Chewy is a beautiful black sable import, just under 2 years of age..about 20 months old. He's very people friendly yet needs the usual; formal training and ongoing socialization. He does fine in a public setting...just needs more leadership and exposure to strange dogs. He does know sit & down, his recall is good, and has great focus for training.


His current owners had him for only 4 months before they realized that Dad is not so much a dog person and he needs a more experienced owner who can fill his need for activity. And therein lay the challenge with most of the higher drive Shepherds we're seeing; they need an owner with time for them.
Chewy does not tire easily.

He was spending most of his time outside in the yard so we've asked his owners to try to get him indoors more. So far he has been fine when left alone and loose in the house, however, we would love for him to be indoors day and night. He is doing a lot of hiking and jogging but we know with the rising heat that will be less frequent.

Chewy's Mom has graciously offered to take him to a local group obedience class starting this week and our Southern Arizona volunteer will be arranging to get him out and around lots of new places. He has had a preliminary evaluation where he is but our staff needs regular access to him in order to ready him for adoption and available to be shown.

Chewbacca has been around and is tolerant of children still, older kids would be best with his high prey drive. No cats, toy breeds or livestock. He is Neutered, vaccinated, chipped & crate trained.

UPDATE: Chewy is making much progress with our rep; she is socializing him regularly and exposing him to new environs as well as strange dogs. He is spending most of his time indoors now and is said to be calm in the house. That said, go anywhere near the leash, your keys or the door and he's ready to roll!


Here he is pictured at the dog park with his male husky friend Bubba and another park visitor. He will be spending a week to 10 days in mid July with our Southern AZ foster in Bubba's house while his folks are out of town. This will provide us with a better feel for what it's like to live with him.


Hi Stef-

All is well on the Chewy front! I'm off today so I'll have a nice 3 day weekend to spend with him. He did really, really well last night. He was a little anxious, but we went to bed at 10pm and he made a couple noises in the crate right off, but it was short lived and he was quiet all night. Rise and shine was at 5:30 and he got a 2 mile walk, some ball play and a 2+ mile bike ride all before 7:30! He ate his kibble this morning without an issue, albeit with a soft fried egg on it. He is not a gulper...ate very calmly and slow.

As for house far he's great but definitely busy. He investigated every last inch of the house. He hasn't put paws on a single table or countertop (yet). He is ready to go at the drop of a dime or the minute either of us get up and of course if either of us go out a door, he thinks he's going too. I think I said this before, but I really like his eye contact...he is constantly looking for direction and listens very well. He has been great with Bubba, and although he wants to play more than Bubba does, he accepts a verbal leave it extremely well. For the most part he is leaving Bubba alone, but every so often you can see he wants to go ask him to play and Bubba will tell him to back off, but Bubba is very dog friendly in general so I don't anticipate any issues there. Bubba will probably engage him eventually but it's very much on his own terms.

He doesn't know the doggie door....but I'm sure he will before he leaves here. He has gone to the bathroom on command a of couple times.

Ball... loves to play and brings it back really well. He doesn't seem to know an "out" command but I'll work on it. He has a soft mouth, so all I've done is grab his collar and take the ball out of his mouth and he is ready to go again. If there is a second ball, he'll out the one in his mouth immediately to go get the second ball. He also will exchange for the tug. In comparison to Cedric however...he is much softer with toy play and not nearly as over the top as Ced was. I'm not saying his switch doesn't go on, but Ced was over the top with that and getting anything out of his mouth was very tricky ....not so much with Chewy.

Walking...he pulled pretty badly last night, but this morning was much, much better. I'm not asking for anything like a heel....just don't pull me down the road and he's not too bad especially once the initial excitement of going somewhere wears off.

Over the top prey drive...rabbits, mice, birds, bugs...will chase them all in a microsecond. Not sure you knew this, but we have chickens (they have their own fenced in area that is part of our orchard). Chewy ran to that fence immediately, I mentioned, he listens very well, so we were able to verbally correct him off that fence without too much trouble. Subsequent walks past that part of the yard were much easier...still a little turned on by them, but totally manageable. Albeit, we won't be inviting the chickens into the house while he's here (nor do we ever for that matter ;-). This morning's walk he locked on a few rabbits and he bolted on the leash, but by the third time he notched the response down a bit. Of course we are rural and rabbits are everywhere, but anyone walking him needs to be aware that anything that moves....will cause him to move too.

He is affectionate (but not over the top) and will give kisses. Jim left this morning for an appointment and of course Chewy thought he was going with. He whined for about 30 sec after the door shut, but then lied down and he has been lounging since.

Of course....we'll send some photos at some point and another update once he's had a chance to settle in a bit longer.

Summary...great dog, will do best with someone who will keep him busy and of course anyone who wants to "do" something with him, he would be awesome! I think he would do great in a home with another young female to play with.


Chewy chillin in foster care

His owner has let him run free quite a bit so we're doing more leash work which is steadily improving.

Please check back for updates..we still need a local foster..

Chewy will not be available to be shown until after he is in our foster care in the Phoenix area.

UPDATE: Chewy has been doing great with our temporary foster. He has been left loose in the house without incident, he has also been crated for a couple of hours when no one is home, all with no problems. he has been a very good boy. He's a very balanced youngster and will make a super companion for the right family..he is ready for forever.

Chewy's stay with his current foster was to have been for just 7 to 10 days while his owners were out of town. We extended them this courtesy to avoid having to put him in a boarding facility. We have just been notified that the husband is refusing to take him back and is essentially abandoning him. His temporary fosters like him enough to keep him for their own, however, they just learned yesterday that an out-of-state job transfer was just approved and they will be moving and selling their AZ home. Once at their new destination they will be staying with relatives who have several of their own male dogs and simply put, a less than ideal situation for them and for a dog in transition.


Here's what Chewy requires from a foster or adopter:

  • > A confident leader with training/GSD experience.
  • > TIME: He will not do well alone most of the day with nothing to do.
  • > He would love to have a medium to large female roommate/playmate
  • > He must have ample physical exercise and mental stimulation
  • > He just might make a good candidate for any number of disciplines i.e. SAR, scent work, cadaver dog, etc., etc.

click for foster info & application: OUR FOSTER PROGRAM

Adoption fee $395.00.