This beautiful, young boy was found in a shelter near Fresno, California. He came in as a stray, but his owners never found him there. After his stray hold was up, Joaquin went up for adoption, but this is such a small, rural shelter that the dogs that wind up there get very little exposure (or chance for adoption).

Joaquin's Shelter Video
Thanks to Emily D for the video & the shelter pull coordination!

Thank goodness someone spotted him and put his picture up on Facebook, where it was found by our wonderful Facebook friend, Kathy J. In no time at all, a plan was in place to have Joaquin pulled and transported to Crossroads in Rialto to await transport. A shoutout thanks to Rena W (Transportion Coordinator & for her donation to Leg 1 of the transport), and our transporters: Leg 1 Lorayne, Leg 2 Rochelle T and Leg 3 Cindi C. We couldn't have done it without you!!

Joaquin's Transport Video

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Arrival @ Crossroads

Joaquin is under a year of age (probably around 6 months or so). As you can see from the videos, he is sweet and friendly and eager for love. He will be transported to Phoenix on Monday where he will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped. According to Cathleen at Crossroads, "This boy is ADORABLE!!!!"

UPDATE 4/24: The kids (Joaquin, Mindy and April) have arrived in Phoenix!!

Kisses for Cindy

Ready to go

The transfer in Ehrenberg

Thanks to long-time foster Tom B and his family, Joaquin has a foster family waiting for him once he is neutered and ready to go. Thanks, Tom! Joaquin will be neutered on Wednesday (April 26th), microchipped and updated on shots. He will be taking up residence with Tom around the second week in May.

UPDATE 4/26: Joaquin had his neuter surgery today and weighed in around 47 pounds. The vet confirmed his age at between 6 and 7 months. He was also microchipped and will be updated on shots this coming week.

UPDATE 5/11: Joaquin moved in with new foster dad Tom this evening. Tom already reports that he is settling in well and will be introduced to the rest of the family tomorrow.

Are all these toys for me?

The kitchen ~ my favorite place!

FOSTER UPDATE 5/22: "Doing good, chillin in the A/C. Itís hot outside!

Heís an outstanding dog. Definitely a puppy, loads of energy; heís had two 'accidents' but working hard to be a great dog. Nicholas and Mackenzie love him! Belle might too!

This big boy is definitely growing, the other day I got up and was like wow! Love a big dog!

More pictures with the kids comingÖ..I either donít have my phone, or their moving too fast, or the phone comes out and it never works."

FOSTER UPDATE 5/22: "He is a very playful dog with lots of energy. Heís still learning the basics though as he canít sit still for longer for 2 seconds. He does very well around the kids, he walks on a leash great. Havenít really had him around many other dogs, but when he sees them he definitely wants to play."

FOSTER UPDATE 6/18: "Heís doing good, doesnít seem the heat too much but definitely likes the cool tile. Still very much a puppy and his listening skills are weak at best, even for basic commands. Heís either sleeping or on the go! Very good on a leash and well behaved when we took him out for Ice cream. He has had a few accidents in the house, which I thought was odd because twice he had just returned from being outside for at least an hour."

Adoption fee $450.00.

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