MALE IN A NUTSHELL: Chalo is an 80 pound sweetheart, approximately 2-3 (at most) years old that just wants to be loved.
We received the first email on Chalo on October 1st. Chalo had been surrendered to a California kill shelter by his owner whose excuse was he "didn't want the responsibility."

Chalo waits patiently for the owner who dumped him to return ...

According to the shelter, "He is STUNNING and will ENGAGE with you when you pass him by to seek affection." Chalo's shelter temperament assessment noted, "Chalo was at the backside of the kennel run when the runner arrived. He came into the inside when he noticed the runner. He had a neutral body posture, a neutral tail position with a soft wag, soft eyes, a closed mouth and his natural ear set. He stood at the gate until the leash was presented. He took a few steps back to avoid the leash. However, he allowed himself to be leashed without issue. He was lead over to the yard, he stuck near the runner's side and did not pull on leash. Inside the catch pen, he was easy to collar. He greeted the dogs with a relaxed body posture, relaxed tail wag, soft eyes, a relaxed open pant and his ears back. He entered the yard and maintained the same demeanor. He explored the yard on his own and tolerated the dogs being in his space. He kept to himself for a while, sniffing the yard in a calm and mellow manner. He marked various areas and sniffed a few of the dogs. He stood in the pool and observed the other dogs in the yard. When the dogs began to play, Chalo would become a hall monitor. He would chase behind the dogs, inserting himself in the play. The handler had to steer Chalo away a few times. Ultimately, he went back to keeping to himself and showed no other concerning behavior. Chalo had a gentle/dainty playstyle and is tolerant of the other dogs. ..." (NOTE: We have found that Chalo's playstyle is in no way gentle or dainty. He wants to play and he wants to play rough ... but he does respect the other dog and will take "NO" for an answer.)

Our thanks go out to Monica who grabbed Chalo from the shelter this afternoon.

Chalo has taken up temporary residence with our good friends, Chuck and Jon, at Husky Camp. He will be brought to Phoenix at the first opportunity.

UPDATE 10/9:

UPDATE 11/14: Chalo has arrived in Phoenix!

Handoff in Quartzsite

Safe in Phoenix

Chalo rode beautifully on the 2 hour trip from Quartzsite, "deplaned" without complaint and crated up when asked to do so. He did fuss after a bit, but a quick trip to the yard for some water and a potty break did the trick for him. He doesn't seem to have any formal training, but we'll see what he knows in the coming days. He's a nice fella! A trip to the groomer is definitely in order.


Adoption fee $375.00.

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