As the new year dawned, an email arrived from our Facebook friend, Kathy J, wishing us a Happy New Year and asking if we were ready to get started. Kathy sent us a link to Aspen's listing with the following notes from the shelter:

"Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of information on her. She came in as a stray over the counter. She is around 1 year. She’s very sweet but a little scared. She does great with other dogs so far and she is approximately 45-50lbs. She’s a really sweet girl. She is currently in our adoption kennels and available. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Thank you so much for your concern in her. Take care."

We have pulled several dogs from this shelter and so a quick email to Chuck & Jon from Husky Rescue was received with perfect timing -- they were already at the shelter on another dog!! Not willing to release Aspen without her spay surgery, we gave the go-ahead for tomorrow, with pickup by Chuck & Jon on Saturday.

Aspen should be on her way to Phoenix on Sunday.

UPDATE 1/6: Aspen was pulled from the shelter today, courtesy of Chuck & Jon from Husky Camp Rescue.


She was a bit bewildered, but we'll make sure she has plenty of time to decompress once she arrives in Phoenix tomorrow. According to Chuck, "She's doing good. She ate dinner tonight. She was a little nervous meeting nine dogs at one time, put her fur up, then counted the dogs and decided against any grief. LOL!!

UPDATE 1/7: Aspen made her way to Phoenix this afternoon. While initially hesitant, she had attached herself to our staff member and by the time the trip was over, she was following her everywhere -- not as timid as we had been lead to believe, that's for sure!

Arrival in Quartzsite

Meeting Annie & the cats upon arrival at temporary foster home in Phoenix

UPDATE 1/13: Aspen is recovering well from her spay surgery (she's just about a week into her recovery). She will be moved to Doggie District this coming week for some major playtime! She's a sweet, active youngster who would benefit from ongoing socialization and training.

UPDATE 1/16: We moved Aspen to Doggie District today to join Clancy in some playtime and Cheyenne rolled out the red carpet for her.


Gonna be a lap dog

UPDATE 1/16: We placed Aspen into a new foster home today! She was given the royal tour and had already selected "her" spot in the dining room to stretch out by the time we left.

UPDATE 2/17am: After a morning email from her foster stating, " We have had a rough couple of days with Aspen. She has been throwing up and has had constant diarrhea. The pills (metronidazole) worked somewhat for the first few days and then had no effect. ...I am concerned she may become dehydrated. This morning was particularly hard for her, with almost hourly vomiting. She has not been her usual energetic self for a few days," we requested that Aspen be returned to our rescue. We're not sure why we were not contacted earlier if this has been going on for a "couple of days," and now this is Saturday afternoon of a holiday weekend! Thankfully our vet is open on Monday, and Aspen has an appointment. For now, she will be living with a staff member, be put on a bland diet, given something to settle her stomach and watched carefully over the next couple of days. We'll figure out what's going on with this girl and get her right as rain in no time.

UPDATE 2/17pm: As requested, Aspen was delivered into our hands this afternoon. The story from her fosters changed just a bit; they now said that Aspen had only thrown up this morning several times, and had had diarrhea for the last several days. They also revealed that she had gotten into the family's smaller dog's food dish this morning, which made us wonder if that's what's been going on all along. Aspen was very happy to see us again and felt well enough to attend Boot Camp with volunteer Wendy. We noticed no tummy upset, no diarrhea and no vomiting during class. She only received one chicken treat (accidentally) from the treat lady during class.

Still soaking up the love


Good sit!

After class, Aspen was brought to the home of one of our staff members and seemed to know that she was "home" again. She recognized the home she had been in previously, and was very happy overall. She was observed for several hours -- no vomiting and no diarrhea. At approximately 6pm she was given a small meal of boiled chicken and rice, with half a Pepcid A/C to settle her stomach, which she happily devoured. After dinner, Aspen slept soundly until 9pm when she was given another small meal of chicken and rice. Still no vomiting and no diarrhea. We're going to keep a close watch on her over the next day or two, that's for sure, and she has an appointment to see the vet on Monday morning.

UPDATE 2/18: Aspen is playful and seemingly in perfect health. We have only found 2 solid stools in her run; no diarrhea or even loose stools has been observed. We are completely mystified...

UPDATE 2/19: Aspen saw the vet today for a thorough going over and nothing was found. She had a solid stool "on board" and weighed in at a healthy 62 pounds. She's her normal, active self and is eating everything we put in front of her with her usual gusto.

Just as we are, the vet is stumped. With other diagnoses eliminated, we discussed the possibility of a food allergy. We feed Nature's Domain Salmon & Sweet Potato grain free, and in all the years we've been feeding it have never had a dog allergic to it. But, in order to rule it out, the vet instructed us to continue with the chicken & rice diet for the next several days, switching from Pepcid A/C to Zantac twice a day and then, if all is still going well, begin adding in regular dog to see if that triggers anything. Since Aspen is doing so well on chicken and rice, we'll try a chicken formula dog food and see how she does. We'll continue to update with any changes.

UPDATE 2/28: We have been continuing to move Aspen from her boiled chicken & rice dinner to dog food ~ every day a little less boiled chicken & rice and more dog food. She continues to do well and eats every bite. Everything else is perfect!

UPDATE 3/2: Since Aspen's potential adopter feeds a chicken & rice formula dog food, we have begun moving Aspen away from our usual dog food and onto a chicken & rice (dog food) diet. We're taking it very slow as we don't want to upset the balance that Aspen is continuing to maintain, but we seem to be on the right track to getting her digestive system back to working properly. We suspect that Aspen either got into the other dog's food at her former foster home or she was being given WAY too many treats during the day.

UPDATE 3/15: Aspen is now completely on a chicken & rice (dog food) diet and doing beautifully! No problems at all. We are trying to put back on the several pounds she lost during her digestive upset episode, and we're sure we can accomplish that in no time. Aspen is, after all, a voracious eater; she definitely appreciates breakfast and dinner times!

UPDATE 3/18: In an unexpected turn of events, Aspen's adopter has been informed that she is facing major surgery and will not be able to move into her new home as anticipated this month. So, it is with a heavy heart that we relist Aspen for adoption and pray for a speedy recovery for her almost adopter.

UPDATE 3/27: Aspen has been doing so well, we decided today was a great day for an update photo shoot:

UPDATE 4/1: We were asked by Everland Sanctuary & K-9 Kamp if we had a dog that was social and good on leash to start the first 26 mile leg of their "Walk to Everland" this morning. We could think of no better candidate than Aspen. She was a perfect representative of our rescue and our breed. She was interviewed with Danielle, the founder of Everland, by Channel 3, met a fireman from Phoenix Fire Department who came to support Everland, and made friends with everyone (2-legged and 4-legged alike). Even the noise, lights and siren of the big fire engine didn't rattle her. We were so proud of her!

Soaking up the love

Being interviewed by Channel 3

Aspen meets a deaf bull terrier pup

Phoenix FD is on the scene

Nose to nose with Ghost, a husky

It's Aspen in the lead with Danielle as the first group of walkers takes off for Everland

UPDATE 4/7: Prior adopter Joe saw Aspen on Channel 3 News, starting the Walk to Everland last Sunday, and knew right away that she was the one for him! Joe came out to the park today with Cody so the two dogs could meet and get acquainted. Cody was initially hesitant to let another dog approach "his" dad, so we sent everyone on a walk with volunteer Wendy -- first with Wendy walking Aspen and then trading leashes and having Wendy walk Cody. After a short time, Joe was ready to fly solo, walking the 2 dogs by himself. It was definitely a match!

Aspen will be heading to Joe's for a 2 week foster period to see if she can adjust to his household. If all goes well, she will be adopted at the end of the foster/trial period.

UPDATE 4/20: Aspen moved in with foster dad Joe and foster furbrother Cody this afternoon. She doesn't know what to do with such a large, grass filled yard to run around in and is thrilled to have a furbrother to play with her!


Aspen didn't waste any time in doing what she does best ~ playing and making friends

Adoption fee $395.00.

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