ICE (aka "Lily")

This poor girl showed up at a California shelter as a stray with bite wounds on her legs and face. She was either used as a bait dog or attacked while on the run. Because of her injuries, she was put on only a 4-day hold to allow her owner(s) a chance to find her and was then going to be euthanized! We couldn't allow that to happen to her.

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, volunteers are no longer allowed to enter the shelters to meet, evaluate and take photos of the dogs, so we took a leap of faith and committed to taking her. Our thanks to our wonderful transporter, Tera, who showed up at the shelter bright and early on Saturday morning and pulled this girl to freedom.

Leaving the shelter

As of this writing, we are awaiting word that Ice is safely tucked in somewhere until her transport to Arizona can be arranged.

UPDATE 7/18: Our profound thanks go out to transporter Tera who picked this girl up near Riverside, then to the clinic (where she waited 2 hours for a rabies vaccination), then to boarding in Ontario and finally back home to Yorba Linda. It was a very long day. According to Tera, Ice is "sweet ... wagged and kissed AJ."

Ice will be picked up in California and brought to Phoenix by our staff member on Wednesday, July 22nd. She will be seeing our vet for a thorough exam as soon as possible after her arrival to make sure she has received the care for her wounds that she needs. Ice would love a foster home where she can recover from her wounds and prepare for her spay surgery. In the meantime, Ice (now renamed "Lily") is being taken care of by our good friends at Husky Camp Rescue who provided these pictures:

Lily explores the grounds and makes a new friend in Bentley, a 10 year old husky

UPDATE 7/22: One of our staff members drove to pick up Lily this morning.

Upon arrival in Phoenix, Lily was given a quick "small dog test" with Stella. Lily seemed a little excited when Stella began running around -- she was excited to get home and wanted into the house. When she got into the house, Lily was met immediately by one of the housecats. She seemed not to know what the cat was and simply sniffed her. The cat did nothing except sniff back. We will be repeating both tests once Lily is a bit more comfortable (and when we have our camera handy for pictures). As of this writing, Lily is sound asleep -- probably dreaming of her forever home.

UPDATE 7/24: Lily saw our vet today for her intake exam. She weighed in at just under 60 pounds (slightly underweight) but was pronounced otherwise healthy and ready for spay. The vet examined her wounds (which are healing nicely) and thought that it's possible she could have been hit by a car as the wounds did not appear to be bites. Best guess as to age is 2, maybe 3. Lily was friendly to everyone and wagged her tail throughout her exam.

When we got back to the house, we repeated Lily's kitty test, with the exact same results.

UPDATE 7/26: We had the unexpected opportunity to re-kitty test Lily this afternoon. She was fine as long as the cat was sitting quietly, allowing Lily to sniff and prod her with her nose, but once the cat had had enough of being poked and prodded, she took off with Lily in hot pursuit. We, of course, had Lily on leash and she was unable to pursue; however, we saw a side of Lily that we had not seen before. Anyone with cats will have to be very careful to make sure that they have an escape route if they're going to run with Lily around (as most cats will do).

UPDATE 7/27: Lily had her spay surgery today and came through without complication. She is now spayed, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. In other words, after a suitable healing period, she's ready for forever.

UPDATE 8/8: Lily met and found new foster parents today!

Ready to head off to Clarkdale

Lily loves her new foster mom

FOSTER UPDATE 8/9: "Good morning. We left our bedroom door open last night and she slept just outside the door under our dining room table. She did great!"

FOSTER UPDATE 8/10: "We took Lily for her first walk around the neighborhood. She did really well. So far everything is going great. She is eating well and has had no accidents inside. She sleeps by our bed at night. She said to tell you hi."

Adoption fee $375.00.

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