*DENVER* IN A NUTSHELL: Gentle, laid-back 5 year old gentleman
We received a plea from Tara, Animal Protection League, Stockton Animal Shelter, on October 5th: " NOW IN DANGER SIMPLY BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN HERE TOO LONG. I *CANNOT EVEN FATHOM* how this magnificent creature is still sitting in our shelter kennel." When we asked for pictures and information, Tara was more than happy to oblige:


Hoping ...

Denver A332826 - listed as a 5 year old white German shepherd, NEUTERED, 79 pounds. Denver is GORGEOUS; both inside and out. This gentle giant just got a bath and boy-oh-boy is he looking SPIFFY. Denver has a fabulous medium energy, is easy on the leash, and loves doing your typical shepherd things like going for walks in the sunshine and smelling all the smells that this world has to offer. He can be a little shy or timid at first meet but warms up nicely. He is easy going, gentle, and mannerly - despite his size! He has clearly had a rough time before landing here at the shetler and we are looking for a rescue that will spoil him rotten and cherish him for the amazing boy he is.



This gorgeous hunk is a tad timid and shy at first meet, but showing some kindness and love goes a long way. Gentle, mannerly, really enjoyed the pets and would gently lean against me for more, is a tad shy and timid with dogs as well, has clearly been on the streets for some time now. A little TLC and this fabulous boy will be gorgeous, allows basic handling with ease, suspect would be ok with mannerly children, has a great medium energy, does enjoy to get his run on but also has a calm side. He participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and dainty dogs, and can be a tad shy with dogs as well. We suspect he would be OK with mannerly children. This fab boy will thrive in a home!

Tara with Denver in center photo

UPDATE 10/20: An early morning email from Tara had some great news for us: "I have fabulous news!! We have a ground transport confirmed for Denver!!!!!! He is set to leave the shelter tomorrow afternoon to meet transport in Hayward at 5pm, then head your way! I will be giving them your phone number as well so you guys can arrange meet up for drop off."

UPDATE 10/22: After a very long drive from Stockton, California, Denver arrived in Phoenix thanks to Daniel and Pack Lyfe Rescue.

Upon arrival, Denver did NOT want to get out of the car, but Daniel was very convincing

UPDATE 10/25: Thanks to our volunteer, Lucas, Denver moved in with Lucas' family (including Anya, adopted from WGSDR in 2022) to get what is probably going to be his first taste of living in a real home. We're looking forward to positive updates.

(at left) Anya introduces herself to Denver

FOSTER UPDATE 10/27: "All right! Time for our 48 hour update. All of the evaluations coming from the shelter staff were about right on. He is just a sweet, curious boy who needs some love and guidance. We got home last night and he set off to sniff every corner of the house until he realized that meant he had to go back down the stairs! Over the course of a few hours and some persuasion I was able to get him over that fear and he is running up and down the stairs like a pro now. He has also figured out the dog door very quickly! He is settling in well here with myself and the family and loves the affection he's getting. We have had one instance of bared teeth in a bit of resource guarding, and one quick dust up. I am not sure what caused that as I was working on my computer and it happened behind me, but Anya lost a bit of fur in that one. I was able to resolve that with voice alone and am attributing it to finding boundaries right now. Outside of that he has been the gentle giant you said he is. Outside of those two instances, he has been great with Anya in play and doesn't go overboard. He needs manners, and we will be working on that while he's here. I can also say he's very interested in pizza! So keep an eye on your food. He has a great curiosity about him but he is still quite timid. That said, he is really starting to come around with me and starting to follow gentle suggestions. He is a loving boy and will take pets from you as long as you are willing to give them. He also thoroughly enjoys being outside whether in the backyard or out for a quick walk. He isn't too bad on a leash, and doesn't pull hard. We have to work on all the other basic commands though. He's a blank slate and full of love!"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/30: "Denver was a perfect gentleman in the house today. Gave him a good walk this morning and I left him out. not a thing was touched."

FOSTER UPDATE 11/3: "This boy has been great to have! It's really cool seeing him slowly start to come out of his shell around me and the family. He has begun seeking out pets any time he can get them and has started being more affectionate. This affection, however, includes a bit of mouthiness but not much. Just every now and then when he gets a bit excited at pets he will gently let you know that he loves you with his mouth. He has definitely been hit before as he has a tendency to recoil anytime my hand moves too quickly or I pick up a toy to throw for Anya. How someone could do that to such a sweet and loving dog is absolutely beyond me, as I know it is for you as well. He is doing wonderfully on leash with his morning walks, and is starting to learn sit and come. He is quite stubborn with his sits, but we are getting him there! He does not like to be crated and since he has been such a gentleman in the house I have given him more free reign when I am gone. He honestly has been great in the house while I'm away but there is a bit of separation anxiety there too. He will cry and scratch at the door for about 15 minutes but usually calms down after that. No messes or anything chewed up in the house while I've been away so he should be great in that regard. He does like to chew on a deer antler I have for Anya, so something similar would go a long way to keep that from turning destructive. He does not seem too fond of cats as he met the neighborhood cat and simply barked and barked at her. Like I said, outside of those minor things he has been absolutely great to have and will make someone a fantastic companion."

UPDATE 11/24: Denver had a wonderful Thanksgiving and met some new friends in the park today!

Adoption fee $325.00.

If you are interested in Denver, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Denver or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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