JEFF IN A NUTSHELL: An older gentleman (between 5 and 6 years old) that has settled beautifully into his foster family and made himself quite at home. Housetrained, outgoing and friendly, he's been the ideal houseguest. NO CATS.
Our facebook angel, Kathy J, found Jeff at a shelter where we have pulled quite a number of dogs in the past. He had come in as a stray on September 10th but his family never came for him. We looked at the video (above) and photos from Renita W from High Desert California Pets, Lost and Found (below), and our hearts melted.


This one broke our hearts

According to Renita's post: "... This poor baby was found on 9/10 and still at the shelter 10/18. ... he is so ready to get out of the shelter. He's extremely sweet and has never once barked or growled at me. He loves to cuddle, he loves affection, he loves peanut butter treats. Please come take a look at him."

According to the shelter: "Jeff didn’t come in with a microchip. We named him Jeff and microchipped him for an event that we had but he never got adopted. He loves other dogs and is potty trained."

We requested more pics:


UPDATE 10/22: Jeff is safely at Crossroads. Tera says he's friendly, a little confused as to what's happening.

Let's get outta here!
Happy to be free and alive

UPDATE 10/25: Thanks to our dear friends, Michael (Sawyer's dad) and Bob, Jeff will be picked up in California tomorrow afternoon and should be safely tucked into foster care with Dave and Jackie by sundown. We've already made arrangements for him to see the groomer in Globe for whatever grooming needs he may have. Hang on, Jeff. We're coming for you!

UPDATE 10/26: Jeff has been picked up in California and his heading to Arizona as fast as the speed limit will allow. According to Michael, "Jeff is a good boy. He greeted us with tail wags. He loaded right up in the car with no problem. Was a little excited and a little nervous, but calm down right away and he's very friendly. He loves to receive pets and ear scratches."

Getting ready to hit the road with Michael and Bob

Loaded up

No looking back, Jeff
Enjoying the ride
Jeff and foster dad, Dave

Jeff arrived safely in Globe and has been safely tucked in to the care of Dave and Jackie. Thanks, Michael and Bob, for making another trip for a deserving rescue furkid. According to Michael, "He has no problem getting in the car, jumps right in when invited. We made a pit stop at a truck stop in Indio and he really wanted to go inside. He also wanted to go inside when we arrived at Dave and Jackie's house."

From foster mom Jackie, "We're calling him Walker. He hasn't stopped walking since you [Michael] left." From foster dad Dave, "He gets up and moves with me from room to room, but is doing a lot of sleeping... I think that's good as he seems to be very relaxed. Last night Jeff was pacing mostly just checking out the area ... although he is still having some pacing issues ... along with crying some. He gets antsy if he settles down and then you move to another room, but seems to be settling back down fairly quickly. Last night he finally settled in and slept most of the night on the floor on Jackie's side of the bed. Caught him a 2nd time trying to mark territory inside ... got him outside and he went around the corners of the yard marking, so, progress there."

UPDATE 10/28: From Jackie this morning: "Walker is having a much better morning. He has a spark of life we hadn't seen before. Wish I'd grabbed my camera when he climbed into the rocker recliner. Don't think I'm going to have to teach him not to do that again!"

From David: "Walker (as we are calling him) is acting a lot more like a normal dog... bounce in his step and enjoying being able to run back and fourth outside and bark some."

Snoozing in peace ...

UPDATE 10/30: We had Jeff checked out by a vet in Globe this afternoon as his fosters had discovered a small wound on his side, in addition to the larger wound that had been observed on his rear. The flushed and treated the smaller wound and thought that the larger wound was an older injury (possibly a burn). Jeff was sent home with medication to make sure everything heals properly. According to Michael, "Jeff is okay. ... He didn't like to be held down while the vet cleaned him up and irrigated the wound, but he didn't growl or get mouthy. He weighs 81 lbs. The vet was really happy with his overall health."

You can see the wounds on Jeff's side

And even more clearly now that the wounds have been treated and he's clean

Jeff will be seeing the groomer tomorrow and, hopefully, will be feeling a lot better afterwards. He'll be clean, probably for the first time in quite a while.

UPDATE 10/31: Jeff's before and after photos. Thanks to Tara at Copper Paws Grooming in Globe!


From Tara the groomer, "He's a brand new man! He was so sweet and did so good! He really is a good boy. Very sweet with other dogs and my kids."


Michael gave us his promise that the pictures are of the SAME dog!

FOSTER UPDATE 11/1: "A friend came to visit last night. He had no issues with dogs, so Walker (Jeff) was let in the house. He was as good as gold! Also was great when the kids came to trick-or-treat last night."

UPDATE 11/2: Two of our staff members made the drive to Globe this afternoon to meet Jeff and his "team" -- the ones who made it possible for him to get out of the shelter and make it to freedom! Without the love and dedication of Michael, Bob, David and Jackie, saving Jeff would not have been possible. We are eternally grateful to them.

Jeff keeps watch

Definitely comfortable

Jeff with Michael and Bert

Foster mom and dad

Jeff and his team ~ (left to right) Michael, Jackie, David & Bob

FOSTER UPDATE 11/5: "I took Walker (Jeff) to the dog park yesterday... taller fences in back. He trotted around the area a lot and left his mark. Won't chase toys/balls, etc. Got a lot of exercise but did not really do any playing, although he actually played with his rag toy at the house for a bit yesterday. Came when I called him to do so (to the name Walker). His rear is looking better. We replaced a dead heated mattress pad, Walker absconded with the old one and now uses it for his sleeping pad. It [kitty testing] is being scheduled. We have found a dog friendly cat and are working at setting up a meeting."

UPDATE 11/7: Jeff's foster folks attempted, per our request, to "kitty test" Jeff ... unfortunately, it did not go well. The dog saavy cat was brought into Jeff's foster home in a carrier, and Jeff immediately began to try and "dig" the cat out of the carrier. The test was quickly concluded. No kitties for Jeff!

FOSTER UPDATE 11/5: From foster dad Dave, "Walker (Jeff) is doing well... we are walking each day. Doesn't bark at dogs in reply to their barking, more apt to cringe and maybe cry. A rabbit jumped up about 10 feet away, he just went to the end of the leash and watched it run, no attempt to chase." From foster mom Jackie, "I love conversations with Walker... not a bark or a whimper, just a chat. I seldom know what we are talking about, but this time I'm sure he was tattling on Dave."

Adoption fee $295.00.

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