OVERVIEW: Snow is an adult dog that would do best in an adult only home. No kids, no cats and no other dogs for this girl. She's an otherwise easy keeper with the typical needs of a senior, and a great companion. Her needs are few; all she wants is someone to love and to love her back. She can be selective about the people who visit her home, and in fact about the people she meets, but she's all about her person once she chooses you.
We first heard about Snow in early December 2015 from our Facebook rescue friend, Kathy J. Having just taken in 2 dogs from California and several locally, and with our only senior foster full (with Fox and her own dogs), we simply had no place to put this girl...and so we had to pass.

But the emails just kept coming, asking for help for this girl...and so we said yes and tried to get Snow out by Christmas. We only fell one day short.

Snow with Luis @ the shelter

Snow's Shelter Video

Snow has been "dolled up" for the holidays

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Snow with Luis, a shelter worker who just loved Snow
and who escorted her to her transport vehicle

Snow is all set to take her ride to freedom

UPDATE 12/26: Thanks to the combined efforts of several rescue friends, Christmas Snow has been PULLED from the shelter and is on her way to foster near Riverside. She will be joining us at White German Shepherd Rescue in the very near future and will be seeing our vet shortly after arrival. She is a very lucky little girl that is beginning the rest of her life the day after Christmas.

Snow exploring, relaxing and snoozing in her foster home

We are told that Snow's medical needs are many. She needs bloodwork, to be spayed, and has at least one mammary tumor which will need to be removed and biopsied. The shelter reported some "limb weakness," but we are thinking this could be due to her poor overall condition/nutrition, caused no doubt by years of neglect and possibly poor nutrition. In any event, she will be seeing our trusted vet as soon as she arrives in Phoenix and, thanks to your many pledges and support, will receive whatever she needs. We are hoping that with good medical care and some good old fashioned TLC, Snow will be brought back to life in no time.

UPDATE 1/2: Two of our staff members traveled to California to transport Snow. She spent a few farewell moments with Joe & Cathleen before hitting the road

Snow really bonded with Joe, and the feeling was mutual

Both Cathleen and Joe were sorry to see her go...Cathleen gave her some treats for the road

Ready to hit the road

Snow meets Bert of White German Shepherd Rescue

Snow enjoys the ride to Phoenix

As the sun sets, Snow bids farewell to California and prepares to start her new life

Snow enjoys a bone as she settles in to her new foster home

Snow is definitely not the "feeble old girl" (as we had been lead to believe), nor is this girl anywhere in the vicinity of death's door. She is bright and alert and full of life. She has already "told off" the family cat, and given an unexpected visitor to her foster mom's office a good "tongue lashing" when he surprised the both of them by popping in! Once her physical condition and muscle tone improve, she should have no trouble at all getting where she wants to go. She is going to make an excellent companion for someone. Stay tuned for her vet visit tomorrow.

Snow loves to ride in the car

Garrett welcomes Snow

Weight is good ~ just under 80

Snow patiently endures the exam

UPDATE 1/4: Snow saw our vet today for her initial exam and evaluation. The vet found (1) flea allergies that were resolving (now that she was in a flea free environment), (2) mild pannus (for which she was given medication), (3) one, possibly two mammary tumors (cancer NOT suspected but biops[ies] will be done), (4) evidence of prior ear infections (but no infection present at this time), and (5) several possible broken teeth (which will be addressed during surgery and a dental cleaning and removal [if necessary] done). We will await the results of the bloodwork and go forward from there. Tomorrow - the groomer!!!

UPDATE 1/5: Snow's bloodwork results came back today and everything is perfectly NORMAL. She was scheduled for surgery on January 12th. Snow spent the afternoon at Sherry's Pampered Pets getting a complete makeover. She was so happy to see our staff member when she came to pick her up.

Snow looks and feels SO much better!

UPDATE 1/12: Snow had her surgeries today and came through without complication. The mammary "tumor" turned out to be a pocket of fluid and pus, which was easily removed. The spay was far more complicated as Snow's uterus was HUGE; it was obvious she'd had many litters of puppies. We're sure she was happy to be rid of the extra weight. Her teeth are relatively good, but received a good cleaning while she was sedated. She will have several weeks of recovery, after which she will see the vet for a checkup and suture removal. Thanks to all of you who pledged to help Snow.

Snow was very happy to see her foster mom and raring to LEAVE the vet's office

UPDATE 1/15: Snow was feeling so good today that our staff members took her out for some photos, and then to meet a new potential adopter:

UPDATE 1/26: Snow had her final checkup at the vet today and had her sutures removed. The vet pronounced her healthy and ready for adoption. He also "guesstimated" her age to be closer to 4 years than the 6 or 7 years we had been told. This girl has a LOT of life left in her and is ready for forever. She was put on eyedrops for her mild pannus (to maintain her eyes and keep the pannus in check).

UPDATE 1/30: Snow is beginning to look and feel better and is showing her true personality. She is definitely NOT the shrinking violet we had been lead to believe. She is all shepherd and raring to go. She has been nicknamed "Rabbit" (or "Bunny") for the speed with which she runs around the yard at her foster home. Snow is a confident female who "takes over" (or tries to) in every situation in which she finds herself. She is bold, brassy and bossy -- conditions which we intend to temper with some training.She will be attending Boot Camp tomorrow to begin her socialization and training.

UPDATE 1/31: Snow came out to Boot Camp this afternoon to begin training with volunteer Dianne. She challenged Dianne's authority right off the bat but soon learned that that would not be tolerated and there were no more issues. She seemed to even enjoy her first Boot Camp class.

UPDATE 2/7: Snow came out to Boot Camp this afternoon to continue her training with volunteer Dianne.

Relaxed in the flooding circle

UPDATE 2/28: Snow continues to do well in her temporary foster home with one of our staff members. She has made it clear that she prefers to be an "only child" as she has spurned the advances of every dog we have introduced her to, except at Boot Camp where she tolerates them (we're guessing because she is not being asked to share her home with them). She is the "queen of her castle" and is happy being just that. She would be an amazing companion and protector to a single woman or a retired couple. Her needs are few and her joys are just being around you or getting to lie in the sun on a beautiful afternoon. She is the consummate watchdog, so you need not worry about anyone coming onto Snow's territory unannounced or uninvited. She's happy and healthy and ready for forever.

UPDATE 3/23: Snow continues to do well in her foster home. She has an introduction with a prospective adopter this month; however, the situation was not right for "Bunny" and we had to recommend another dog ... sorry Bunny. We will continue our search for her forever home. Anyone know a hermit who is looking for a dog?

UPDATE 4/12: Snow is definitely slowing down and showing her age of late. She has been limping on and off for the past week, and basically just moving more slowly. Her appetite is still excellent, she's excited to go outdoors when it's her turn in the yard and she has no trouble waiting to go outdoors to relieve herself. But we do notice that our girl is showing some signs of lameness lately. A trip to the vet will be scheduled next week for a general checkup for our girl.

UPDATE 4/30: Bunny saw our vet today for a general checkup. The vet could feel no arthritis build-up in her joints which might be causing her to limp on her left front foot. Weighing in at 84.3 pounds, she was found to be in relatively good health with the exception of -- SEASONAL, AIRBORNE ALLERGIES!!! She has been licking her left foot so much, she has actually caused an infection in her nail beds! She was given a shot of cortizone and put on antibiotics for 2 weeks. What a relief!! Doc said she should be feeling better in no time.

Adoption fee is a freewill donation to our rescue.

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