BIANCA IN A NUTSHELL: A super sweet girl who is receiving medical attention for a swelling under her chin. She is wonderful with people and other dogs (see her pitbull introduction below), but no cats or small animals (at least not yet).
We did not have a square inch of space to take in another dog, when Bianca popped up on our radar after a post from Jose, the shelter's Rescue/Foster Coordinator where Bianca was being held. She had come in as a stray and, even though she had ID and her owner was contacted, no one ever came for her. Jose was doing his best to bring Bianca to someone's attention and either find her a family or a rescue that could help her. "This is Bianca, a small, petite white shepherd, 4 year old spayed female. She is as sweet as can be and such a lovely girl. ...She has a mass on her neck; our vet tech believes it is not cancerous, just fluid buildup. She needs a loving home or a rescue to help her ...." The vet tech at the shelter had actually pulled some fluid from the bump on Bianca's neck and found it to be basically a fluid filled "balloon" under Bianca's skin.

We knew with that swelling on her neck, the chances of Bianca being adopted were slim to none, and with the California rescues being beyond full, we knew that we were Bianca's only chance ... and so we agreed to take her.

UPDATE 11/20: Our favorite transporter, Tera, picked up Bianca at the shelter and delivered her safely to Crossroads where she will be picked up this weekend and transported to Phoenix. According to Tera, "She's darling ... very sweet, happy girl ... thin ... clean."

Leaving the shelter
Safe at Crossroads

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To all of Bianca's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

UPDATE 11/23: Bianca was brought to Phoenix this afternoon and is settled in comfortably at the home of our of our staff members. She had no hesitation meeting either of our staff members and was a happy camper on the ride to Phoenix. We attempted to do a cat introduction when she arrived, but her energy was too high and the cats did not do their usual exploratory visit. We will try again once she has settled in. A visiting pit bull was another story. Bianca immediately took to him and it was "game on!"

Arrival in Quartzsite with Chuck and Jon

In Phoenix at last

Let the games begin!

Bianca has an appointment with our vet this coming week. Please check back for updates.

50 pounds ~ just a little thin

Heart & lungs sound good

Doc checks carefully and confirms the diagnosis suspected at the shelter

UPDATE 11/26: Bianca saw our vet today. She weighed in at 50 pounds and was friendly to all, including the vet. The diagnosis: Salivary Mucocele (aka Sialocele or Cervical Salivary Mucocele). Bianca was put on antibiotics and steroids and will be rechecked in a couple weeks. She has no symptoms (other than the neck swelling). She does not have an elevated temperature (sign of infection) and is eating well.

UPDATE 11/29: Bianca has been doing well. She shows no signs of discomfort or difficulty doing anything at all. We introduced her to her foster brother, Zack Jack, this afternoon and she definitely let the pushy youngster know who's boss!

Zack wants to play
Not so close youngster!

She only brought the ball back once, with Zack in hot pursuit

The big boy sneaks in a kiss

Adoption fee to be determined.

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