Chewy is a beautiful black sable import, just under 2 years of age..about 20 months old. He's very people friendly yet needs the usual; formal training and ongoing socialization. He does fine in a public setting...just needs more leadership and exposure to strange dogs. He does know sit & down, his recall is good, and has great focus for training.


His current owners had him for only 4 months before they realized that Dad is not so much a dog person and he needs a more experienced owner who can fill his need for activity. And therein lay the challenge with most of the higher drive Shepherds we're seeing; they need an owner with time for them.
Chewy does not tire easily.

He was spending most of his time outside in the yard so we've asked his owners to try to get him indoors more. So far he has been fine when left alone and loose in the house, however, we would love for him to be indoors day and night. He is doing a lot of hiking and jogging but we know with the rising heat that will be less frequent.

Chewy's Mom has graciously offered to take him to a local group obedience class starting this week and our Southern Arizona volunteer will be arranging to get him out and around lots of new places. He has had a preliminary evaluation where he is but our staff needs regular access to him in order to ready him for adoption and available to be shown.

Chewbacca has been around and is tolerant of children still, older kids would be best with his high prey drive. No cats, toy breeds or livestock. He is Neutered, vaccinated, chipped & crate trained.

Chewy will not be available to be shown until after he is in our foster care in the Phoenix area.

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Adoption fee to be determined.