Despite the California shelters being on "lockdown" due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Dallas came to our attention in late March. He has been turned in to the shelter by his family on March 2nd because, "they just weren't up for the responsibility of a pet." We kid you not. According to the shelter, "He's first come, first service. No CTA/IPs ... someone asked for an assessment, he passed with both small and large dogs, and is social and non-reactive. Not recommended for little kids ...."

Intake photo

Conditions in the shelters are impossible. Everything is by appointment -- adoptions, evaluations, surrenders -- an appointment you could wait WEEKS for, and by then it's too late for the dog. How this dog managed to make his presence known is nothing short of a miracle. THANK YOU Saving Carson Shelter Dogs!

Ah, the sweet smell of freedom

His coloring is very similar to Honey, who was rescued from another California shelter in January. A friend messaged our facebook angel, Kathy J, with the promise of a pledge if we could save him. We had to wait for an appointment to pull him, which took some time, but on April 1st, Dallas was FREE! Our thanks go out to Alyssa who went to the shelter to pick Dallas up and who took these wonderful photos. Not only did she give him a ride to freedom, she stopped and got him a treat, which he thoroughly enjoyed. She said he traveled very nicely in her vehicle.


Alyssa took Dallas to Starbucks!

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While we were anxiously awaiting news of Dallas' transport to Phoenix, and due to the fact that we are unable to do home visits due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we received an "audition tape" from a couple who were offering Dallas a foster home upon his arrival in Phoenix. After viewing the video, we were sold!

UPDATE 4/30: Our team will be heading to California on Saturday to pick up Dallas, Josette and Cassie. They will be taking strict precautions due to the current coronavirus situation and will be masked and carrying hand sanitizer all the way.

UPDATE 5/2: Two of our staff members headed to California today to pick up the trio. When we met Dallas, our first impression was, "HE NEEDS A BATH AND BRUSH!" And he desperately does. Dallas is a bright-eyed, alert, busybody with no training that we could see. He's smart as a whip and should pick up on things very quickly in the right hands, but he's ALL puppy! Once he settles in and his brain engages, he's going to be a lot of fun to train.

Joe and Dallas

Ready to hit the road

Dallas has arrived in Phoenix

MUPDATE 5/3: Dallas met and completely captivated his new foster family today!

Hi guys! Glad to meet you ...

... both
Gonna be a lap dog ... yep, yep, yep!!!

UPDATE 5/3 ~ FIRST FOSTER REPORT: "We're home! he's already settled, responded consistently to sit, paw, scoped out all his new surroundings, had some water and a bit of food to start out! We're getting ready to comb him out now...it already feels like he's been here since day 1 and is SO SO SO lovey!!!! "

UPDATE 5/3 ~ DAY ONE UPDATE: "We were bracing ourselves for the inner puppy in Dallas to be in full force after his double bath and afternoon feeding today, but after about 10 minutes of 'touring' his new space, he quietly sat next to the table without begging, and let us eat our lunch without as much as a whine!

LOTS of his winter coat has yet to shed, but we will keep running the curry comb over him a couple times a day. His coat brightened quite a bit once we cleaned him up and the fur transitions from bright blonde in the ears and neck into deep honey that gives way to beautiful specks of Black running from his back down the tail. Not sure if his hazel/gold eyes are the cause or he's just not used to all this AZ sunshine, but he squints when he's trying to focus on your commands like he's suspicious of you haha!

After all the hustle and bustle, he is now laying at my feet loving his new rawhide bone and stops every few minutes to look up at us and make sure we're still there and that he is still resting against my legs. My husband also tried to do yoga and ole' Dallas thought he was invited to play, but quickly settled next to him after one quiet 'no.'


This pup is most definitely a lover and needs to know where you are at every minute. He has not jumped up, growled, or even barked today, even when we did a food test. All our surrounding neighbors have dogs — all of which barked when he went outside and he did nothing other than put his paws up on the wall out of curiosity. He has a VERY soft mouth when taking rewards, EXTREMELY smart and sensitive, and we are looking forward to a nice quiet evening to see how he does with crate training.

Today was a GREAT day, and Dallas is DEFINITELY showing his gratitude to everyone involved in his rescue!!!" Happy Sunday! Cassandra & Jonathan

FOSTER UPDATE 5/4: "Dallas is still doing great today, we took him on an evening walk last night and he did PERFECT until he saw a little pack of medium sized pups (3 total). He wasn’t aggressive at all towards them, he just was SO SO SO excited and wanted to go say hi and started yelping like a little puppy. We tried to block his view and break the focus, but he wasn’t having any of it, so we eventually led him in the opposite direction to get him calmed back down. ...

He did wonderful in his crate, walked in cautiously at first, but didn’t whine or bark at all and slept almost a full 8 hours before we woke him up for breakfast and morning exercise.

The only other behavior we’re seeing that we’d like to try and curb, is when we sit on the bed he sees it as an invitation to jump up and go into full puppy play mode. If you have any tips for helping us train him to know that's not his play area, we'd love to work on that as well. We have both stood up and created a perimeter when he starts pacing and showing signs he's trying to launch up, said 'no' during and after his removal off the bed, but he sees it as a game.

He DOES respond really well to us tucking our arms to our chest and refusing to interact with his wild antics, and we come back and love and pet and reward him when he finally lays down and exhibits good calm behavior, but if you think there’s anything else we can do that would be better, we are open for training ourselves to be the best we can for him.


He loves fetching the frisbee, chewing on his squeaky ball, chilling out in the shade on the soft grass in between brushings, helping Jonathan with his stretches, and making sure he knows where both of us are at all times...we are very much looking forward to watching more of his personality unfold!"

FOSTER UPDATE 5/7: "Yesterday was a BIG day. We are completely mind blown by how smart and athletic this guy is, and after lots of reassurance and consistent schedules and training sessions, it has become clear that Dallas is, in fact, the most intelligent dog we've ever had in our home. His stubborn and sometimes whacky behavior melted away after a strategy shift that went from a 'no' based structure when he misbehaved, to a positive reward and hand signal command training when he was exhibiting good behavior.

By the end of the evening his list of commands and responses are ASTOUNDING for only having him here for 4 days, especially since he did not seem to have any prior training besides an occasional 'sit' up until now!

The list includes: hand-signal only sit, verbal stay, hand signal lay down, 'leave it,' heel, quick stop & sit during walks, 'go potty,' 'get back,' 'drop it' (his ball so he can enter the home), 'bring it here' ( he kept taking our flip flops to try to get us to chase him so we turned it into a relay where I'd give him the shoe and he would 'take it' and bring it to my husband and drop it at his feet. Now he doesn't see it as a toy, but a tool to hear 'oh good!') and tonight he responded to 'go in' to his crate without needing convincing!

This is no joke, my husband and I only use training treats half of the time, and it has become evident his 'puppy behavior' was more out of boredom than anything we can see so far. I see a fun little backyard obstacle course in his future, hahaha!

We introduced him to a soccer ball today and I keep watching this video just amazed at how he volleyed the ball like a pro. We were in shock!!!!

We can't wait to see what more time and consistent positive training will do for this sweet boy, what an absolute treasure!"

FOSTER UPDATE 5/8: "This good ole boy began his social training yesterday, meeting each one of my siblings and mom one at a time, with flying colors! As soon as the initial excitement wore off, he’d lay down quietly at their feet and wait for love. He’s curious about every item we handle, so we let him smell it and familiarize with more of his surroundings. More progress and good daily activities for Dallas!"

FOSTER UPDATE 5/14: "Sorry I haven’t sent an update in a few days; we have had a slight turn of events with his personality unfolding and he has started to show some signs of dominance testing with me and my husband, so we are trying to really focus on figuring out his motivation for the new behavior.

While I DO have thin skin and bruise easily, we are concerned that putting him in another home might not be the best option for him right now, as he has become 'mouthy' with his teeth on our arms when he doesn’t want to settle down ... we would absolutely hate to have wasted all his training and positive behaviors all due to a couple of 'crossed wires,' so we were wondering if you would grant us an extension of one more week to make sure we can get to the bottom of this before making a final decision and review.

We’re pretty positive he might have experienced some neglect or abuse of some sort because he never leaves our side or line of view for a second and he gets very unsettled or goes bonkers if we correct him above a very low volume. All that said, we do NOT want to give up on this sweet boy and want to make sure we get this right for him!!!! We started going through the videos you sent as well as more positive-based training methods, multiple walks a day (early AM and 9pm), and have ordered some puzzle-type toys on Amazon that should arrive today. ..."

We suggested using a squirt bottle whenever Dallas used his mouth inappropriately.

FOSTER UPDATE 5/17: "Yes thank you! We actually tried it and it works like a charm! He’s doing MUCH better by the way; we built a puzzle for him to get treats out of, as well as found a couple of other 'puzzle games' to play with him (he LOVES hide and seek with his ball) and relay fetch with two balls ... I think he's finally getting used to his new home and schedule, with added brain challenge games and we couldn't be more relieved or happy!

We are also wondering if he's younger than first thought ... do you know anything about the age of process with teeth coloring? One of the trainers we researched said if there is little to no staining on the teeth (his are snowy white!), they are more likely under 1.5 years which would make a lot of sense with his puppy like behavior and night time zoomies...

All in all, he's just been such a joy and highlight of our lives this year, we feel so lucky he loves it here!"


Dallas is neutered, microchipped, wormed, up-to-date on shots and ready for the next chapter of his life.

Adoption fee $375.00.

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