Carrie & Anna
Carrie and Anna were dropped off in the "night drop" at a California kill shelter in early August. Are they sisters? Mother and daughter? Unrelated? We have no idea, and the girls are not talking. Anna is listed as 3 years old and Carrie is listed as 1, but shelters' inability to predict BREED let alone AGE is legendary. Frankly, we think that Anna is younger than Carrie. Both look to have had at least one litter of pups, so is one the mother and the other her puppy? We will never know.

Our friend and volunteer, Cindy, went to meet the girls this afternoon and found them to be both sweet and friendly, although one (we're not sure which just yet) is a little more outgoing than the other. They both passed their dog-to-dog introductions and were put up for adoption, but we did not want them to wait and possibly fall into the wrong hands, and so we agreed to take them.

The girls will be pulled either Thursday or Friday of this week and will remain in California until transport to Phoenix can be arranged.

UPDATE 8/12: To say that pulling these 2 girls has been difficult is an understatement. Our friend and volunteer, Cindy, went to the shelter on Wednesday to evaluate and pull the two girls. We were even willing to pay the adoption fee in order to save them. So, we paid the fee and Cindy left the shelter, with plans to pick them up either Thursday or Friday for transport to Phoenix on Saturday.

On Friday afternoon Cindy received an email from the shelter that the dogs had not been spayed -- apparently dogs pulled by rescues (even though we are paying the exact same fees as the public to take the dogs from the shelter) are pushed to the end of the line when it comes to surgeries! We were told that it could be up to TEN DAYS before the girls were ready. Not willing to leave the girls in such incompetent hands, we asked if we could take the girls unspayed (even though we had already paid the fees on both of them). Of course we could!

The shelter closed in less than an hour and we started calling Cindy. We finally got hold of her and asked her for yet another favor -- could she go back to the shelter AGAIN, pull the 2 dogs and get them from Riverside to Crossroads in Rialto ... in rush hour traffic. It was just like Cindy to drop whever she was doing and head straight for the shelter. The dogs arrived at Crossroads late on Friday and were ready for transport pickup early Saturday morning.


Are we in Phoenix?

Carrie arrives in Quartzsite

Wendy gives Carrie a chance to stretch her legs

Arrival in Quartzsite

Wendy shows Anna around the yard

That's a funny smelling dog!

Anna and Carrie came out for their initial evaluations and some introductions this afternoon and both girls did very well. We will work on separating them over the coming weeks while waiting for the inevitable shelter kennel cough to set in. Once we are sure the girls are healthy, they will be spayed, updated on shots as necessary and microchipped.

UPDATE 8/30: The girls have gotten over their kennel cough and are fit and ready for their spay surgeries -- we have scheduled them for September 11th and 12th. We have been working on separating the girls -- it's been very slow going so as not to put too much stress on them, and it's going well. We're going to pair each with a friendly male and see how it goes. They are both definitely dog friendly.

UPDATE 9/11: Anna was seen by our vet this morning for her spay surgery. She weighed in at 72 pounds. She is in good weight and health. The surgery was performed without complication; our vet guessed that she might have had one litter due to the size and condition of her internal organs. Her age is guesstimated to be 3 years.

Anna will be given some time to recuperate and will then be available for introductions. She is definitely people friendly, dog friendly, and appears to have had some training. She's accompanied us on several introductions, and has done beautifully in the car and when being introduced to strangers. She's going to make some lucky family very happy...

UPDATE 9/22: We decided to try out our new kitten today and kitty test some of the dogs. Anna took her turn after her sister, Carrie, with the same results:


Anna approached, sniffed, the cat hissed and Anna made a quick retreat. She had no interest in trying to make friends with whatever this little ball of black fur was.

UPDATE 9/23: Anna came out to Doggie District this afternoon to have some fun and meet potential adopters.

Trying her best to impress

UPDATE 9/24: After a successful introduction yesterday, our staff member, together with volunteer Wendy, headed to Flagstaff this afternoon to do a home visit and place Anna into her new foster home. The home check and cat introduction couldn't have gone any better, with the cat following Anna from room to room as she explored the house, and Anna giving the cat a pretty wide berth. We have never had a more successful cat introduction, and it had all of us laughing out loud. Everywhere Anna went, the cat appeared (we're convinced) to make sure Anna wasn't getting into any of HIS things!!

Anna took to the stairs (and there were quite a few in the home) like a champ, although we're pretty sure she's never seen or used them before. There was no hesitancy on her part entering any part of the home to investigate, and she even tried out the doggie door (both ways)! We were very proud of her.

First stop on the house tour ... it's Lauren!

Second stop ... meet the kitty

Mastering the stairs to the yard

Loving the view

Anna took the whole tour, and the kitty checked in periodically

C'mon down and meet your new sister

OK, but not too close

That's close enough!!

Karen is smitten

You again!

Lauren convinces Anna to stay

Anna checks out the front yard ...

You're kidding! All of this for me?

Lauren and Karen promised to take good care of our girl

FOSTER UPDATE 9/25: "Anna met my students at NAU. They LOVED her! All is good!"

Adoption fee $365.00.

If you are interested in Anna, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Anna or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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