We received a call from a Tucson shelter, asking us if we were interested in a year and a half old white female GSD that was going to be surrendered to them later that week. When we asked for a picture, we were provided with this:

We immediately asked Sara, our Tucson volunteer, to go and meet this girl as soon as she was surrendered (on Sunday).

UPDATE 1/31: Sara headed to the shelter this afternoon. As soon as she met Blanca, she called us and said she was a little shy, but very sweet and recommended we take her. Sara also provided these pics:

As we were preparing to hit the road to pick up Blanca, Sara called with some news -- Blanca had been surrendered with her 6 month old puppy but since she was not white, the shelter didn't think we'd be interested. We asked for pictures (not that that mattered) and received these:

In keeping with our policy of never taking one and leaving the other behind, we agreed to take Skye. We're just grateful that the family found placement for their dachshund or we would have had one of those on the transport to Phoenix as well!!

WHAT WE WERE TOLD: The owner had been forced to rehome or relinquish all family pets as their landlord no longer wanted dogs on the property. They had owned Blanca for the past year and a half; Skye had been born (to Blanca) on their property approximately 6 months ago. They had been able to find homes for the other puppies in the litter (no information as to the size of the litter, what breed the father was or what happened to him) but had kept Skye along with her mother and their dachshund. All three of the dogs lived together as indoor/outdoor dogs.

One of our staff members and volunteer, Wendy, headed south to pick up the two newest rescue furkids.

Transport from Tucson to Casa Grande

Meeting in Casa Grande
It didn't take much convincing to get Skye into our vehicle once she saw that mom was already loaded
Arrival in Phoenix

Both dogs are up-to-date on shots and microchipped. They will be spayed as soon as possible. We have reached out to our partner rescue, Southwest, for guidance in rehoming Skye. Please check back for updates.

UPDATE 2/6 ~ WHAT WE HAVE OBSERVED THUS FAR: We have separated the 2 girls (mom was getting too protective when outside with Skye), and both are doing well. They are let out to run and potty separately, but when indoors are in side-by-side crates. Skye has come out of her shell completely and is a sweet, loving puppy. She's happy and wiggly and ready to steal someone's heart. The more we're around her, the more we think her dad could have been an akita/shepherd mix (due to her heavy bone, a tail that curls up when she's happy or excited and her brindle coloring), although when relaxed, Skye and Blanca have the same tail (with a curl in the end).

Blanca is also sweet and social, although it's very apparent that a man has not been kind to her as she is very nervous around them. We're working hard to get Blanca used to her foster dad, but she's already completely in love with her foster mom who has no trouble handling either of the girls. Both are now perfectly crate trained, so housetraining has begun!

The girls have spay surgeries scheduled for the first week in March.

UPDATE 2/11: We got the opportunity to kitty test Skye this afternoon:

Hermione notices a new dog in her domain ...
... and moves in to investigate

Hermione continues to approach Skye without fear

Skye is given the chance to investigate and join the cats under the table, but she chose to climb into her foster mom's lap instead

We will attempt to kitty test Blanca this coming week if a potential family with a cat comes along. In the meantime, she's doing well and has settled in beautifully to her foster home. She had a trial introduction this past week and was tentative but ok in meeting 2 women. She has begun to wag her tail around her foster dad and gladly accompanies him out to the potty area and back, which we are very happy to see, but if he tries to touch her when she's in her crate, it's a different story and she becomes very defensive. We're not sure what someone did to this poor girl, but we're positive it was a man and it wasn't good.

BLANCA UPDATE 2/14: Volunteer Wendy was with us today and we decided to introduce her to Blanca. As we came in the kitchen door with Blanca for the introduction, we ran right into Kevin (the cat) sitting on a chair, so we immediately switched gears and did a quick kitty intro instead, with Wendy on the end of Blanca's leash. Our best tester kitty, Hermione, was nowhere to be found, so we settled for Kevin (who always hisses first and asks questions later when it comes to dogs); we'll try and find Hermione and do another test later in the week, but the one with Kevin went very well with Blanca showing no aggression towards Kevin, even after he hissed and spat at her. After the kitty test, Blanca was very sweet with Wendy when we sat down for the formal people introduction.

Hey, a kitty! Hello, kitty

Blanca approaches cautiously ~ Kevin is not amused

Blanca has had quite enough of the hissing kitty

UPDATE 2/15: Skye has found a foster-to-adopt home and will be moving there on Thursday! Blanca will continue with her current foster family until she has recovered from her spay surgery (scheduled for March 2nd), after which she will be available for adoption. We're continuing our efforts to get her comfortable with the man in the house and we've had no further outbursts (which occur when Blanca is confined to her crate); her foster mom can do anything around or with her no matter where she is.

Outside her crate, Blanca totally loves her foster dad


Skye moved in with her new foster family today ~ she's going to be one tired little girl

SKYE UPDATE 3/1: Skye is being adopted by her foster family!!!

BLANCA UPDATE 3/9: Blanca had her spay surgery today and came through without complication. All the female vet techs in the office fell in love with her! She was sweet and welcoming to all ... except when it came to meeting the vet (a man). There was absolutely NO aggression on her part, but the staff said it was very sad to see her demeanor immediately change when she caught sight of him. This confirms our suspicions that a man has not been kind to Blanca. It took her current foster dad about a week to gain her trust and she completely loves him now, so we have no doubt that, given the chance, Blanca could do well anywhere. She will be ready for introductions in about 2 weeks.

BLANCA UPDATE 3/24: Blanca is out of her "cone of shame" and doing well!!

Enjoying a sunny afternoon free of the e-collar

She was interested in chasing after the balls we threw for her,
but she had no idea what to do once she caught up to them

She's ready for introductions and the rest of her life!

Blanca Adoption fee $365.00.

If you are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt Skye, please familiarize yourself with our adoption policies by reading ADOPTION BEGINS HERE. THANK YOU.

If you are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt Blanca, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Blanca or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.