Currently enroute to his foster home..please check back for more info & photos

UDATE: This is one handsome Dude! Dutch is now comfortably ensconced at his foster's home, busy checking things out. He's still recovering from a recent neuter surgery and not too thrilled when having to wear his E-collar. He is also showing early signs of kennel cough, aka shelter crud, and is already being treated with antibiotics.

Our impressions are very premature and likely to change in time but for now he appears to be very confident and self assured. He's been relatively quiet save for a 'hurumph' when the gardener was at the screen door.

He has not marked in the house..yet.. and he seems to prefer a spot indoors where he can keep his keen eyes on his surroundings, over a cushy bed.

Dutch came from a pack of GSDs so his new environment is probably quite different for him. He seems not to have had any training..not even sit...so we will give him time to feel better before putting him to work. We will also be trying commands in several languages to make sure we're not just on a different page.

He has not shown any aggression, has allowed us to inspect him all over, has not shown any interest in a ball. He was alert yet neutral with other dogs at the shelter; we will be doing more dog testing as well. Leash work will begin once he's a bit more settled in..it's been only 24 hrs. He is crate trained, appears to be housebroken, UTD with vaccinations and chipped.

Stay tuned for updates as we get to know this beautiful boy.

Adoption fee to be determined.