CALLIE IN A NUTSHELL: Callie is an only dog in her current home. She has been to daycare frequently, so gets along with other dogs but is fine being an "only child." She is housebroken & crate trained. She has had some formal obedience training & learns very quickly. She would be an excellent candidate for someone who wants to do some training (obedience, agility, tracking, etc.). Callie is a typical German shepherd, requiring strong leadership and an owner smart enough to keep one step ahead of her.
Callie is a 2-1/2 year old purebred German shepherd (DOB 8-23-2016) that has been owned and loved by the same family since she was approximately 11 weeks old. She is AKC registered and comes from some of the most prominent white GSD lines. Her family is heartbroken at the decision they have been forced to make; however, circumstances beyond their control make it impossible for them to continue to be Callie's family.

Callie training in Rally Obedience

Callie and her friends at sleep-away camp

Callie and her mom in happier times

Once Callie is in our care, we will begin our own assessment. Dogs can be very different in a new environment and I'm sure we will be discovering things about her that will surprise her owner. Stay tuned as Callie joins our rescue and we begin to learn about her.

UPDATE 6/17: Callie is settling in and learning the routine at her new (temporary) foster home. We have seen none of the fears (garbage trucks, lawnmowers, etc.) that were mentioned by her former owner and she seems to take those noises in stride. It could be because she has a dog partner that is unafraid of those noises or that she's simply been playing a game and getting away with it in her prior home.

Playing fetch with foster brother Jake & foster dad

Giving the ball back is not her strongsuit but we're working on it

UPDATE 6/19: Today was kitty and small dog testing day for Callie. She was surprisingly very appropriate with the cats. They showed no fear of her, and one even approached for an introduction. When we introduced our small dog, Stella, Callie's energy level escalated quickly. When allowed to sniff, she made no moves to hurt the little dog; however, she did attempt to initiate play by placing her paw on Stella's back. We would say that small dogs are NOT on Callie's dance card.

Hermione has no fear as she approaches for an introduction

That's close enough

Kevin doesn't want to make friends

Stella allowed herself to be sniffed

Adoption fee $395.00.

If you are interested in Callie, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Callie or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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