BODHI (formerly "Reign")

Bodhi was adopted into what we had hoped would be his forever home approximately five years ago. Things couldn't have gone better with Bodhi's integration into the family consisting (at that time) of a young, active couple, and they were totally thrilled with their newfound family member.

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Approximately three years later, mom became pregnant with the couple's first child. They did everything right as far as preparing Bodhi for the new arrival and when the baby was born, Bodhi exhibited some not-too-unexpected behaviors, but the couple worked through them and, again, all seemed to be going smoothly.

Now that the baby is becoming a toddler, Bodhi has become very nervous around her. Bodhi was checked by the family's vet to make sure there were no physical reasons for Bodhi's negative reactions; none were found. The baby loves Bodhi and wants to touch and pet him, but Bodhi no longer welcomes her attentions and has begun to growl and snap when she comes too close for his comfort. He has not bitten, nor has he even come close, but kids will be kids and the child's attentions on the dog will only escalate, as will Bodhi's fear and nervousness around her. Thus, the difficult decision has been made to rehome Bodhi.


The family is devastated at having to make this decision and they are standing behind Bodhi to do whatever they can to help us find a home for him where he will be safe, happy and loved.

Adoption fee is a freewill donation to our rescue.

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