GHOST IN A NUTSHELL: Sweet, friendly boy who seems to get along well with everyone. He's a bit bewildered just now -- he's just been moved to a second temporary foster home -- but is willing to get to know you and trust you.
We were first notified about Ghost by Gina of HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team). "This is Gina with HARTT (Far Northwest Team Lead). We were the ones who trapped Walter the white GSD who was so emaciated. Well, go figure, we have been alerted to another white GSD in that same general area. He's been right next to a canal in the desert and then venturing onto a major roadway (Sun Valley Parkway). If that isn't dangerous enough, he has a leash attached! We've been working to humanely trap him/her and locate an owner, but so far no one has come forward with our search or listed as missing. I like to plan ahead as best as possible with these strays. If we are able to secure, does your rescue by chance have any openings to intake? If it helps, I can see if we can temporarily hold as we continue owner search, too. I'll send the the photos we have of him/her so far."

Someone had caught Ghost on their RING camera
Spotted inside the CAP canal fence

Ghost had figured out how to get in and out of the canal enclosure
Food and water were left right next to his "escape hatch," but Ghost was too frightened to make friends

As the team worked to secure Ghost, Gina wrote, "I always worry when I see a leash attached that something happened to the owner in the desert. We checked but no accidents reported in the area. Maybe he has a chip! We got a hold of CAP to get us access into the canal and drop a trap. We are going to try to secure this evening/tomorrow. So worried about this cutie with that canal right there."

UPDATE 12/13: Ghost has been secured!! According to Gina, "One of our volunteers, Mary, was able to shy dog him. :) He didn't have a collar on. It turns out that blue leash was tied around his neck. Team is estimating around 3 years old."

Mary and Ghost

Ghost's "collar"

Ghost was placed into a temporary foster home with one of HARTT's volunteers. According to the foster, "A perfect guest. No accidents, even in the garage. We took him out just now, he pee'd a lot and pooped little milk duds."

Unfortunately, the HARTT shelter's intake has been CLOSED due to a distemper outbreak and Ghost will have nowhere to go by this weekend. There is no room at the inn at WGSDR, so we are hoping for a safe place for Ghost to go. Can you help?

From Ghost's foster mom, "I have been fostering Ghost since Monday. He will make a lovely pet. He's very sweet and gentle. He seems housebroken as he only relieves himself when walked outside. He has been eating well and doesn't seem food possessive. He knows sit, plays fetch and lets us put his leash on easily. He was not bothered by last night's storm either. We spied on him through the window and he was laying down. When we introduced him to our dog, he had a strange reaction. He barked, then wagged his tail and started to shake a little bit, not sure if it was excitement or anxiety from being on the run or what. So not entirely sure how he'd be with other dogs. He's not been neutered yet. Here are a few pictures."

UPDATE 12/17: From Ghost's foster mom, "Our foster Ghost is doing well. Definitely house broken and really enjoys having his humans around. He's been hanging in my garage and doing great but I feel bad because he deserves better. I have a few dogs of my own and would love to dedicate more time and love. I know he'll be a great addition to the right home. A few more pictures from this morning."

UPDATE 1/4: One of our staff members drove to Wittman this afternoon to retrieve Ghost from his temporary foster home. Our thanks go out to Nancy and her daughter, Kelly, for keeping Ghost safe over the past 3 weeks until we could find room for him.

UPDATE 1/7: Ghost is settling in at his temporary foster home with one of our staff members. He is initially shy and unsure of what's being asked of him, but he's slowly getting the hang of things and is willing to go with the flow once he figures out what it is you're asking of him.

Ghost has an appointment with our vet on the 11th, when he will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped.

UPDATE 1/11: Ghost had his neuter surgery today and came through with flying colors -- everyone at the vet's office loved him and said he was a "sweetheart." Ghost is now neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped. He'll be ready for introductions and adoption in about 2 weeks.

Adoption fee $325.00.

If you are interested in Ghost, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Ghost or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

Please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.