Jack appeared at a high kill shelter in California in early March. He is so tall that the shelter labeled him a GSD/Great Dane cross!! But that is not the case at all; he's just a tall GSD.

Jack at intake

The good news was that he had a microchip -- the bad news is that, even though his owners were contacted, they never came for him. And so Jack waited out the hold period (5 days) in a shelter pen. He had several IPs (Interested Parties) and one CTA (Commitment to Adopt) placed on him, so we thought he was safe and moved on.



When the hold period was up (3/8), Jack was immediately adopted from the shelter by his CTA person ... and RETURNED by the close of business the same day!!! We were stunned. We had had this boy evaluated, and he was found to be nothing but gentle and sweet. What the heck went wrong? We are trying to find out.* But the bottom line is, now that Jack is an Owner Surrender, his time is VERY limited. Once the owner signs him over to the shelter, he can be PTS (Put To Sleep) within 24 hours. The race was on to save him.


A plan is in place to pull Jack from the shelter tomorrow (3/9) and transport him to Crossroads in Rialto where he will await transport to Phoenix as soon as we can find a ride for him. He sure would love a foster home or a foster-to-adopt home when he arrives! Jack is neutered, UTD on shots and microchipped. He's ready to steal your heart.

UPDATE 3/20: Jack has arrived in Phoenix!

Jack's ready to get out in Ehrenberg ~ thanks for the lift, Cindy!

Antonio rode shotgun with us today and was happy to take charge of the big boy

A pit stop in Quartzsite

Arrival in Phoenix
First order of business is Annie, the welcoming committee!! Jack couldn't wait to meet her, but was very gentle and appropriate with the little dog.
*After extensive investigation and several calls to the shelter, we were told by shelter personnel that Jack was returned by his adopter because he, "lunged at adopterís dog and had destructive behaviors." A friend who volunteers at the shelter and who had SEEN Jack and the adopter's dog in the play yard prior to adoption stated that, "the dogs were playing in the play yard for a long time at SBC before he adopted him." While Jack has been in a multi-dog foster home with one of our staff members, Jack has been outside playing with two female GSDs and one small chi mix, and he has shown no "lunging" behavior of any kind, nor has he been destructive (except to a chew bone he was given). Jack has also attended Boot Camp (see pic below) with multiple dogs and done very well -- no dog reactive behavior at all. Once again, people lie and the dog pays for it ...

UPDATE 3/21: Jack has barely gotten his "desert legs" under him when he was called out to the park for an introduction ... and he did very well!

UPDATE 3/26: Jack came out to the park today to meet a prospective foster family and to try his hand at Boot Camp.

UPDATE 3/28: Jack had his intake check-up at our vet's this afternoon and was pronounced healthy (at just under 89 pounds); he was also updated on shots. He does need to gain some weight and should top out at over 100!

Jack moved in with his new temporary foster folks, Marcus and Hannah, this afternoon. He was also kitty tested with their cats and passed with flying colors. Jack at no time attempted to chase or even move towards the cats in a threatening manner. He was curious and moved forward to investigate, but then the cat hissed at him, and Jack made a very hasty retreat.

UPDATE 4/3: Jack came out to the park today to meet a prospective adoptive family. The gentle giant seemed to have a good time meeting everyone.

UPDATE 4/4: Jack has been doing well at his foster home. He has even been left in the house while everyone went to work uncrated, although confined to a area of the house that the cats did not have access to, and he did perfectly -- no accidents, no chewing or destruction at all. (So much for the "destructive behavior" noted by Jack's shelter adopter when he dumped Jack back at the shelter!) He did not like staying in his crate all day with no one at home, but at bedtime, guess what?

UPDATE 4/13: Jack came out to the park this afternoon to meet a new friend and potential adopter.


We had hoped that Jack had met his soon-to-be dad, but unfortunately things did not work out that way and Jack has resumed his search for his new family.

UPDATE 5/7: Jack moved in with his new foster family this afternoon.

Jack very gently tries to make friends with Aaron, who is autistic
For Jack and Jeffrey, the connection was immediate

Happy dog

Happy family

UPDATE 6/18: As usually happens when the whole family is not on board with an adoption, Jack is being reluctantly returned to our rescue for rehoming. Plans are now in the works for his return to Phoenix. Our disappointment is profound, but just goes to show us that not all home checks are fool-proof, no matter how skilled we are in doing them.

Adoption fee $395.00.

If you are interested in Jack, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Jack or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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