We first heard about Danny from our fellow rescuer in California, Tiffany from Coastal GSD Rescue. She wondered if we could help this boy. We asked for additional information, but before Tiffany could reply, we received a message about him from our Facebook friend, Kathy J, with links to his facebook information and video:

Danny's Shelter Video

The information received on Danny from Tiffany wasn't much, "Super nice dog. Quiet. Probably 2 years old. Kenneled with others," so we reached out to see if we could get more. Our friend, Joe, from Crossroads was kind enough to go to the shelter to meet Danny, but when he got there, he found that Danny was "behind closed doors," and he was not allowed to see him. According to shelter personnel, "no one has been able to touch him," which didn't make sense to us as the shelter video showed a rather calm (but unhappy) boy, not to mention the information we had received from Coastal about him. At this point, we were intrigued and determined to find out Danny's true story.

The shelter rescue coordinator told Coastal, "This is a great dog." She really wants to get him out (alive). The RC also told Kathy J, "He's fabulous!! A little fearful still, but not aggressive at all. Seems to be OK with other dogs, ... very quiet." We did find out that a catchpole was used on Danny when brought in, and he has been avoiding all shelter personnel since then. Can you blame him?

More information told us that Danny, "is in ISO and if they need kennel they will kill him. ... heís a nice boy, donít know why in isolation but very welcoming and smart, ... not old. Heís hugging fence, ... but when staff walked by ran to back, so [possibly] only fearful of staff. He goes to back of kennel and cowers when staff come by. Big and beautiful; very white to be stray; ... [possibly] someoneís pet."

Based on information we received from Kathy J, we decided to take a chance and give Danny a shot at a better life. Unfortunately, shelter personnel once again used a catch pole on Danny to get him out of his run and into a crate for transport (rescue-only dogs must leave the shelter in a crate).

Our thanks to Tera who, after delivering Miranda to Crossroads, got right back on the road and headed out to pick up Danny at another shelter. When they arrived at Crossroads, it took a little coaxing to get Danny to come out, but no catch pole was needed! We knew that Danny was safe at Crossroads and would be given all the time he needed to decompress and feel safe again.

Safe at Crossroads!

UPDATE 6/1: A short note from Joe told us, "He's getting better every day!" Joe also sent a short video:

Safe at Crossroads and Doing Well

UPDATE 6/9: Danny has arrived in Phoenix, and all we can say is "YOWZER!" What a beautiful boy. Once again we have followed our instincts and taken a dog labeled "unmanageable" by the shelter, and so far, Danny has exceeded our expectations. When we arrived in Quartzsite, Danny was crated in the transport vehicle -- no collar or leash. So, our staff member talked to him and approached slowly, put her fingers to the crate door for him to sniff, and then reached inside with a slip lead ... no problem whatsoever! He came out of the crate/vehicle cautiously, but when our staff member approached him to put his official rescue collar on, he was already wagging his tail at her! He then jumped right up into the next vehicle for the next (and final) leg of his journey to Phoenix!

Safe arrival in Quartzsite

Thank you

It's our guess that Danny has been someone's much-loved pet. What happened to separate him from that owner is anyone's guess, but using a catch pole on him was probably the first time in his life that Danny was ever treated roughly or cruelly and he acted accordingly (in our opinion).

Danny will be given some time to settle in to his temporary foster home with one of our staff members, after which he will be neutered, updated on shots and microchipped.

His first need is a trip to the groomer -- he has an appointment on Wednesday. We can't imagine how beautiful he's going to look when he's cleaned up. We'll be sure and get some new photos.

UPDATE 6/12: Danny has settled in amazingly well, and we have discovered that he LOVES to play! He found a long, knotted rope in the yard this morning, and brought it to his foster mom with a wagging tail. Tug-of-war is definitely his favorite, but he can be encouraged to drop what he has so that you can throw it. He will bring it back, but it takes some convincing for him to let his newfound toy go so that you can throw it again. He also knows sit! We will try for some play pictures either today or tomorrow.

UPDATE 6/13: Danny saw the groomer today and did very well. He was initially hesitant with the staff, but they are so accustomed to handling our shepherds that they went slowly with him and he did just fine. After his bath & brush, he was brought out to us alongside Gregory, and the 2 of them walked (pulled is probably more correct) our staff member to her vehicle -- they were both so glad that she came back -- but we were surprised that the boys walked together without any problem at all!

UPDATE 6/14: After Danny's bath & brush yesterday, we decided today was the day for some new photos. So Danny and his foster mom headed out to the yard early this morning for a game of fetch -- Danny's favorite! We found out that he not only will fetch, he brings the item back, sits in front of you and will (begrudgingly) "Drop It" when asked to do so! This boy has definitely had some training, although leash work seems to have been completely forgotten. The game of fetch lasted until foster mom accidentally threw the rope over the fence -- Danny is not speaking to her until she gets him a new rope!

UPDATE 6/29: Danny was placed into foster care today with Cole and his mom. No rough-housing until his sutures come out early next week, but Cole will make sure he is well entertained.

FOSTER UPDATE 7/2: "Taking Danny to Dynamite for suture removal at 2:30pm today.

So far so good over here. He has been extremely well behaved. He loves his toy time but the second you put the toy away he is the most relaxed, fun and gentle guy. He also knows shake, stay, and I unintentionally discovered he comes immediately to my side if I whistle.

Heís seemingly very well house trained too. No accidents thus far. When he needs to go, he lets you know. He usually does a spin and then gently nudges you with his nose, then goes to the door. 4:45am seems to be his internal alarm time which is perfect for exercise temperature. Weíve primarily been playing in the backyard because the leash is like a foreign language to him. He has absolutely no clue what to do when heís being walked on a leash, so thatís an area to work on with the trainer. Overall heís a fantastic dog. Love this big guy!"

Adoption fee $425.00.

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