Benny, a beautiful BiColor GSD, was a stray found in the North end of town on July 15th. His Good Samaritans have 3 dogs of their own and would like us to find a safe haven for him; they will be leaving town on August 4th so Benny needs a place to stay while they're gone, as well as a longer term foster home while we get him checked out and ready for adoption.

We are hoping to evaluate him the weekend of July 29th; until then all information has been provided by others. A vet estimated his age at 8 years... we will see if we concur when we meet him. So far he has been pretty laid back with the other dogs and in the house. He appears to have been either neglected or at large for a considerable period of time. Our impression, based on what we have been told, is that he was a backyard dog; his nails were nearly 2 inches long and prior to the bath his Good Samaritans provided, he was filthy.

Clearly, he's very grateful to be indoors. Again, we will Know more once we get our hands on him.

He just had his nails trimmed along with a Rabies vaccination. Once we have a foster for him he will have a full medical work up..meanwhile,

.....Benny needs a place to hang his hat BY August 3rd.

UPDATE: Ben was evaluated by our staff with a potential foster Mom standing by; he did so well that he went right home with her, now safely in our foster care.


He is a very balanced boy, appropriate with strangers and dogs unfamiliar to him. His response to basic commands (sit and down) is slow, but he knows what they mean. He's not out of control but will need leash work..despite lacking muscle, he's a pretty strong fella. He accepts treats very grabbing.

He appears to be only around 7 years old but, as we say, "rode hard n put up wet"..clearly having lacked a life of luxury. He has lots of small wounds and scabs, a few scars..we can only guess what from. Also some skin issues and/or allergies which will be addressed.

Ben is a bit on the flat side meaning that he's not super animated or high energy, typically the result of sensory deprivation; not having had a lot of human interaction or touch. This is common with many backyard dogs. He has no idea what a toy or a crate is...yet.

is, however, very receptive to and grateful for affection. A lot can change once he's stronger and settled into a consistent home environment...we'll see. He's fine with women yet seems to gravitate more to men..saddles right up and next to them.

We will give him some time to become familiar with his foster situation after which he will see the vet for lots of blood work and a complete once-over including his eyes and somewhat weak rear end. Once declared healthy, a neuter & microchip will follow.

This is a very sweet boy with all of the inherent characteristics of his breed..once bonded he will likely be protective of his pack, person and property.

Please check back for the results of his health work up.

UPDATE: Benny saw his foster's vet right away for relief from the allergies that were plaguing him. His skin scraping was negative and his dermatitis treated with medicated baths and strong prescriptions. He made it clear how much better he's feeling.

Then last week he saw our vet for a full work-up: fecal, complete blood panels, eye and body exam and microchip. The vet agreed that he's about 7+ years old. Despite lacking muscle, he weighed in at 85 pounds.

His fecal floatation was negative for parasites and he was negative for both Tick and Valley Fever. Organ functions were normal. His previously gunky eyes have been attributed to his allergies and are now bright and clear.

Benny before treatment; mottled snout & funky eyes now gone

Only one value was elevated which most often is indicative of an inflammation or infection and/or any number of conditions including some no longer active. Hence we will watch him for another eight weeks or so, then repeat some blood work.


His foster Mom Kim reports that Ben is an easy keeper, well behaved, and has been given the run of the house with no one home, without incident. He's become more animated and likes to cuddle. He has shown some interest in toys and has started to carry some around. He even chooses to enter his crate at will, gradually accepting it as a safe place. His rear end is getting stronger; he's even able to jump up..especially at feeding time..he literally inhales his food. He is also walking better on leash which should continue to improve. Ben is a lovely boy.


Since Ben has been on meds for about 8 weeks now, it's time to do another blood draw to see if that one elevated value has gone down. That said, he does have significant allergies and unless they prove to be seasonal, will require lifetime medication to control his discomfort level.

His foster reports have been glowing; Benny has been described as a wonderful, affectionate and delightful companion. He loves to bury his head in your lap and snuggle. He has been taking two mile walks every morning with no issues. He could use some leash work for which, with now cooler weather, we will start some training. His foster Mom said that the only minor issue being addressed is his over-the-top exuberance at feeding time. He literally spins and jumps for joy at the sight of his food, so he has to sit and wait calmly before being allowed to eat....we're making progress. that food I smell??

As soon as our vet clears him, he will be neutered and ready to roll. Benny is vaccinated, chipped, crate & house trained

UPDATE: Pictured below is Ben's return trip to the vet; another blood draw and urinalysis. All normal, he's been given a clean bill of health and he's also gained a few pounds. Benny has responded beautifully to his allergy medication.

Right after his vet visit we did spend some time working on his leash walking skills and he caught on very quickly.... treat rewards helped as he's a real chow hound.

He loves to attack water from the hose but hasn't paid any attention to the pool.

His neuter is scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th. After a week of recuperation he'll be ready to meet his fans. Benny is a really sweet, gentle, and now more playful, people pleaser.


UPDATE: Ben sailed thru his neuter surgery, had his nails clipped and ears cleaned and is resting comfortably at home...being spoiled rotten

Adoption fee $195.00.