Juniper and North were found running at large in California in mid-February. The boys were taken to a shelter and waited out their stray hold, hoping that their owner(s) would come for them.

Shelter intake pics

Our facebook angel, Kathy J, kept an eye on the boys for us and when no owner appeared, they went up for adoption. After seeing their shelter video, WGSDR was there at the ready when they weren't immediately adopted.

North (the smaller of the two) is said to be about a year old. Juniper is 2+ years. The particular shelter that they were in only puts "good dogs" up for adoption, so we were pretty confident that the temperaments of both dogs were sound. Shelter notes on North indicated, "he's just a little shy."

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To all of Juniper and North's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

Juniper (left) & North

UPDATE 2/11: Thanks to our good friends at Husky Camp, the boys were pulled from the shelter this morning and will be spending the next several weeks at Husky Camp until transport to Arizona can be arranged for them (in early March). While in California they will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped. The boys will be available for (separate) adoption as soon as they arrive in Arizona. Please check back for updates from Husky Camp.

UPDATE 2/12: The boys were neutered today and North was found not only to have a retained testicle, but also a hernia! Both of which were taken care of during his surgery -- he's going to be a very sore puppy tomorrow. Juniper's neuter surgery was routine, and he's recovering nicely.


UPDATE 2/22 FROM HUSKY CAMP: "Jon's been working with them trusting him when he feeds and cleans kennels. This week we're going to do doggie and cat introductions."


UPDATE 2/23 FROM HUSKY CAMP: "Juniper is in charge and North follows behind him. According to the shelter, Jupiter was very bossy to North. We've had them in separate kennels since they've been with us and just let them be together this morning.

Both are cat friendly, shy of meeting new people, good with othe rdogs of all sizes. We believe they're been more outside dogs than inside dogs as they are hesitant to cross threshholds, which will probably mean they'll be housebroken because they've only done 'it' outside.

Our back door is open right now and neither one have ventured back in. North is smaller and had more of the structure of a husky, but we're thinking he's all shepherd. Juniper is larger and carries himself as a proud shepherd."

The boys will be brought to Arizona on March 4th by our favorite volunteer transporters, Michael and Bob. Both Michael and Bob have recently lost their personal boys (Sawyer and Biscuit) and are on the lookout for new family members. It's entirely possible that Juniper and/or North might find themselves a new family even before their arrival in Phoenix!

UPDATE 3/4: The boys arrived safe and sound in Phoenix this afternoon.

Chuck & Jon arrive in Quartzsite with the boys

Are we there yet?

Bob introduces himself to North

Settling in for the ride to Phoenix
Arrival in Phoenix


Hey! Carnations!


Nancy makes North feel at home

We are setting up introductions for Juniper this weekend. North will be making his way to Doggie District for some socialization since he is pretty shy meeting new people.

UPDATE 3/5: North checked in to Doggie District this morning for some playtime and socialization. We know he gets along well with other dogs -- people are his kryptonite.

UPDATE 3/6: Our thanks go out to Jeff and Janine who offered Juniper a foster home in which to decompress and to learn that humans are to be loved and trusted. We are looking forward to positive updates over the next couple of weeks. Our hopes are high ...

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 3/6: "Our boy is just sitting in the crate and not eating yet; we have the door open for him but he just looks at us once in a while. Janine was sitting with him on the back patio and he got very comfortable with her as she was petting and baby talking with him. He'll come around. I took him for a nice walk right when we got home."

JUNIPER FOSTER UPDATE 3/7: "Sleeping with his head up in the air he probably didn't sleep too much last night. I got up sometime between four and five and he was looking straight at me so he's probably a tired boy."

Getting very comfortable!!

Laying next to his mom

Tired boy

NORTH UPDATE 3/8: When we inquired as to how North was doing at Doggie District, we were told, "Pretty well! Nervous a bit with people but sweet. Hasn't opened up too much with the pups but does just fine out there with everyone."

JUNIPER FOSTER UPDATE 3/9: "Yeah, he's doing great even tried to play with the cat but the cat would not have any of it, he's already made a lot of the neighbors and dogs and does great with them."


NORTH UPDATE 3/13: We moved North from his temporary home at Doggie District to a foster home in Glendale.

North enjoys the ride to Glendale


Volunteer, Teresa, is ready to take on her new foster dog

Dad, Jay, says hello to North

Mom, Barb, gives it a try ~ North wasn't quite ready
In a family of 7, North will soon get used to being around people

JUNIPER FOSTER UPDATE 3/14: "This guy is incredible!! He wants so bad to play with the cat and the cat is just not wanting to be involved. He has such a soft mouth, we gave them toys from our last little dog and he is torn nothing up."

NORTH FOSTER UPDATE 3/16: "He is doing well! He is slowly getting used to being pet and touched, but it is better than before!"

NORTH FOSTER UPDATE 3/20: "He looks to Teresa for security and guidance, but otherwise is not very connected with her."

Relaxing after being run around the backyard!

NORTH FOSTER UPDATE 4/2: "I myself am amazed on how far North has come, for he is a bit more comfortable with me and no longer flinches from me or my hand. North and I have been beginning small amounts of training, but he is understanding the command of 'stay' and making quick progress with the command of 'sit'. Today I have had a some success of North sitting on his own with only three commands and corrections without me having to push or touch him! Underneath I attached the photos I took of him and I when he became more comfortable with me."


NORTH FOSTER UPDATE 4/17: "He is doing well and great with Ella; he respects that at her age, she does not want to play with him. He is slowly making progress of trusting me; he has even began to bond closer with my dad."

NORTH FOSTER UPDATE 5/15: "I thought I’d send you an update on North and some photos since it has been a while! North has been doing wonderful at the training! He has been learning quickly and at some times he is better than Ella! I have been walking him every day and he seems to really enjoy it, and if Ella is walking too then his tail is always in the air! He has been trusting all of us more and more each day, and has even made a connection that the phrase 'let's go for a walk' means sit down and let her put the leash on. So far, North has been doing wonderful and I cannot wait to see him grow even more! These photos are from our walk yesterday."


Adoption fees: North $375.00.

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