Blaze is a 4 to 6 month old German shepherd (probably mixed with lab) puppy who currently finds himself in a New Mexico high-kill shelter. Somehow locals were directed to us and, when transport to Phoenix was offered, we of course said we'd take him.

UPDATE 6/1 ~ BLAZE IS IN THE HOUSE!!!: Blaze arrived via transport this afternoon and he's everything a young puppy should be. Sweet, friendly and oh so happy to meet you!

Out of the shelter and ready to hit the road
Arrival in Phoenix

Introductions ~ Little dogs, kitties and pitbulls, oh my!

According to the NM shelter, Blaze had been at the shelter for several weeks, having come in as a stray. He was initially shy (can you blame him?) but came out of his shell rather quickly. We were told there is a horrible over-population of dogs in the area of this shelter (they intake almost 50 dogs per day, yet only do a few adoptions every month), and to prevent having to euthanize, the shelter transports dogs to rescues all over the country. It was our good fortune that they just happened to be doing a transport to Valley of the Sun Rescue in Mesa this weekend, so Blaze was able to hitch a ride. When volunteers from Valley of the Sun saw Blaze on the transport, they immediately asked if they could take him, too! How could anyone not fall for this cutie pie? We were told that if we had not committed to taking Blaze, he would not have left the shelter alive.

Enjoying the grass in his temporary foster home

Blaze will be moving into a new foster home tomorrow where he will settle in with our favorite foster parents, Kate and Lucien. His neuter surgery will be scheduled at the first opportunity, after which Blaze will be available for introductions and adoption.

UPDATE 6/2: Blaze was picked up this morning by new foster parents, Kate and Lucien. They're looking forward to having lots of fun with this new furbaby. Neutering will be scheduled soon.


Foster Mom Kate's First Video of Blaze

FOSTER UPDATE 6/3: "Blaze is just a total sweetheart. He does well in his crate except after dinner when he feels he should immediately be let out to investigate the other dogs’ bowls! He plays well with Wicket, and Yoda tolerates him mostly by ignoring. He isn’t a pushy puppy but he does love stealing toys! Blaze’s favorite past time is giving kisses to people.

He did well getting a bath yesterday, stood still while I soaked him up and rinsed him off. He’s so fluffy and soft. All in all he’s a pretty laid back puppy. He’ll follow and lay down to watch while I do chores or get ready in the morning. He met all the cats and had zero reaction. The cats on the other hand are not pleased... but they never are!"


Blaze is scheduled for his neuter surgery on June 17th, after which he will be available for introductions and adoption.

FOSTER UPDATE 6/11: "Blaze is just a fantastic puppy! He’s settling in wonderfully with our dogs and loved making friends with our family friends' pit bull and mastiff mix. Outside he’s all play but inside he’ll lay in front of the couch for calm tv time. Blaze listens well to come, sit and, depending on his excitement level will listen to "off." We have him on a schedule, so potty training has been a breeze. He'll wake up around 2 or 3 am whining to go out so we do, and he’s been good going back in the crate when business has been taken care of. He’s respectful of the cats but would really really like if they’d play with him. He’s not pushy though so the cats just mean mug him and do what they want.

Destroyer of stuffies!

We hose off all the dogs anytime they’re outside because of heat, and Blaze suffers through the hose; whereas if I turn on the sprinklers, he’ll go right up to play in them! Needless to say we all get a little muddy but have fun and stay cool!

We tried out the pool tonight and Blaze went in with us twice. I don’t think we’ve got a water dog on our hands."

Adoption fee to be determined.

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