GREG IN A NUTSHELL: A complete goofball! Very little training; LOVES people. Age guesstimated to be between 2 and 3 years.
We received an email from an employee, Greg, at a warehouse in southwest Phoenix on March 11th. Greg said that he and his co-workers had been feeding a pair of dogs that had been dropped off near the warehouse about 2 weeks ago. The business next door had called County and they had come out, but were unable to catch the big dog -- sadly, the smaller dog was killed on busy 67th Avenue that runs next to the warehouse.

As far as Greg knew, the big dog had no collar or tags, and they had been unable to catch him to scan for a microchip. While the employees were able to touch the big dog, putting a noose around his neck and catching him was not a possibility. Greg asked for our help in trapping the big dog before he met the same fate as his small friend -- death on 67th Avenue.

We referred Greg to HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue & Trapping Team), who immediately sent their team into action. In no time at all, HARTT was successful, with a little help from Eddie, who donated his lunch to the cause.

The warehouse boys pose with their captured friend ~ (from left to right) Nate, Greg & Eddie

Greg gets some loving from Nate of the HARTT team
Greg on his way to the HARTT shelter

After HARTT had trapped the dog, they reached out to us to see if we would be willing to take the dog into our rescue. Having a full house and no room at the inn, we asked for a week, and HARTT agreed!! We then reached out to Greg, the employee who had first reached out to us about the big dog to see if he could fill in some of the blanks in the dog's story, and Greg was happy to oblige. We decided to name the big boy "Greg," in honor of the man who had gone the extra mile (and then some) to make sure he was safe.

According to human Greg, "This handsome guy just appeared in our parking lot along with a litte sidekick on March 1st. We think they might have been droped off by a trucker, only because he would approach every semi and it seemed like he was looking for his owner to return.

I started feeding and giving them water right away. One main thing that touched me about this big boy is he would always save some food for the little guy in the bottom of the bowl. Just shows you what kind of character this guy posseses. I just fell in love with this big guy.

A selfie taken by Greg

We then started last Monday letting the big guy hang out all day in the warehouse. He really took a liking to me. He would lay next to my desk and follow me everywhere. He will need a little work with his trust and skittishness, but I think he has a lot of potential as a very kind and loyal pet. I'm so greatful to your organization for giving him a chance."

We have begun preparations to take Greg (the dog) into our rescue. In the meantime, the folks at HARTT will be making him feel at home. The first order of business ... A BATH!! We're looking forward to "after" pictures.

UPDATE 3/20: Thanks to Traci at HARTT, Greg was given a bath and got in a little playtime today. He definitely showed her his puppy side!

So handsome (and clean!)

Before & After ~ What a difference!

Click to hear Greg's THANK YOU!

Guess who likes to play!

UPDATE 3/25: Greg loves his "giggle ball," and we're going to be sure he has one when he comes to us this weekend.

UPDATE 3/26: Thanks to our long-time volunteer Betty, who went to the HARTT shelter and picked up Greg for us this morning. According to Betty, "He's definitely scared to ride in the backseat by himself!! Once I start rolling, he tries to get in front." We have no doubt that an experienced foster mom like Betty will give Greg the love and guidance he so desperately needs.

Greg with Traci, a HARTT volunteer
Greg and Betty

Can I sit up front with you?

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE: "I was finally able to get him to stay in the back seat. It only took a few times to stop and calm him down. I am so proud of Bella. She was actually hanging out the door trying to help Greg go up the stairs to get inside. It took quite a bit of convincing but after about the 5th or 6th attempt, he finally gave it his all and came in. Apparently, he'd never been on stairs before. He is quite the gentle soul. Very calm and gentle with the 2 little dogs. Did the appropriate meet.

He is quite vocal with his toys. I gave him his very own Kong stuffy.

Now for the the next feat: He doesn't like the crate. Keep in mind I have a 48" set up. I even crawled in it with treats and couldn't convince him to join me. He did get 1/2 way and snagged his treat then backed out rather quickly. A bit later, I tempted him with a bit of food. He did go in and eat a small portion, but couldn't wait to get out. The door is open so he can enter free will anytime. Hopefully he go in at supper time. Didn't have the heart to close the door once he did get in there.

Right now he's learning to chill. He's been understandably anxious and restless. It is only his first few hours, it will take time for him to fully trust a human. He's been through a lot it seems. Quite the character. We'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow. Still no luck on the crate."

Greg is scheduled to see our vet on Tuesday (March 29th) for an intake exam.

FOSTER UPDATE 3/27: "His leash manners are very good. Better than the last fosters. He will walk at heel position without being told, loose leash is perfect and if he is in unknown territory he will stay at or slightly behind your left leg. He did get into crate, I did close the door, he did object but vocally not physically. He was given several 'good boy' treats, and after a few minutes I opened the crate. It may be the only time he gets in there.

Apparently he's giving me his back side. Just as he finished eating I closed the door and gave him pets & good boy stuff. I think he's mad at me now"

UPDATE 3/29: Greg saw our vet today and weighed in at a solid 72.2 pounds. The vet decided to draw blood and do some testing to make sure that Greg was healthy enough for his neuter surgery, which will be scheduled shortly. According to Dr. Tom, "He's a nice boy, not very old, but he's had a rough life," at least so far. We're going to make sure the remainder of Greg's life is the very best. We'll await the bloodwork results and go on from there.

Greg has taken up temporary residence with one of our staff members to await the bloodwork results which should arrive in the next few days. He's a friendly, happy guy who knows "sit" and will definitely work for treats.

UPDATE 3/31: The initial results for Greg's bloodwork are in. He is NEGATIVE for tick fever and all other levels are normal! Greg is still not happy about being crated, but given some food in a bowl, and he's all in. He can be somewhat vocal if he wants out, but he quiets when told. He also does not even attempt to break out of his crate and, once he's in, he settles right down without a problem. He's not very happy about loading up in a vehicle, but we're going to practice until he gets it right and enjoys the ride. He is scheduled for his neuter surgery on Tuesday.

UPDATE 4/1: And the best news is ... Greg is also NEGATIVE for Valley Fever!

There's even more good news ... after only 2 days in his new foster home with one of our staff members, Greg is crate trained! He comes in from outdoors, seeks out his own crate and happily goes in! We're not sure why the change of heart -- perhaps the treats and high praise his foster mom offers him when he complies -- but whatever the reason, we are not complaining! We're hoping that attitude extends to riding in a crate in our vehicle when it comes time for his neuter surgery on Tuesday. We'll see ...

UPDATE 4/2: We did an impromtu kitty and small dog test with Greg this afternoon. He was VERY interested in sniffing the small dog on her owner's lap and was a little too pushy for the 12 pound chi/rat terrier mix, but he was in no way aggressive with her, just pushy. One of the cats initially hissed and swatted at him, even before Greg noticed that he was there, but he took the hint and didn't bother them. Greg was much more interested in the person in the room rather than the small dog or the cats.


UPDATE 4/5: Greg had his neuter surgery today and came through just fine. Unfortunately, while in the holding kennel at the vet's office (which has concrete sides), he wagged his tail so much and so hard that it actually broke open and began to bleed!! The vet shaved and bandaged Greg's tail and we're confident that once he gets back into the care of our staff member, the tail will heal without a problem.

UPDATE 4/8: Greg saw our vet today for a bandage check/change on his tail. The tail looks like it's healing, which we were very happy to see. Greg's neuter incision was also checked and, although some normal swelling of the scrotum was noted, his incision was dry, clean and healing well.


UPDATE 4/22: Thanks to Alvin at Dynamite Creek Animal Hospital, Greg's e-collar was removed, as was the bandage on his tail this week. The tail is completely healed; we just have to wait for the hair to grow back in. Greg is thrilled to be free of that horrible collar and spends a lot of his time "smiling" at us to let us know that he's happy to be alive.

UPDATE 4/25: Now that Greg is out of his e-collar (aka "Cone of Shame") and has the bandage removed from his tail, we decided to update his bio with some new pictures. He's a happy-go-lucky fella who loves his bear. Unfortunately, we could not get him to "smile" for the camera. We'll keep trying.


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