JOSEPH (aka "JoJo")

JoJo came to our attention in late February after he was spotted in a California kill shelter. He was approximately 2 years of age and had some in as a stray. He was described by the shelter as, "...friendly, and will make a great friend!" Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who network dogs who find themself in the unfortunate situation of being at this shelter, we were provided with some very nice photos and a video of JoJo, and with the shelter's positive endorsement, we immediately put plans in place to help JoJo and get him out of danger ASAP.

Shelter Pics ~ Patiently waiting for rescue

UPDATE 2/25: Thanks to our facebook angel Kathy J, and transporter Tera, JoJo was delivered safely into the hands of our friends at Crossroads, where he will remain until transport to Arizona can be arranged.

So happy to be free!

UPDATE 3/14: Joseph and his traveling buddy, Tanaya, arrived in Phoenix this afternoon thanks to our friends, Chuck and Jon at Husky Camp Rescue.

On the way to Quartzsite

Chuck helps Joseph out in Quartzsite

Wendy helps with a new collar

Thanks, Wendy

Ready to head for Phoenix

Safe in Phoenix

UPDATE 3/15: Less than 24 hours in town and Joseph had his first introduction this afternoon. It was obvious from the start that he has been around a family with kids. He never missed a beat. The other dog was less than welcoming at times, but JoJo took it all in stride and never once growled or showed any resentment.


A walk in the park
JoJo got himself fitted with a pair of sunglasses

UPDATE 3/21: Our thanks go out to the Keoghan family who welcomed Joseph into their home this afternoon. We'll be keeping a close watch to see if Rudi (the resident dog) can adjust to sharing her home with an easy going fella like JoJo. We're hoping she can.

FOSTER UPDATE 3/22: "We had a good night. Rudi had to give up her crate but it worked out. Few more instances of rudi getting mad but their playing hard this morning. No trampolining though for Jojo!!"

FOSTER UPDATE 3/29: "He is doing great and is a bundle of energy. Together they are getting better but still have quite a few instances during the day when they argue. He seems not to take the hint, thinking it's all part of the game. He can be rough at times, biting the back of her neck and on her back, but hoping for a better week. They follow each other around all the time which is a good sign. We had some breakthroughs around the crate, which is now not an issue, and Rudi now lets him in the kitchen. That was an issue for a few days but not now. No issues with his food transfer either. He has not braved the pool which has become Rudi's safety blanket and place of refuge!! Loves going for walks and gets along with the kids great. He still has some puppy nipping at times but nothing malicious!! They are both really obedient when it comes to treats!! We are loving having him around."

FOSTER UPDATE 4/1: "Just checking in. Jojo is being a good boy but has a problem biting (us) when he's playing. Any advice? Hope you're both doing well." We advised the fosters to get a spray bottle and whenever JoJo is using his mouth inappropriately to squirt him in the face and immediately stop playing with him. We think he'll get the message rather quickly.

Adoption fee $355.00.

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