We had put the word out that we had room for some girls, and our faithful facebook friend, Kathy J, didn't let us down. She found 2 girls stranded in a remote shelter in northern California. Transport was going to be a challenge, but the shelter was extremely cooperative and easy to work with, so we gave Kathy the go-ahead. Within 2 days, Kathy had reached out to her contacts and had travel arranged for the girls! She never ceases to amaze us!


UPDATE 5/9: The girls are out of the shelter and on their way to Crossroads in Rialto, over 3 hours away. Lorayne, our first driver, says the bigger one should be Laverne (she's a little crazier), and little one Shirley (a bit calmer). Nothing crazy just excited. Perfect in car. We decided to take Lorayne's suggestion and have named the girls accordingly.

Pickup at shelter (Samantha, Rescue Coordinator at right)

Leg 2 with Colleen

Leg 3 with Jessica

Jessica handing off to Cindy

Last leg with Cindy

Arrival at Crossroads

A long, but successful day for Laverne and Shirley. They had the most wonderful ladies to get them on their journey. Thank YOU all so much for taking time out of your lives to help the pups that so need and deserve it! Went off without a hitch. The bigger girl (Laverne) did throw up on leg 3 (sorry, Jess) but she was fine after that (she was the more excitable pup). Rena Loraine Whitson, love you for putting the transport together. (She even bought extra leashes for safety and stayed online all day with us thru transport.) Thank you to Lorayne H, Colleen U J, Jessica H and Cindi C -- they handled two pups and did an amazing job! If you are old enough to remember the "Laverne and Shirley" show and the theme song.... it was "MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!" And thanks to all involved, including our own facebook angel, Kathy J, we are a step closer to making the girls' dreams of a forever home come true.

UPDATE 5/19: The girls have arrived in Phoenix!

Shirley is the first to "deplane"...

...followed closely by her friend, Laverne (at left)



The girls rode quietly in our transport vehicle and were anxious to get back onto solid ground once arriving in Phoenix. They will be given time to settle in, after which we will begin the separation process. Shirley, the younger of the two, is much more reliant upon Laverne than Laverne is on Shirley. Laverne is outgoing and people friendly, but appears to have no training (we will explore that in the coming days as we get to know the girls). We don't know how long the two have been together, but Shirley will definitely mature and learn to reach out once we limit her ability to fall back and allow Laverne to run interference for her.

The girls are spayed, up-to-date on shots and will be microchipped prior to adoption. They will be given the next 2 weeks to rest and recover from their surgeries (done on the 14th and 16th), after which they will be available for introductions.

UPDATE 5/21: The girls are settling in quickly and learning the routine in their temporary foster home with one of our staff members. Laverne is definitely the bolder of the two, while Shirley hangs back and lets Laverne lead the way. We are trying to encourage Shirley by pairing her up with one of our own personal dogs (she did very well), but she's going to need socialization and training to become the dog we know she can be. She's very sweet, just hesitant to venture out on her own ... yet.

The girls seem to have NO formal training. They are crate trained, and let us know if they need to go out to potty, although we have them on a schedule and they rarely have to remind us to let them out. Laverne is defnitely holding onto her leader role, but she's not pushy towards Shirley. Shirley just naturally surrenders the alpha role to Laverne so there are no arguments. They have been spending more and more time apart, both by themselves and with other dogs in our rescue, so separating them does not seem to present any problems. Once Breeze is moved out of Doggie District into her new home in June, Shirley will be taking up residence there to hopefully bring her out of her shell.

UPDATE 5/29: The girls saw our vet today for their initial exams and both checked out in good health, although needing to gain a few pounds each. Laverne's age was put at between 18 and 24 months; Shirley at 12 to 14 months.

No microchip :(

Laverne checks out fine

Thanks, Garrett

Shirley gets the once-over from Doc

Both girls are now spayed, wormed, microchipped, and up-to-date on shots (including rabies). Training is definitely in the cards for both of these sweethearts.

UPDATE 6/7: The girls checked in to Doggie District today to meet some new friends and have some fun! Shirley also took time to meet a potential adopter.

The girls really drew a crowd

Laverne gets on Kelly's good side right away ...

... while Shirley tries to make a love connection

SHIRLEY UPDATE 6/10: After an incredible introduction yesterday, Shirley was placed with new foster dad, Chris (an Air Force veteran), to see if she will make a good therapy dog. They make an amazing match and we're hoping for the best for them.

LAVERNE UPDATE 6/16: Laverne went home with Gail, Jeff and Cooper this afternoon to see if she would be a good addition to their home. She and Cooper were already good friends by the time they left Doggie District ... next test is going to be the resident cat. We'll be waiting to see what the cat says about Laverne joining the family!

UPDATE 6/27: Unfortunately, we have been notified by Gail and Jeff that Laverne (now Dixie) simply will not live peacefully with a cat, and they have made the difficult decision to return her to our rescue. We are awaiting a progress report from Gail and Jeff on Laverne to see what she has learned in the past 11 days. Not all shepherds can live with a cat, and there is no blame on any side for this unfortunate turn of events. We simply had not seen this behavior out of Laverne during the time she was in a foster home.

FROM LAVERNE'S ADOPTIVE/SURRENDERING MOM: "Ahh, joie de vivre. Not a description for a French poodle, but for the beautiful, delightful Laverne. I have never known a dog with more joy for living, who takes such delight in every fuzzy toy, every ride in the car, every word (preferably delivered in baby talk). Laverne will steal your heart with her first kiss. She is a perfect dog IF you do not have a cat. Take her home with you if you promise to love her for her great energy, her need for plenty of exercise, her excitement just to sit close by and put her head on your knee. She is a love, and I would never give her up for any reason, except my beloved old kitty. Love her and be loved. She deserves that and so do you."

FROM LAVERNE'S ADOPTIVE/SURRENDERING DAD: "Laverne got an A+ on her report card. She learns fast, is crate-trained and really wants to please. Within 2 days she knew her new name and basic commands. A “no” stopped her in her tracks anytime we said it. Best of all, she loves the interaction, both with her people and the other dog."

Laverne will be returned to our rescue to continue the search for her forever home on Saturday, June 30th.