We first heard about Jett from Sawyer's dad, Michael in Globe. There was no room at the inn, so we had to pass him by. We did find out via Facebook posts that Jett had been found running at large by a Good Samaritan, who described him as very loving with adults and children. They had kept him for several days and tried to find an owner, but failing to do so, they turned him in to the westside shelter where a microchip was found! When the owner (who had originally adopted Jett back in May 2018) listed on the microchip was contacted, he stated that he had given the dog away and had no information on the new owner.


But these shelter images of this poor, frightened pup just kept nagging at us, and so we asked our dear friend, Shelli, if she could meet him if she "just happened to be in the neighborhood."

Jett's shelter videos

When we saw the shelter videos, we were dumbstruck at how beautiful this boy was. Still, we were hoping to give him the weekend to be adopted ... but, as luck would have it, the shelters were beyond full and we were asked if we could PLEASE take him. How could we say no, even though we, too, were bursting at the seams.

UPDATE 11/3: And so, we set up another crate, put an ID tag on yet another collar and gave Shelli the go-ahead to bring Jett to us. She made the trip back to the shelter this afternoon and rescued our newest boy, who was so happy to be getting out that he pulled Shelli's feet right out from under her on their way out. Shelli said that her pride was hurt more than anything (thank goodness).

Jett is a typical, unsocialized teenager. We see it much too often. Someone thinks it's a great idea to add a German shepherd to their family, so they go out and get one -- usually it's a younger puppy. Then, as all puppies do, they begin to grow. Puppies, particularly German shepherds, have NEEDS -- training and socialization are #1 and 2 on that list of needs. Obviously, Jett's first owner never read the list and so when Jett got older, larger and more difficult to handle (Fast Growing GSD Youngster + No Training = Big Dog with No Manners -- Big Surprise? Not to us!), he gave Jett away. We have no idea how long Jett's new owner had him before he was found, running at large in NW Phoenix just before Halloween.

Thanks, Shelli

I'm outta the shelter and I wanna play!!!


What Jett needs most of all is a COMMITMENT. An adopter who is willing to take him on and give him the training, socialization and manners that he so desperately needs. He is going to be an amazing dog, not to mention a drop-dead-gorgeous example of his breed when he's fully grown. He needs confidence building, leash training and ongoing socialization. Do you have what it takes to give this boy what he needs?

If you have GSD experience and would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Jett, we would LOVE to hear from you. In the meantime, Jett is being temporarily fostered by one of our staff members -- plenty of GSD experience there for sure.

UPDATE 11/16: Jett has been doing so well at his foster home for the past 2 weeks that we decided to bring him over to Doggie District for some additional socialization, training and PLAYTIME! Jett had his usual "GET AWAY FROM ME" fearful bark and growl for everyone he met, but as soon as he realized that they were wise to him and each had a treat, he gladly sat for each and every one of them when asked to do so -- food is the key to this boy's heart (and rehabilitation). We're hoping that with some one-on-one training from Kelly and Christy (and the rest of the DD staff) that Jett will lose his initial fear reaction to everyone and everything new and begin to outgrow his puppy brain.

Kelly puts out the welcome mat for our boy

And the rest of today's staff took their turn making friends

FIRST FEEDBACK FROM DD: When asked how Jett did with meeting the rest of the staff and being introduced to the playgroup, "He did great! Didn't even act weird at all. Super excited and playful off the bat. Was playing with us easier with a ball. He just gets startled when he's unsure about what someone's doing, but he's doing good."

TRAINING UPDATE: Christy began working with Jett at Doggie District almost immediately. "Day 1 was inside; Day 2 was outside. I am also trying to trying him to sit before and after getting on the lead due to him getting excited when the lead comes out. He's doing a really good job! Awesome! He's doing really good! I'm extremely proud of him!"

Adoption fee to be determined.

If you are interested in Jett, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Jett or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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