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KANE IN A NUTSHELL: What we know so far is that Kane loves "his" people. He's fine with other dogs and cats. He's about 2 years old (or less) but very much still a puppy. He has had no formal training.
Another homeless furkid at a very high kill shelter in California. According to the shelter, "Yes this dog is friendly and available for adoption now. He is kenneled alone so we don't know how he is with other dogs."

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Our facebook angel, Kathy J, emailed for information and was sent a link to photos and this video.


Kane's Shelter Video

Once we saw the video, we committed to Kane immediately.

UPDATE 6/2: Chuck and Jon of Husky Camp were at the shelter first thing this morning.


Kane is updated on shots and microchipped; he is scheduled for his neuter surgery on June 3rd and will be brought to Phoenix when a foster space opens up for him.

UPDATE FROM HUSKY CAMP 6/15: "Kane does fine with the other dogs until he thinks someone else is getting the attention. He's very quiet and calm in the house, and doesn't beg for food. 'Eh-eh' and 'Leave it' keep him from checking out your food. However, he has jumped our guys a couple of times when they've come close to me or Jon. In fact he has the presence of 'pass me and die' if he straddles an entryway to like the kitchen or hallway. He's also cat friendly. He loves to just be in the presence of people ... ."

UPDATE 7/10: Kane arrived in Phoenix this afternoon, courtesy of Chuck and Jon from Husky Camp.

UPDATE 7/19: Kane has settled in to life at his temporary foster home. We have seen none of the "possessive" behaviors reported at Husky Camp as he's not being asked to share the attention of his human's with a pack of resident huskies! He's a lean, athletic boy who would be an excellent jogging or hiking partner.

UPDATE 8/3: We had the opportunity to kitty test Kane this afternoon, and he did very well. He was definitely interested, especially after the cat started to move, but he lost interest once she stopped moving. With a dog-saavy cat, he'd do just fine.


His current foster home has seen NONE of the possessive behavior that Kane was exhibiting at Husky Camp and has been fine even with his foster mom's personal dog -- he ALWAYS gets her full attention!

UPDATE 9/22: We moved Kane over to Doggie District today for some playtime and to make new friends. Our volunteer trainer, Jordan, will be spending some time with him soon.

UPDATE 9/23: Jordan couldn't wait to get over to Doggie District and meet Kane. According to her, Kane is the "best leash trained rescue yet."

From Jordan, "Kane is one of the sweetest and chillest shepherd boys I've EVER met!! From the get-go he was a little nervous and shy and didn't want to get in the car, but as time went on he gained his confidence! I have never worked with a better leash trained dog, even better than my dogs. He didn't pull once, and when we would do longer walks, I would have the leash completely loose, and he would perfectly heel at my right side. It was amazing. I was astonished. He will sit for treats! He needs a little work with the sit and down commands, but he'll get there in no time. He's such a super chill and low drive shepherd! He got excited when he saw a dog walk past us, but he didn't throw a fit, he just wanted to play. He only cried a little bit. When we weren't training, he was laying down every second and even fell asleep in the grass!!"


Adoption fee $395.00.

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