CALLIE IN A NUTSHELL: Callie is an only dog in her current home. She has been to daycare frequently, so gets along with other dogs but is fine being an "only child." She is housebroken & crate trained. She has had some formal obedience training & learns very quickly. She would be an excellent candidate for someone who wants to do some training (obedience, agility, tracking, etc.). Callie is a typical German shepherd, requiring strong leadership and an owner smart enough to keep one step ahead of her.
Callie is a 2-1/2 year old purebred German shepherd (DOB 8-23-2016) that has been owned and loved by the same family since she was approximately 11 weeks old. She is AKC registered and comes from some of the most prominent white GSD lines. Her family is heartbroken at the decision they have been forced to make; however, circumstances beyond their control make it impossible for them to continue to be Callie's family.

Callie training in Rally Obedience

Callie and her friends at sleep-away camp

Callie and her mom in happier times

Once Callie is in our care, we will begin our own assessment. Dogs can be very different in a new environment and I'm sure we will be discovering things about her that will surprise her owner. Stay tuned as Callie joins our rescue and we begin to learn about her.

UPDATE 6/17: Callie is settling in and learning the routine at her new (temporary) foster home. We have seen none of the fears (garbage trucks, lawnmowers, etc.) that were mentioned by her former owner and she seems to take those noises in stride. It could be because she has a dog partner that is unafraid of those noises or that she's simply been playing a game and getting away with it in her prior home.

Playing fetch with foster brother Jake & foster dad

Giving the ball back is not her strongsuit but we're working on it

UPDATE 6/19: Today was kitty and small dog testing day for Callie. She was surprisingly very appropriate with the cats. They showed no fear of her, and one even approached for an introduction. When we introduced our small dog, Stella, Callie's energy level escalated quickly. When allowed to sniff, she made no moves to hurt the little dog; however, she did attempt to initiate play by placing her paw on Stella's back. We would say that small dogs may not be on Callie's dance card; that is, without close supervision.

Hermione has no fear as she approaches for an introduction

That's close enough

Kevin doesn't want to make friends

Stella allowed herself to be sniffed

UPDATE 9/20: We moved Callie in with new foster folks, Maggie and Kyle. It seems to be quite the love fest, but Callie is a typical GSD that does not transition easily, so time will tell if she has found her forever home. We sure hope so.

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE: "Thanks so much! We are so excited. She is already being a sweetheart, listening to Kyle and I better each minute, and she just completely ignored a cat, so a wonderful start already! Much smoother thus far than I anticipated. And we are even getting 'down' and 'off' correct now. :) We will keep you posted! Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!"

UPDATE 9/30: After a very promising start, Callie is being returned to our rescue. According to her current foster mom, "I hate so much writing this email, but after a long talk (and a surprise work project coming up that will have me out of town for several weeks over the next month and a half), we just don't feel that we are going to give Callie the life she deserves. I cannot tell you how sorry I am that we have come to this conclusion, as we knew the effort required going in, and she has already been rewarding to work with, but we were deluding ourselves about how much free time our work schedules allowed, and that just isn't fair to Callie. I hope you know how disappointed we are as well. I stand by the fact that she is an amazing dog, and that's why we feel like she needs a couple more able to devote time and effort to her well being. We are simply not as capable as we thought we would be. I am so sorry."

UPDATE 10/6: After our disappointment over Callie's recent return, we reached out to former adopter and long time friend, Jan and her husband Don. Jan is a champion when it comes to German shepherds and training; in fact, she and her therapy dog, Dylan, were the first "non-rescue" dogs to be welcomed into Bert's Boot Camp. This pair was the reason that we opened Boot Camp to the public and started an amazing 14+ year run of classes that helped hundreds of dogs. Jan and Don fostered then adopted Sydney from us in 2011/2012; sadly they lost her to bloat this past June. We hoped that they had healed enough from losing Sydney to be able to take on Callie and, after talking it over, they decided to take the next step and meet her.

Axel is less than thrilled, but we're hoping Callie can win him over

FOSTER UPDATE 10/7: "Wow. Does this girl have energy! We're settling in nicely. Axel will still get bossy periodically but he is starting to relax with her. She met the 'cousins,' Loki and Roxy. I'm pleased to say that all 4 dogs play well together. She's met the granddaughters and you know how they cooed and loved on her. She'll meet the grandsons after school. We're trying to get control of counter-surfing. I'll learn to keep things cleaned up with her around. Haha.

Hey, is this where eggs come from?

What the heck is that?
These are the funniest looking "dogs" I've ever seen!!

We've done several walks on the ranch. She's doing much better than expected around the animals. Fenced in 5 acres makes it easy for training. Comes when called off leash outside 90% of time, so not bad. I've enclosed some pictures. The one with Don is horrible with light coming through but I took it because she went in the toy basket in the other room and grabbed a toy and brought it to him on her own. I'll keep in touch. Thanks for trusting us with her."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/12: "Still surviving! Big adjustment here at the ranch. Twice now Callie has opened a door and got out of the house unnoticed. Luckily we are gated as you know. So we've learned to keep locks on and Callie in the crate when we're not with her. Which isn't that much because we're home most of the time. We spend lots of time letting her run with us outside then calling her in for a recall, petting her and letting her run some more. She's not fool proof yet but she has gotten better. She loves to do her tricks with us. Don has been teaching her to balance a treat on her nose before eating it. Quite a feat with her love of food.

She is doing awesome here. These pics are of feeding time. Axel needs to wait for the enzymes to activate. Callie's counter surfing skills requires us to put the bowls on top of the refrigerator during that process. She used to bark at us during this time now she guards the bowls. Please hang in there. She is bringing joy to this house already.

Couldn't resist sending you this one. Axel curls up next to me on the couch. Callie has been wanting to lay on the couch too. I told her she hadn't earned it yet. She needs to come when called more often. This was her response. Go to the other side of room and curl up on the ottoman. Haha"

FOSTER UPDATE 10/29: "Things going well. Counter surfing is pretty much under control. More reliable now on her recalls. She used to disobey and grab something to try and engage you in a game of keep away. Took a while to convince her wrong time for that. She now sleeps upstairs in our room with Axel untethered. She does still need to be crated when we're not home because she can open the doors. But otherwise she is loose and reliable in the house I've been taking her once a week to a local training class. She is awesome! So many compliments. She is in her environment at class. Structure for Callie is a happy feeling. I've sent some more photos. She's learned how to be a ranch dog including playing in the mud. lol"

Former "city slicker," now a "ranch dog"

FOSTER UPDATE 11/7: "Still hanging in there. She tends to do well then go backwards for a while. Her ability to open doors, etc. is exhausting. But we’re working on it. I sometimes wonder if she would make a good service dog for someone. I’ve been mixing her food with Axel's with no issues. Next week she will go 100% on Axel's (Kirkland Salmon and Sweet Potato)."


Adoption fee $395.00.

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