Keno was brought to our attention right after New Year's by our dear facebook friend, Kathy J. He was in a California kill shelter that we have pulled from before, but for some reason he was not listed on the shelter's website. We asked Kathy to investigate further. Within 24 hours Kathy had the news for us that he was, indeed, at the shelter and adoptable.

UPDATE 1/6: Keno was pulled from the shelter today by Cindy, who provided these beautiful photos of our newest rescue furkid.


According to the shelter paperwork, Keno is approximately 12 months old. He's sweet and wants nothing more than to give kisses. He will, of course, need training to become the canine good citizen we know he was born to be!

Keno will be brought to Phoenix as soon as a foster home opens up for him. He will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped in preparation for adoption.

UPDATE 1/19: Keno was brought to Phoenix today and took up temporary residence with one of our staff members.

Unloading in Quartzsite

Posing with volunteer Wendy

A quick potty break in the park...

...then a walk with a new friend
An introduction to Stella ~ Keno snuck in a kiss on Stella's ear

UPDATE 1/25: We kitty tested Keno today, but he was just too much of a puppy for us to gauge how he would really do with a cat in the household. At first he didn't even notice the cat at all and we practically had to point his nose at them so he would see them. When he noticed, he rushed forward just to sniff and push with his nose, but once the cat objected and hissed at him, his excitement took over.

Kevin does NOT want to come out and play

Hermione is a little more cooperative and came out to meet Keno, but Keno's energy was too much for her and she passed on play as well

UPDATE 1/26: After a successful walk and introduction in the park, Keno moved in with foster parents Heather and Brian, and foster fursiblings Riley and Watson. We'll be looking forward to updates over the coming weeks as our boy learns to live in a home and acquires some manners.

(left to right) Keno, Watson & Riley

FOSTER UPDATE 1/30: "Keno has settled in nicely. We’re learning some manners, which can be rough at times, but he tries to listen and treats help. He is very confident and knows what he wants. Loves being around dogs & people. He is such a happy and friendly boy! The last few days have found he’s a HUGE snuggler. Keno love stuffed animals and takes turn with each type we have. Riley even let him get away with having her favorite toy. At night when it’s time to go in his crate, he whimpers for a bit & then settles right in. He’s eating and drinking like a champ.

Overall he’s been really good. “Pretty much” overcome his inside marking carpet pees. His poor tummy is giving him #2 issues but he always lets us know when he needs to go outside and we have him on a 30 min to hour going outside routine. Loves the food & treats he’s getting. He’s very curious (non shocker) checking it all out. Tried to nose door or pad them open (pawing we’re correcting). Loves our dogs plays a tad rough. They’re not so sure but Riley puts him in his place and we have a squirt bottle if he gets too wound up. We have stocked up on chew toys which he loooooves & isn’t particular to any type, just makes his round through them all. Some are not making the cut to handle his puppy teeth.


Keno's foster folks have also confirmed what we know to be true about Keno -- HE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES. He's a confident little bratty teenager at this stage of his life and tries to "talk back" if you tell him to do something that he really doesn't want to do! His forever family will have to go back to the beginning and teach him what boundaries and manners are, not to mention that he has to listen to his parents no matter what! His foster folks are setting the foundation for just that. The good news is that, basically, he's a sweet boy who has never been taught. Patience, patience, patience is going to be the key, along with good leadership -- obedience classes definitely wouldn't hurt either!

FOSTER UPDATE 2/5: "Keno’s doing great; still a bubbly happy boy. He’s very curious; likes to be with you and see what’s allowed to be chewed on. When you tell him no and give him a chew toy, he listens and stops. Nothing has been destroyed expect Kong stuffed animals & a rope toy which that’s its job for puppies.

He understands the word 'crate' now. Sometimes takes the long route to go in since he doesn’t really want to but give him time and direction he’ll go in on his own. He’s given treats and told he’s a good boy for making good choices.

No accidents in the house but we still have him on a schedule to go out since he downs water like there’s been a draught.

He loves playing with our two. Still working on boundaries. Listening to when our dogs are done or when playing is getting rough. He’s just being a puppy and all he does is in pushy fun."

UPDATE 2/10:

Keno may have met his forever mom today!

UPDATE 2/12: Keno's foster sister, Riley, definitely knows how to keep him in line.


FOSTER UPDATE 2/27: "Took him to the vet Monday to get his nails trimmed. He’s at 85lbs! They say he’s looking really good and that he’s such a handsome boy. Tried to get his nails done and he wasn’t having it so we’re going to try again in a few days or so. Last weeks rain we found out he loooooooves the water & not just coming from the hose. He did not want to come back in. As soon as we dryed him off he would want to go right back out. Will be interested to see if he turns into a pool dog. He loves sitting outside and basking in the sun while laying in the grass."

UPDATE 3/5: This evening Keno's foster folks noticed a wound on Keno's right flank.

FOSTER UPDATE 3/5: "He’s fine -- the wound looks MUCH worse than it actually is. The vet said it doesn’t look like it even broke the top layer of skin. No stitches needed! They did put him under to shave off some fur to clean it and get a better look at it. He did great though; waiting his turn to be seen was hard; he kept trying to eat his leather leash even though we brought chew toys from home.

He will be on antibiotics and then do a follow up to make sure it’s healing nicely. Just have to keep an eye on it in the meantime.

The last week Riley’s been having more moments of just being done w/his puppiness, yet at the same time will play w/him and egg him on (acting as all siblings do with each other). They’ll play, mess around, then push too much and both will stop. We had noticed he had a spot, but he was acting normal. Tried multiple attempts to look at it but weren’t too concerned at first. Once I was able to get him to chill with belly rub I was able to see it and that’s when we figured it would be best to get him looked at just in case.

He still wags his tail when he’s sees our two. Riley does as well, though she’d prefer if he could work on being mouthy (but, come on, he’s a kid!). He has been getting better about his being pushy.

Let me know if you have any questions about the whole ordeal I may not have covered. ...Like I said earlier, just want to get him looked at sooner than later and that he was okay. ...Brian is working from home today so he’ll be watched all day today to make sure the meds wear off and back to bubbly Keno."

Adoption fee $395.00.

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