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*CLINT* IN A NUTSHELL: 2 year old male. Gets along well with others (people and dogs). Cats are an unknown as yet.
Our facebook and email started blowing up on the afternoon of October 16th with the horrifying news that Clint was "redlisted" and only had 72 hours before he was going to be euthanized.

After looking at Clint's videos, we reached out to our dear friends, Chuck and Jon, to see if there was any way they could make it to the shelter to save Clint before his time was up ... with their busy work schedules, it wasn't likely, but we had hope. In the meantime, Clint continued to be networked for help.

Clint's facebook thread was filled with videos of him playing with other dogs, including his kennelmate, "Pocus."

Clint & Pocus


UPDATE 10/17: Clint was picked up at the shelter this morning and is on his way to Husky Camp ~ thank you Chuck and Jon!!


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Clint will be making himself at home at Husky Camp until we can arrange transport to Phoenix. He sure could use a foster home!

UPDATE 10/26: Clint is coming to Phoenix! Thanks to our volunteer, Lucas, Clint will be picked up at the AZ/CA border and brought to WGSDR on Sunday. He will be seeing our vet for his intake exam and neuter surgery and then be available for introductions and adoption. Stay tuned for transport pics.


UPDATE 10/29: Thanks to our friends at Husky Camp and our volunteer transporter, Lucas, Clint arrived in Phoenix this afternoon. He has a date for his neuter surgery on November 2nd, after which he will be available for introductions and adoption.

UPDATE 11/1: We are sorry to let you know of the passing of sweet Clint. He had been with us for only a few short days, but he had already wormed his way into our hearts with his gentle, loving spirit. We discovered him this evening, a couple hours after dinner, in severe bloat. We made a mad dash to the emergency clinic where he was given immediate pain relief but, ultimately, the only thing the doctor could tell us what that his stomach had completely flipped and that there were no guarantees of whether or not damage had already been done or whether Clint would even survive the surgery that would be needed to correct the flip and possibly remove his spleen. We made the heartbreaking decision to let him go. We were there with him at the end and saw him off to The Bridge. The heartbreak of rescue was brought home to us again this evening. We try so hard ... Rest in Peace, sweet boy.

If you are interested in assisting us with Clint's final expenses, please use the donation link above or Email Nancy at

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