Almost exactly one year ago, we rescued Orion from the same area of Texas with the help of Jillian W, Liz P (both in TX), Michael & Bob (our transport team) and Dave and Jackie (Orion's fosters).

When Ghost showed up as a stray, the entire team reunited (with the addition of a foster in TX since Liz was full) to make his rescue happen, after Jillian sent us this video and asked for our help:

Word from Liz today: "Just picked up the German Shepherd. He is very sweet but a little shy. He was heartworm negative and vet is sending me results tonight. The foster is going to dog test with her dogs but I'm not worried about him. He is very sweet and did not react to any of the dogs we saw today that people brought in for the vet. The vet is emailing all his records so I can forward them to you." Liz said he got along well with the six dogs at his temporary foster home in Texas -- no idea what breeds, sexes or ages.

Ghost and Liz

Liz took the day off from work on Monday (July 20th) to drive Ghost from Midland, TX to El Paso, where she will meet Michael and Bob, who will transport him to his new foster home with Dave and Jackie in Globe. We will give him a bit to settle in, then schedule him for a bath and neuter surgery.

UPDATE 7/20: Our wonderful transporters, Michael and Bob, were on the road early this morning to meet Liz in El Paso and bring Ghost back to his new foster home in Globe with Dave and Jackie. According to Michael, "He's very beautiful. He's friendly; he came right to me, let me pet him, greeted me with lick on my hands. Rides in the car nice but scratched his blanket up into a pile to lay on. Liz says he bites at the water at loves to get wet."

Ghost and Liz in El Paso
Loaded up

Riding nicely
Hey, I called shotgun!

Ghost with Michael and Bob
Ghost with Dave and Jackie

Ghost has been safely tucked away with his new foster folks, Dave and Jackie, in Globe. From Michael, "When we got to Dave and Jackie's house, Ghost was too busy very carefully exploring every corner of the house and the yard to take a decent picture. We'll go by there tomorrow and get some good ones for you. He did find a water dish. He is a very tall boy! When he sells out he's going to be a big 'un. Jackie says they are going to have to rearrange the furniture."

According to foster mom Jackie: "He's a bit nervous and still pacing, but he's stopping for a little petting. He's going to adapt quickly. Ghost is laying at my feet trying not to fall asleep. His head starts sinking then he jerks up. He may be younger than we thought."

FOSTER UPDATE 7/21: "He bugs for food if we sit in a chair but leaves us alone if we eat at a table. He's going to civilize us."

Ghost and Dave

UPDATE 7/23: Ghost saw the vet in Globe today for his intake exam. According to Michael, "The best guess is he's between one and two years old, 73 pounds, only has one testicle so he'll have to go looking for the other. We're scheduled for August 4th at 8 a.m. Dave and Jackie think he's just an amazing, amazing dog. Dr. Eubanks did find a tiny tick on his ear so he got a dose of flea and tick medicine on his neck, and they gave him a wormer."

When asked if Ghost would be a good companion for a soldier, Michael replied, "He's a little apprehensive or a little nervous about new situations but he has improved significantly in the last few days. He surprised me by actually laying down in the vet's waiting room. Let's give him some time; see if he comes into himself and gets his confidence back. He doesn't have a clue what a toy is. He has no training in English or Spanish. He does know 'come here,' and 'no.' Although Jackie says if you tell him no, he will try again but not a third time. He will chase down a ball but he won't bring it back. I'll try to get a couple of squeeky toys, see if we can spark an interest. At this time he isn't sure what to do with a bone."

Foster mom Jackie thinks he would be great as a soldier's friend. He bonds quickly and is a great companion.

FOSTER UPDATE 7/24: "When Mike told us he was bringing us a dog named Ghost, I wondered if he was bringing us the ghost of Marley or Casper. He is definitely not from a Dickens story ... no moaning or whining from this happy dog. He is friendly and curious. I wish I'd had my camera when he discovered the humidifier. I couldn't go get it. I was too busy laughing. Ghost knows the word 'no' and so far has been cheerful about complying. He may try again later just to see if we really mean it. I've only heard Ghost bark a few times and then it was a short hello, not a long conversation. Ghost is a people person. He loves for you to pet or scratch him. When we are busy he sits nearby. When we sit still he's right at our feet."

FOSTER UPDATE 8/1: From Jackie: "Dave said it was time [for an update] this morning. Not sure what to say. No cute stories. He's a sweet natured puppy. Very quiet. He woke me up this morning because Dave went out front. Rude awakening with a wet nose, but he was clearly taking care of Dave. We have not had him around anyone who is nervous or anxious. He really is calming if he doesn't take on the nervousness of others."

FOSTER UPDATE 8/2: From Jackie: "I don't think Ghost has any experience with tvs. Keefe is having a virtual graduation in 10 minutes so I'm streaming my phone to the tv. Ghost really got antsy. He went to get Dave. Actually barked ... something we haven't heard before."

UPDATE 8/4: From Michael: "I took Ghost to the vet this morning for his neuter surgery. He jumped right up in the car without any assistance for the first time! He laid down and wrote in the car like a champ. He's a very good boy in the car. And he was excited to go somewhere today rather than being apprehensive about being taken somewhere. Progress! He weighed 80.6 lb. (He weighed 73 lb at his first visit to the vet.) He was nonreactive to any of the other dogs in the vet's office. Jackie and Dave absolutely love him. I think once he is cleaned up he's going to be a very good looking dog."

UPDATE 8/4: From Jackie: "Ghost went for his surgery today and the house felt empty. Notice I said empty, not quiet. Ghost is naturally the quietest dog I have ever known. He was in the yard and a family walked by. He wagged his tail, but did not make a sound. He watches dogs, rabbits and quail through the window intently and quietly. Many times I've turned and right behind me found Ghost. He's appeared without warning ... I have to say it ... like a ghost. I may have to put a bell on his collar.

Ghost had one barking episode. The one and only time I turned the television on since he came to visit was dramatic. First he barked at me. I think I was supposed to 'fix It.' When I didn't follow his instructions he went barking to get Dave. Dave understood he was supposed to come. Instead of 'fixing' the problem Dave sat and petted Ghost. He settled down as far from the tv as he could get and still be with us.

Ghost is very much a people dog. He is always near one of us and follows like a trailer. I was putting laundry away and we made four trips back and forth. I wondered how many times he would follow, but I'm sure I would get tired before he did.

When Ghost thinks we've been sitting too long, or maybe he just wants attention he will lay his head in one of our laps and just look up at us. Ghost will make a great companion or comfort dog."

From Michael: "Ghost is home resting comfortably. His surgery was 90 minutes long, but he came through it just fine. He was able to jump in and out of the car on his own. He came home with a cone of shame in case he starts licking or chewing himself. He was very happy to see Dave and Jackie and immediately asked for water and food.

He has two incisions. One to remove his single testicle (these sutures will dissolve)and another to locate and remove the undescended testicle (these sutures need to be removed).

He was non-reactive to any of the dogs in the vet's waiting room when we left. I think it was because he needed to pee. He checked out a few spots around the vet's reception desk, then I took him outside where he quickly found just the right spot."

From Jackie: "He's had a small bit of food, moved from the mat to the hall, then back. He's not altogether out of the anesthesia, but he's fine."

Foster mom Jackie says she's not Ghost's favorite person right now!

PLEASE NOTE: Ghost has been tagged for an evaluation with Soldier's Best Friend on August 14th, after he has recovered from his neuter surgery. If he is not accepted into their training program, he will be available for introductions and adoption.

Adoption fee to be determined.

If you are interested in Ghost, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Ghost or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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