Dave touched and petted him everywhere, pulled away the bowl and finally put his hand into the bowl while Lennon was eating. Lennon's response was to look up and kiss Dave on the face while he was bent over. He is a very sweet boy!"

Jackie & Dave welcome their newest foster furkid ...

... and Lennon makes himself right at home
Dave shows Lennon where the food is

No food aggression here

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 10/11: "He found a 'cave' last night behind the kitchen table and hid there ... acted like he was afraid we would throw him out ... stayed there all night. When I went into the kitchen this AM, he cowered and did a low [fear] growl until I spoke to him, then he was fine. I fed him 2 cups of dry kibble and he ate it all; put down one more and he ate a bit more. Still very timid. He has been treated very roughly. Responds well to petting, but is unsure of your intent at first.

This is Lennon for the first few days. He hid in his corner. We kept coaxing him out, but he'd stay for a short time then run back. If I started to pet him where he couldn't see my hand he would cringe.

He's currently laying on a blanket and chewing on the antler, but acts like he is worried I'll punish him if I walk into the room. He needs some loving and good treatment. I'm sure he will come around. He IS all puppy! lol"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/12: "Multiple successes is getting him to do his duty outside, including this AM. He is not able to make it all night, and even with the doors open, he will not yet go outside unless I go with him. Maybe the rich food he's not used to, but great progress. He still thinks he must stay in the kitchen and won't stay out of it unless he's being petted. He's currently decided it's okay for him to lay on the pad in the living room, and is venturing into the computer area to be petted, then back to the pad. Progress."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/13: "Success! No accidents overnight and he did his business in the backyard this morning right after he ate!

This is Lennon today. He's wandering in and out of the house. Comes to be petted or have his belly rubbed. He is big on belly rubs. Knows commands like sit and come. Could easily be taught to go to his space on command. Tomorrow we will see how he handles a leash

UPDATE 10/15: Michael and Bob took Lennon on a walk to downtown Globe today. According to Michael, "He did fantastic! He explored, was alert, and interactive. He didn't show any concern for any of the people we met; it was almost like they weren't there. He was a little nervous about the traffic noise but nothing serious. He also got ice cream for a treat. We sat for about 20 minutes on a bench in front of CVS and watched as people went by and a truckload of supplies was delivered to the store. No reactions, no concerns; he was just a little worried about a couple of noisy cars. He did pancake getting into the car both times. Once he was in the car he did fine. I think with ice cream as a reward he will get over that pretty quick. He was pretty good on a leash but I think that's because he's young and shy and wants to stay close, and hasn't figured out that he can pull on the leash."


UPDATE 10/17: From Michael, "Lennon came to the park this morning for a romp. He had a good time and he met John. He was playful and energetic, in full-on puppy mode. David said he still pancaked getting in the car, but enjoyed the trip once lifted in. He doesn't resist or struggle while being lifted into the car; he's really gentle. He loves meeting people. He barked an alert when John arrived (he has a surprising 'big boy' bark). He went right to John with tail wagging when John came in the fence. He loves to play and John had a good time with him."

Catch me if you can!

Adoption fee $425.00.

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