Axel was spotted in a kill shelter in California by Sawyer's dad, Michael. When we literally did not have another inch to spare, we were asked to make room for just one more ... We didn't even have a chance to ask for pictures when they began arriving.

Shelter notes indicated, "Axel is listed as an altered, male, GSD with an estimated age of 3 years. He was owner surrendered on 12/08/2019. ...Axel's playgroup notes he is a medium energy dog, and middle aged kids are older are a requirement as well as not other dogs. He was quite shy with the volunteer handler, but warmed up after a bit and was quite friendly and engaging. He did not pull on the leash, had a good sit, was quite attentive to treats, and took them gently. The volunteer noted he did not react to other dogs while walking past their kennels."

Our thanks go out to Alyssa who went to the shelter to meet Axel and sent these videos:


According to Alyssa, "He was avoidant of other dogs in the play groups. He was double kenneled with another dog and apparently they fought during feeding time. But nobody saw the fight, and the dogs were fine by the time staff got there. They just saw scratches and knew there'd been an altercation."

According to Alyssa, Axel apparently lived with horses!

According to Nicholas B, "I saw them kenneled together. Two large boys, the other dog had a cone on. They stood on interior and exterior of kennel right next to each other, wagging tails and soliciting attention from me and other passers by."

Tonight we were notified that Axel was slated to be euthanized on Monday (2/3). His time had run out ... and so we said yes.

UPDATE 2/3: Our thanks go out to Lisa K who went to the shelter and pulled Axel on our behalf today. He will be temporarily housed in Palmdale, until going to Crossroads to await transport.


From Lisa (who pulled Axel from the shelter for us): "Just want to let you know that Axel is playing with other dogs and running the yard; he’s very happy, very sweet, loves people and other animals. Please tell Nancy. She has nothing to worry about this dog ... great save."

A somewhat confused Axel leaves Palmdale and heads for Crossroads

UPDATE 2/8: Axel was transferred from Palmdale to Crossroads yesterday (thanks, Tera!), and was picked up this morning by our dear friends, Chuck and Jon from Husky Camp Rescue. They met Michael and Bob in Quartzsite this afternoon, and is now winging his way to a foster home with Dave and Jackie in Globe. We are so grateful to everyone for making this happen for Axel. According to Michael, "Nice boy! He happily greeted us, accepted pets and praise, and was calm and no jumping. He did a very nice sit and took treats very gently. He climbed right up in the car on command, settled right down without complaint and is riding quietly now."

Jon and Axel in Quartzsite

Loaded up and ready to head east
Enjoying the ride

A very tired boy ...

As the sun sets in Arizona, Axel is setting in with his new foster folks, Dave and Jackie. We are so grateful to them for taking in yet another WGSDR furkid, and to Michael and Bob for making the trip to pick him up.

Axel and foster dad, David

He didn't waste any time in locating the food dish

FOSTER REPORT 2/9: "All-in-all, a good night. He ate the 2 cups of dry I had, and a can of wet food. I took him outside, twice. Both times he did his 'duty.' Second time he wouldn't come in and ran away from me ... game time, I think. Left the doors open and turned off the lights. After a couple of minutes he came in and we could shut the doors. I fed him a can of wet food this AM and 2 chicken breast jerky treats. He went outside and did his duty; after he wandered a bit, he came in and allowed me to close the doors. Only issue was he got in to the trash over night. Dry food bag licked clean, as well as several cans (tuna). I don't think he got his share of food, or they didn't give him much (as he was scheduled to be put down). Puppy chow, collar and toy on today's shopping list.

He wandered and explored the house a bit after the last trip outside, then settled on the livingroom carpet. When I got up, he was laying on his pad. Other than the 'trash in the night' he seemed to be okay ... no whining, crying, etc. He may have been an outside dog. He's Not really sure about being in the house. That or being confined in a kennel has made him a bit shy about it. He will, and just did, come to me and 'ask' to be petted a bit ... reassurance I'm guessing."

FOSTER REPORT 2/11: "Good night ... No issues. He's eating about 10 cups of kibble spread out over the day -- 6am ish to 9pm ish -- put down in 1 or 2 cup amounts over that time. He always eats every last bit. However, he left about 1/4 cup of kibble in his bowl from the 2 cups this AM. Great sign. ...he came in from outside and laid on the rug near me in the office. Went and closed the back door and came back. He started begging for attention, so we had a good 5 min of 'petting' times before he went to the living room to lay down."

From Michael: "We just dropped by to visit Axel. He was pretty shy. He was curious and greeted us at the door, but then retreated to the back room and would only come out for a few peeks with some coaxing from Dave. Dave says he is a lot better now and actually likes the UPS delivery girl. She has threatened to take him home. Bob said maybe he was afraid we were going to take him away again."

FOSTER MOM REPORT 2/16: "Axel's been with us over a week and just now is the first time I've heard him bark...friendly greeting to a puppy across the street."

FOSTER MOM REPORT 2/17: "Axel is a morning 'person.' He greets the day with joy and a sparkle, glad to be alive. I am not a morning person, but cant help but smile at his enthusiasm. He is a very quiet dog. He had a conversation with the neighbors dog this morning, but that's the only barking he's done this week. He likes our mail carrier, wagging his tail and bouncing around, but no sound.

Seriously underweight when he came we've paid careful attention to his food, but not careful enough sometimes. He checks his bowl everytime he walks by. He will come get us before his bowl is empty. When we add food he may take a bite, but often he just bounces off reassured there's food when he needs it. Axel is a loving dog. In the aftenoon he likes to sit in the sunshine, but he's torn about leaving us. He does not like to go out in the morning when it's 22 degrees. Can't say I blame him."

FOSTER DAD REPORT 2/19: "Good night... no issues... He is a loving and quiet dog. He is definitely a morning dog, and needs a 'sheltered' place to sleep. He had been sleeping in the bathroom (cave like). Jackie accidentally closed the bathroom door last night [before Axel could go in], so this AM when I got up, he was curled in the foot area under my desk. He's probably crate trained."

FOSTER DAD REPORT 2/20: "Good night again... I noticed he has rubbed his ears raw (back & sides) in places ... so put on the spray you had brought. I don't see mites or anything, but will continue to watch. Jackie was bringing in stuff from her class, and Axel wandered out the front door and stood looking around. Came back in when called with no issues. Young couple walked 2 small dogs past the back gate while he was out in the back yard. He barked some with tail wagging and was dancing around ... people talked to him a bit and he was very friendly."

UPDATE 2/21: Axel saw the vet today for his initial exam. He weighed in at a surprising 91.8 pounds!


Adoption fee $375.00.

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