Bella popped up on our radar in late April, after she was dumped at a California kill shelter by her owner. Excuse for surrender was given as "landlord won't let us have her," but it was also noted that she had recently had pups. I guess we'll never know, but it's all too common that people sell the pups and dump the mom ~ we've seen it too many times.

According to her shelter notes, "I have personally spent time with “Bella” while she has been here in our care. She is very gentle and sweet. What I mean by that is she is great on a leash, sticks to my side. She is loving by wanting affection. She is a bit timid, I like to say shy, but definitely being easy with her going slow helps her come out of her shell until she can gain her confidence."

The shelter also included her playgroup notes: "Play Group Notes: The runner reported that this girl met him with concerned eyes. She seemed to get nervous when he approached her. Her tail began to slightly tuck as she stepped away from the runner. He was able to step into the kennel and slowly put the leash on her and walked calmly to the yard. In the pen her tail was held low and no longer tucked. Her ears stood straight up and in a natural position.

In the yard she was a little timid; she allowed for the dogs to approach and sniff her, but she didn't pause. She just kept walking to explore the yard. She did not engage with the dogs in the yard. We brought in her kennelmate, and she ran over as soon as she saw him in the catch pen. When he came in, she greeted him with excitement and followed him around the yard. We parked her in a side yard with him for a few minutes and then took her back to kennel.

Today she was soft, a little nervous, and kept to herself most of the time. She avoided playful dogs and should go to a home with calm dogs only. She was also wary of her head area as when I took her back to kennel, she kept her eyes on me and when I reached over to take the leash off she kept dodging my hand."

After reading the shelter notes, we gave the go-ahead to pull Bella. It took some time, but she was finally released on April 28th. Our thanks to out to Alyssa (who did the pull at the shelter), and to Tera (who did the transport to Crossroads). According to Alyssa, "Truly one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever pulled out of the shelter. All of them are happy to leave, but she was one of the happiest to be out of there. She knew she was safe. Very sweet girl. Rides very well in the car.”

After leaving the shelter,
Alyssa took Bella to Starbucks for a treat!

Leaving the shelter
The sweet smell of freedom

Alyssa and Bella
Happy Girl
Ride to Crossroads & the start of a new life

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To all of Bella's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

Arrival at Crossroads with Joe ~ so thin

Bella could not be spayed prior to leaving the shelter due to her physical condition (too thin), but we are very grateful that this was not a shelter that demanded that dogs be altered before leaving the building, no matter what condition they are on.

UPDATE 5/4: Two of our staff members drove to California to pick up Bella today. Everything we had been told about her was true. Sweet, loving and just an all 'round wonderful girl ... oh, and did we mention HUNGRY!? We're feeding her 3 times a day to get her started.

We are still awaiting word from our insurance company to see if our vehicle will be repaired or totaled. In the meantime, we're attempting to find a temporary vehicle with which to continue our rescue mission. We'll do the best we can for the dogs we love.

Adoption fee to be determined.

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