Meet sweet Gretel, approximately 4 year old spayed female. Mom is going to spend the summer out of state caring for her elderly parents and cannot take Gretel.

Her evaluation presented us with a very friendly, outgoing, and well behaved young lady. She's affectionate, knows her basic commands and walks well on lead.


Gretel was adopted from the county shelter in September of 2018 and as is often the case, was never socialized by her original owner. This nearly always results in a dog that 's defensive with other dogs unfamiliar to them; they simply lack social skills. Fast forward to this past year when Gretel's current owner contacted us for advice. We referred her to the trainer we use for reactive dogs and to her credit, they attended all of the recommended classes, having made huge progress. We tested her with a large, somewhat intimidating male GSD during her evaluation, and she confirmed to us just how far she's come.

Note on initial contact Gretel was slightly uncertain, alert, yet no raised hackles or barking. After walking together shoulder to shoulder she was totally relaxed when up close & personal for a sniff. GOOD GIRL!


We even encountered a stranger walking his 2 (untrained) dogs and asked if we could "say hello". While we do not recommend introducing 2 dogs on one right away, Gretel had no problem despite the high energy shepherd puppy being inappropriate. What most GSDs, and females in particular have little tolerance for, is a strange dog sticking their face in their space without being invited to do so. And no dog should have to tolerate such behavior.

In essence, Gretel is fine out in public around other dogs so long as they don't invade her head space. She is not going to drop down into play posture, thrilled to meet them, but will politely ignore those she is not interested in.


Why? Because Gretel is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE & HER PERSON!
She lives for & craves attention. She would appreciate a home wherein she is the Queen of her castle and she will be your Velcro dog.

I just wanna do stuff with you and be your ONE & ONLY

Gretel has never lived with children or cats; but as most GSDs, she will chase feral cats & has done well around visiting children. She is a passive gal and would do best with a confident leader/handler and older children

Gretel has coexisted with another German Shepherd, no fights, but has made it clear that she would prefer to be the center of attention. We would love to grant her the "only dog" status she wishes for. SHE IS READY & EAGER TO MEET YOU

Our process starts with a phone chat. 602-866-2880 BETWEEN 11AM & 8PM Monday thru Saturday

We are seeking a foster or foster-to-adopt home while she awaits forever. Please visit:


Adoption fee $295.00.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.