We were contacted about this girl on March 19th when we received an email with the subject line, "Any room." The email read, "There is a White GSD in Nogales Shelter that is at Risk. Could do on Elist in next 24-48 hrs. 3yo intact Female. Recently had puppies. Very sweet!!! Appears neutral w/other dogs." She had come into the shelter in late February. Her stray hold was up on March 2nd, but no one came for her. It was obvious that she had recently had puppies, but as it happens so often, uncaring owners keep the pups and dump the mom.

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When we looked at the videos contained in the email (above), we could not say no to this girl. Dumped by her family, cooped up in a shelter for weeks, and still wanting to make friends with everyone she could manage to come into contact with. This girl deserved a chance, and we were determined to give it to her.

Ready to leave the shelter

UPDATE 3/20: It was good fortune that Connie was making a trip from Nogales to Phoenix with another dog from the same shelter, and she offered to let Connie tag along on the ride. We couldn't say YES fast enough. We named our newest rescue girl "Connie," in honor of her transporter. From Connie, "I do have to go to Nogales tomorrow and may need to bring another pup up to Phx afterwards. Everything we’ve heard from ACO’s is good about her. And they’ve been very reliable & compassionate to date. Just no funding for the shelter. They try to save all they can but have to kill when they run out of kennels."

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Videos of Connie and her traveling companion

Potty break at Picacho Peak

It was well after dark when Connie finally arrived in Phoenix courtesy of Connie (the driver) and Missy (co-pilot).

Connie and Connie

Connie and her team

Connie gives Connie a farewell scratch

Connie and foster mom Wendy

Our thanks go out to foster mom Wendy, who offered to take Connie home for the night and keep her safe over the weekend (and longer if necessary) until a more permanent placement could be found for her. We're looking forward to learning more about her in the coming days.

FOSTER UPDATE 3/21: When asked how the first night went, Wendy replied, "Not too bad. I couldn't get her to do her business before bed. She got really restless about 2:00 so I got up and took her out. That didn't work either. We walked the whole complex about 7a. That didn't work either. She finally ate the rest of her dinner this am. I caught her turning circles about 20 minutes ago and ran her outside. Yahoo she finally pooped but she still hasn't peed. When she's not pacing she is trying to get petted and now she's having a nap in the entrance way. She is pretty jumpy if I move too fast or try and give her a little pat when I walk by. Hopefully that will change before too long."

Connie looks and feels so much better

We were able to get Connie an appointment with our groomer today and afterwards, foster mom Wendy reported, "She did good. She looks great. ... She doesn't like going for a ride, she [probably] isn't housebroken and she hasn't touched her food today. What can I say."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/22: "Good morning. It's been interesting. Last night she started scratching and biting her legs and hind end. But she slept from 11 to 6. On her first walk she suddenly dropped to the grass and rolled around. The look of delight was incredible. She got up and wagged her tail like crazy. She then walked on the rocks and started circling. She found an old bone. She wouldn't drop it but did let me take it from her. On our walk just now she pooped. Now she's out cold. We're walking every 1-2 hours. She definitely knows that she gets a treat and heads straight for the fridge when we get home. I'm going to ease off tonight and see if she lets me know that she needs to go. She's discovered the joys of a bed over the floor. I had to show her what it was for but she's using now."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/25: "Connie is a delightful girl. After the first day she learned to go outside to do her business. I only had to tell her to wait once so that I went in and out the door first. She walks beside me unless she gets a whiff of something that she has to check out but doesn't pull on her leash. If she goes somewhere I don't want her to, it only takes a slight tightening of her leash for her to come back. I've never used the word 'sit' but she started sitting for her treat. Today during her walk I stopped to chat with a neighbor and she sat down beside me and never moved until I told her we were going. Tonight she stood at the door, wagged her tail and looked at me. We went for a walk and she did her business. Her obvious delight at the simplest things (like rolling in the grass or going for a walk) is a pleasure to watch. She has the biggest smile a dog can have."

FOSTER UPDATE 3/26: "We had another interesting walk tonight. The kids and skateboards were out in full force. Connie doesn't like the sound of them but just stopped in her tracks to watch. Shortly after that a diesel truck started up and she jumped and tried to run. Her tail was down for awhile and she got skittish at every sound. Eventually she started walking like usual. Connie definitely doesn't know what to do with a ball but she is interested in what it is. I left it on the floor for her to explore."

UPDATE 3/28: After a walk in the park with foster mom, Wendy, and a successful introduction with her new fosters, Paul and Sarah (and foster furbrother, Dex), Connie went home with her new foster family this morning. We're looking forward to some happy updates and an eventual adoption!


FOSTER UPDATE 3/29: "General: Yesterday you received videos and she played a lot. She tried to play with Dexter although he wasn't interested. Then she took a long nap in her closed crate for a couple of hours. She ate a cup of food for dinner in about 5 minutes. She laid by us in the evening and snuggled a bit on the couch while we watched TV and then in the crate for bed. She cried for about an hour but then finally fell asleep. I went down this morning to let her out and she was very happy and affectionate. She went outside to pee and ate a cup of food for breakfast in about 5 minutes.

Behavior: She is extremely intelligent and very trainable. She is also very affectionate, sweet and obedient.

Health: She is scratching and biting herself like crazy!! Even on the Benadryl. She scratches her back on the grass a lot. It is just all of the time and she seems miserable. Should she go to the vet?" Needless to say, we will be making an appointment for Connie the first thing on Monday to see the vet -- sounds like grass allergies have reared their ugly head!

Adoption fee to be determined.

If you are interested in Connie, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Connie or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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