HAZEL IN A NUTSHELL: Hazel is a very sweet, somewhat initially shy girl who wants nothing more than your love and affection. She's been an easy-keeper so far in her foster home. She has been tested and shown to do well with other dogs and children.
Hazel was brought to our attention by our dear friend and Tucson volunteer/adopter, Sara. She KNEW we were full and weren't taking in any new dogs, but if we could just take a look ... so we did.

Hazel's shelter intake photo

She was listed as a white and silver German shepherd. Her status was RED with a notation "SINCE 09/05/19; MUST EXIT CAN BE KILLED ANYTIME." It was already 10 days past her being placed on RED status, so we knew her time was limited. We were undecided; that is, until we heard from our dear friend, volunteer and adopter in Vegas, Becky. Becky had recently lost her father, and made a donation in his memory to our rescue. We decided to save Hazel in his honor.

We asked for additional information from the shelter and were told, "She is very sweet and shy. Came in very skinny, but has gained little by little. She weighs about 68 lbs. Does not seem dog aggressive. She has been here too long ... came in on 8/14/19. She is ready to go so please let me know ASAP if someone wants to take her. The sooner the better for her."

The shelter was most anxious to be helpful in getting us the information we were requesting about Hazel, "Just got back in from dog testing the shepherd with a very hyper lab. They did excellent together. She is a beautiful dog."

Dog Testing 1
Dog Testing 2

We had to say that Hazel's dog test was a success. That lab was actually using her as a launching pad and she didn't mind! Hazel will be picked up from the shelter on 9/12 thanks to our favorite transporter, Tera. Please check back for freedom pics.

UPDATE 9/11: Our thanks go out to prior adopters and long-time fosters, Jim and Terri B, for offering to drive to California and bring back Hazel and Ryker. Not only are they willing to transport, but they have also offered Ryker a foster home. Jim and Terri tell us that Ryker will be the TWENTY-SECOND WGSDR dog they have fostered, including 16 puppies, Zoey (they adopted), Charlotte, Cindy, Cali (they adopted) and Bandit (they adopted). We're so happy and grateful to have them on our team!

UPDATE 9/12: Hazel was pulled from the shelter this afternoon and is safe at Crossroads until her trip to Phoenix on Saturday. According to Kathy J who made all the pull arrangements (thanks, Kathy!!), "All safe and sound at Crossroads; Tera said she just loved Cathleen, wiggy waggy and kisses ... and AJ ran all around her and she was fine. Cathleen was impressed how she was with kids. She's very skinny; she was shaking at first but she was doing better. Look at that smile!"

Leaving the shelter ~ Hazel is definitely ready to get outta here!

Look at that smile!

She absolutely loved little AJ

From Kathy R at the shelter, "I was just thinking about how this girl was doing and hoping you were pleased. We are so happy you were able to take her as she is an amazing sweet, sweet dog. We look forward to working with you as well and I will certainly contact you when we get others like this shepherd in."

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Phyllis H

UPDATE 9/14: Hazel arrived on the transport this afternoon with Jim (Terri joined him for the last leg from Glendale). When we went to greet her, we were immediately given tail wags and kisses!! What a sweetheart she is -- but so underweight. We'll fix that in no time!


Her shelter records state that she is 5 years old, but we don't think Hazel is quite that old. We're going to let her settle in and then see our vet for a general health check-up and weigh-in. She is spayed, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. Hazel is ready to steal your heart.

UPDATE 10/2: Hazel saw our vet today for her "wellness exam." She weighed in at a healthy 72 pounds. After exam, she was pronounced healthy, and the vet confirmed our suspicions that Hazel is NOT a 5 year old. She is at most 3 years old.

Unsure on the scale

Always happy to make a new friend

Meeting Doc
Hello, Kitty! Hermione gives Hazel her customary "boop" on the nose.

After her vet visit, we decided to "kitty test" Hazel and she did just fine (on a loose lead) and made no move at any time to harm the cat. In fact, we had to encourage Hazel even to pay any attention to the cat at all or to sniff her.

UPDATE 10/6: We did some dog testing with Hazel this afternoon with both Sarge and Ryker. She was sweet and friendly with both of them (please see pics on their bio pages), and we feel she would do well with another dog in the household.

Hazel gives Ryker a kiss

Hazel really wanted to play with Sarge

Hazel has put on some much needed pounds and is feeling great!

Adoption fee $385.00.

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