Cody is an older gentleman (shelter says 6-7) who found himself in a kill shelter in California. Even though the staff loved him, he stood little chance of getting out alive due to his age. We found him by accident when we were notified of a young female white GSD in the same shelter. She was quickly snapped up by another rescue, but not Cody.


Day after day Cody waited and hoped that someone would see him and fall in love. He tried his best to smile as people passed him by. According to a volunteer who went to meet him, "He is a very sweet and friendly guy, older, ... but moves well."

Shelter Video

After viewing the video, we're not seeing an older dog, but not being sure what parameters the shelter uses to judge age, we'll reserve a final determination until he sees our vet.

The shelter that Cody was in is a very difficult shelter to pull dogs from; most rescues don't go there. But, we reached out to our friend, Kathy J. If anyone could get Cody out, she could. And so we waited.

UPDATE 10/16: We are still awaiting news of Cody's release date, but we are hoping for Wednesday of this week. We will post an update as soon as we know for sure. Once in Phoenix, he will be seeing our vet to make sure he's in tip-top shape. We will make sure he gets whatever he needs, including a new home and family.

Watch Cody and Coco 2 in California

Watch Cody and Coco 2 in California

UPDATE 10/22: Thanks to our friends, Chuck & Jon from Husky Camp Rescue in California, Coco 2 and Cody took off from Riverside Airport this afternoon with Pilot Bob & his co-pilot wife, Debra

Ready for takeoff in Riverside

Coco is the first on the ground
Cody wanted to spend a little more time on board with Debra... until Bob convinces Cody to deplane
Coco stops for a drink at the water fountain in the terminal

Safe on the ground at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ

Volunteer Wendy and junior volunteer Logan welcome the furkids to Arizona

Cody will be seen by our vet for a checkup and will then be ready for introductions. We hope to do some kitty testing this week as well.

UPDATE 10/24: Preliminary kitty testing results -- PASS!


Cody gave the cat a good sniffing, and the cat reached out his paw to Cody, but at no time did the cat hiss or feel threatened, and Cody simply walked away.

UPDATE 10/27: Cody saw our vet today for an exam and weighed in at 77.7 pounds -- he could stand to put on a few pounds, but is otherwise healthy. Doc put his age at 4-5 years rather than the 7-8 years the shelter had listed for him. He's in excellent health, with the exception of his teeth, which should improve with proper care and nutrition.

77.7 - JACKPOT!

You'll take care of me, right?

Um ... do I know you?

That's better

Heart & lungs sound strong

Alvin is smitten

UPDATE 10/28: We placed Cody into a new foster home this afternoon with Joe.

First order of business -- a belly rub
This is my dad, and I'm not lettin' go -- ever!

FOSTER UPDATE 10/28: "Hes asleep on his bed next to the couch."

Adoption fee $275.00.

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