JIMBO (aka "Beau")

JIMBO IN A NUTSHELL: Jimbo is a very large puppy. He's friendly and outgoing with people and other dogs. He can be a little over-the-top in his playstyle, which some dogs may not appreciate, but he simply wants to play and is unsure of what he's doing wrong. He's learning, little by little.
Thanks to Sawyer & Amy's dad, Michael, this beautiful boy was brought to our attention in mid-July. He had come into the Apache Junction shelter as a stray several weeks before, and no one had shown up to claim this striking young boy.

Our adopters and supporters, Dave & Molly, had sent us a special donation in memory of their dear friemd, "Jimbo," who had recently passed away, in hopes that we could rescue a special dog, and so "Beau" (who had been named by personnel at the shelter) was renamed Jimbo in his honor.

We emailed the shelter to inquire, and were given his story: In early July, the girls Apache Junction cross country team was out running in the area and, when they looked, they had a new member of the team! Jimbo had joined them! He ran with them until the team arrived back at the school, at which time the coach called animal control to have him picked up. The team coach even came into the shelter to visit him.

Hoping someone will come for him ...

When we inquired as to temperament, we were told that he was definitely friendly with people. As far as other dogs are concerned, "...he has a lot of energy and doesn't know how to play. He can be a rough player but corrects easily. ,,,he's a big dog in a small kennel, so he comes out rough. ...he wants to be dominant but not aggressively biting, etc. He put his paws on the other dog who was smaller than him. And he makes weird noises when he's excited." He sounds like a typical GSD youngster to us, and will probably calm down his playful dominant tendencies once he's neutered -- the very first TO DO on his list.

The shelter was most anxious to move Jimbo out of the shelter before his time ran out so even though we are bursting at the seams with dogs, we couldn't say no... We will be picking him up at the shelter on Wednesday morning (after his neuter surgery on Tuesday). After some recovery time, he will be ready for introductions.

UPDATE 7/17: Two of our staff members made the trip to Apache Junction this morning and brought Jimbo back to WGSDR. What a beautiful boy he is -- so much more striking in person -- except for the purple stain on his right shoulder, which should fade with time. He's a young boy -- we're guessing about a year and a half -- with no training and/or social skills. He absolutely LOVES people and other dogs, but unfortunately has never learned how to play appropriately and can get rough with smaller dogs or dogs not up to his energy level. He means no harm; he's just uneducated.

Happy to be heading out

Ready to hit the road


OK, where am I now?

Happy to be anywhere out of the shelter

UPDATE 7/20: Beau went on an outing today to meet some new friends.

Definitely a hit with Mike

He was fine meeting the smaller, older female in the family

There was much more of a "spark" with Kona ...

... and Beau even managed to sneak in a kiss!

Beau did very well with the intros, even though his new friends were strangers to him and acted like they hated him at first sight! It didn't take Beau very long before he'd won them over and made friends with both girls, and they were allowed to play together in the yard. He figured out the doggie door in 10 minutes (both going in and going out). He was also introduced to some children (friends of the family) while he was visiting, and was totally appropriate. The adults in the family fell in love with him.

But, as we had been told by the shelter, Beau is a WWE player and continued to chase (and sometimes mount) his new friend (the black female shepherd). She finally hid under a table, totally exhausted. (It is interesting to note that he left the older female, who rules the roost, completely alone and spent all his time chasing the younger black shepherd.) Beau is only 4 days out from his neuter surgery, so we're thinking that his hormones are still ruling his puppy brain. We're going to give him some time to fully recuperate and then try again. While he was visiting, we were told that Beau either learned "sit" and "down," or already knew them and was playing "dumb" when asked by his foster mom to do so.

Beau would do fine as an "only child" but we're hoping that given some additional time, his brains rather than his hormones will rule his behavior around other dogs. He showed NO AGGRESSION whatsoever to the other dogs, but his persistence was just too much. We'll definitely try again. Small dogs NOT recommended (for their own safety) due to Jimbo's size and rough play style.

UPDATE 7/21: We put Jimbo out with one of our other rescue residents (Callie) in the play yard and, surprisingly, he was completely appropriate with her and when she said NO, he immediately backed off and did not continue to pester her to play. Much to our surprise (given his experience yesterday), he was quite the gentleman. We are going to continue to test him with other females and see when that puppy brain of his is ready to grow up.

UPDATE 8/3: Jimbo had a big day today. He was kitty tested in the morning, and evaluated as a potential candidate for pairing with a veteran at Soldier's Best Friend in the afternoon. He was very interested in meeting the cats, sniffing them and figuring out what they were, but there was no aggression and no attempt to harm them in any way.

Hermione steps right up and introduces herself

Kevin takes the low road (under the table)

Getting ready for evaluation

Meeting trainer Allison

Touching feet - no problem

Loud noises? They don't bother Jimbo!

Toy drive could be better

Walking on a loose leash -- not bad!

All-in-all the evaluation was a success. His play drive when introduced to another dog was very high, which was no surprise to us, but he did walk away when encouraged to do so. Soldier's Best Friend will be looking for a suitable veteran match for Jimbo in the coming weeks -- unless he's adopted first, of course!

Adoption fee $395.00.

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