Sometimes people amaze us ~ sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. One look at Katie, dumped at a kill shelter after recently having a litter of pups, told us that her human (and we're using that word loosely) used her as a puppy factory, probably breeding her before she was a year old and continuing to breed her until she wound up in this condition -- she was literally giving her life to her puppies. What made her human finally stop and give Katie up, we can only guess ~ maybe Katie escaped? We'll never know, but we're thankful she is no longer in their hands.

We spotted Katie on a website and knew she stood little, if any chance of getting out of the shelter alive. Adopters passed her by in favor of chubby puppies or younger dogs. Her intake date was 2/21; on the 23rd she weighed 29 pounds!! We knew we had to act now in order to save her life.

From Margret at the shelter, "She's gained 3 lbs and is now 32.1 lbs. She ate 2 cheeseburgers with me and was very sweet. She was timid at first but then became curious about things, even dug out the cheeseburger paper and started licking it. After about 10 minutes in the yard, she actually sought out affection and petting. I've sent a video ... I hope this helps." Thank you, Margret, it did help

Shelter video courtesy of Margret

The more pictures we saw, the more we realized how urgent she was

Please help me...

Exit photo ~ look at those nails!!

According to transporter, Tera, "She is scared, but very sweet…." Thanks to Tera, Katie is safe and in good hands at Crossroads where she will remain until transport can be arranged for her.

Katie's exit from the shelter video

The more photos we receive of Katie, the more we know that she is definitely NOT a German shepherd. The closest we can come is she is a Jindo or a Jindo mix -- not a breed common in Arizona, but quite common in California.

Upon her pull, our facebook friend, Kathy J wrote: " Hi Everyone, its ME! I'm alive and well. A nice lady came today to pick me up. She said I had a "rescue" pull, whatever that means. But it must be a good thing because the next thing I knew I was out of my cage and out the front door! OK I'm not the prettiest girl on the block (well maybe I am) because I turned a few heads and the rescue said, 'she needs out now!' This poor girl is a mere 32 lbs; she did gain some weight in the shelter. But look at her spine, her ribs, her hips. Not to mention the udders! CAN we say puppy breeder! Well this girl will not have pups again and she will gain weight and she will be healthy. She is as sweet as they come. I want to give credit to Margret (rescue coordinator) as I grilled her nonstop with questions. Margret went out in the yard with Katie and got pictures and video and fed her cheeseburgers! Margret was off today but I'm sure she will be happy to know Katie is in great hands with White GSD Rescue. Thank you, Nancy! Thank you Tera Terrillo Borden for always being there when called. Thank you to all of you for networking her and to the shelter for caring for this sweet girl."

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Life is looking up for little Katie

UPDATE 3/2: Thanks to long-time foster mom, Betty, for stepping up and offering Katie a home to go to upon her arrival in Phoenix. Betty will take care of Katie, fatten her up and get her ready for her spay surgery. Once spayed, if Betty is ready, willing and able to let her go, Katie will be available for introductions and adoption.

UPDATE 3/11: Little Katie arrived in Phoenix today. Once Betty returns from out-of-town, Katie will be joining her in her home. She needs to gain some weight before she'll be ready for her spay surgery, and we know Betty's just the right person for the job.

UPDATE 3/21: Katie went home with new foster mom Betty this morning. Before she left, Katie had her nails done and got a good brushing from Betty before hopping (well, almost) into the truck for the ride home. We're going to let Betty (a very experienced foster mom) take care of Katie and fatten her up a bit more before we have her spayed.

All aboard

Let's get this boat moving!

FOSTER UPDATE 3/22: "So far, Katie ignores the inside kitties; however, the outside kitties show a different side of her. If they run, she will give chase. On the other hand, Bert, the black and white long hair (cat), and Pigpen, the tortoiseshell (cat), scared the bajeebers out of her by just being themselves.

She is a sweet girl. She has no knowledge of commands. When she is outside running, she wants to keep running, hence the constant leash so she is easier to snag again when playtime is done. She obviously will run at will if not properly contained.

Meeting the resident crew

Smiling big already

Meeting Kerry

A good brushing is in order, and Kerry is happy to oblige

Katie is enjoying her new backyard

She is nervous - restless inside. Eventually she settles down. She will learn her place and figure out we're not going to hurt her. She does wag her tail frequently. She really likes freeze dried liver. Forgot I had some.

On the way home, she wedged herself between the driver door and seat. I figured out it was the sound from the fan. It is pretty loud.

Katie meets a new friend at Betty's

She wasn't thrilled with Happy's over excitement. Happy was put outside so I could get the crate up. I placed Katie in the crate with her food. Once she was done eating, I let Happy and Chase back in. After a few minutes, the sniffing was done and all was tolerable between them.

She has a lot to learn, but all in due time. She's doing good considering many things make her leary. I believe she would run for the hills if she got out of the yard, at least for now. Hopefully that will change. She does bark at anyone entering the home. She will have some one on one, riding on the road with me."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/23: "She is a totally different dog today; totally obsessed with being outside. We did a little leash training for about 15-20 minutes outside. She is learning 'sit,' 'stay close' and 'leave it.' Sit is the least she likes. She's doing good with the stay close and leave it. She was obsessed with chasing kitties this morning. Couldn't think of a better time to start training. She did a whole lot better than I imagined with all the kitty distractions. She definitely will improve each day. She was most curious about the water sound when I showered. She wouldn't come in, but did stay outside the bathroom until I came out. She does puppy whining to go outside and light growling (talking) when she is curious or confused. She tried intimidating Bug, the princess cat, but Bug wouldn't budge. It was rather comical. The outside kitties were assisting the 'leave it' portion of training. After the session was over, they would get closer so Katie could sniff them. I need to get her some stuffies -- she's trying to play with the cats' stuffed mice which are much too small for her. She's definitely coming out of her shell. By the end of last evening, she was laying next to me after her running sessions (outside)."

UPDATE 3/25: Katie paid us a visit this afternoon; she's put on a pound or two and is looking better already!

UPDATE 4/1: Katie is on the road this week with foster mom, Betty, who is a long distance truck driver. This week it was a run from Nogales, AZ to Rochester, NY!


Betty feels that Katie is not suited to a life on the road. She's probably never been in a vehicle before coming to our rescue, and just doesn't love life on the road. We can't fault Katie for that -- not all dogs love car rides. She has a spay appointment this week, after which she will be available to go to a new home.

UPDATE 4/3: Katie and Betty are in a motel in upstate New York, on their way back to Phoenix. Katie loves to travel, but HATES the loud noise of Betty's big rig. Maybe that's why we never noticed any problem with Katie traveling before! Our vehicles were too quiet (which she liked)!

UPDATE 4/12: Katie saw our vet today for her spay surgery. She weighed in at almost 33 pounds, a slight gain with more to go, and tolerated the procedure without any problems.

Katie is a youngster with little to no training and definitely no experience living in a real home with people who love and care about her. She needs a home where she will be the focus of someone's world -- someone who can teach her how to be a dog, living in the first real home she has probably ever known. She prefers women to men, but is willing to learn to love both.

UPDATE 6/27: Katie continues to do well and thrive in her temporary foster home. She is completely crate trained and has gained quite a few pounds -- we'll have to schedule a trip to the vet for a re-weigh. She's a happy little girl whose looking for the right family ...

Adoption fee $225.00.

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