Today (May 30th) was a very busy day for our rescue. Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, WE SAVED THREE DOGS TODAY -- Gregory, Miranda and Danny, each from a different California shelter.

Paypal pledges and donors for Miranda, Danny & Gregory ~ THANK YOU!!

Our facebook friend Kathy J received an email from the shelter that we had pulled Laverne & Shirley from just a short time ago, "I was wondering if White GSD Rescue would be interested in another GSD from our shelter. We named him Gregory. He's a big boy and is dog friendly. His hold is up already and he's ready to go. He's been good, but does have to be kenneled by himself right now because he is a shepherd in a box and is too high energy and large for a roommate. If you need a video or anything, I would be more than happy to get one for you." Frankly, when a shelter contacts YOU about a dog they'd like to see you take, you know you must be doing something right, so we set out to find out all we could about this boy and also to see if our 3 transporters were willing to hit the road for us again ... they were!

UPDATE 5/29: At our request, Gregory was neutered today at HOPE Animal Foundation in Fresno. He was also updated on shots and microchipped in preparation for his ride to freedom in the morning. The shelter also provided the following four videos:

Video 1    Video 3    Video 3    Video 4

as well as a further assessment: "He's a very assertive dog. He can be a bit much but you tell him "no" and he stops. So he listens; he just needs some manners. He is about a year old. He is an intact male with no manners. He was fine with Jenny in the play yard as you can see in the videos. We had to correct him several times before he relaxed. Can't really get mad at him for being so amped at first since he is a large shepherd in a box and it has been a while since he's been out in the play yard. . . . Jenny, the other shepherd we brought out to dog test him with wanted to play with him and I don't think he really knew how to but to be pushy. After 30 minutes out in the play yard he figured out how to play, but he was pushy and we did have to correct him a few times. He stops as soon as you tell him to, so he does listen. If he is neutered and given some training, I believe he could be a great dog. He is active but easily managed, not super spastic high energy. He just really needs some training."

and 2 additional photos of Gregory in the play yard:

UPDATE 5/30: Transport!

Leg 1 ~ Colleen
Shelter to Bakersfield, CA


Colleen reported Gregory was good in the car. Kathy J wanted to check him over for lipstick after his ride with Colleen -- he got lots of kisses!

Leg 2 ~ Rochelle
Bakersfield to Newhall, CA

Leg 3 ~ Cindy
Newhall to Crossroads @ Rialto, CA

Arrival at Crossroads

Joe was ready to take Gregory in hand when he arrived.

Gregory will remain at Crossroads until transport to Phoenix can be arranged for him, along with Miranda and Danny. We want to give him some time to decompress and clear his brain after his stay in the shelter. Gregory is neutered and will be updated on shots and microchipped upon arrival in Phoenix.

UPDATE 6/9: Gregory has arrived in Phoenix. Two of our staff members met the transport in Quartzsite and brought Gregory, Danny and Miranda the rest of the way. In a word, Gregory is a PUPPY. The world is his oyster, and everything (and everyone) is in it for him. It's all about him. The good news is that he's sweet and outgoing and ready for the rest of his life.


UPDATE 6/15: We moved Gregory in to Doggie District this afternoon, and he proved to be quite the "chick magnet!"


Adoption fee $375.00.

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