Anjo came into a California kill shelter as a stray on July 2nd. He was kenneled with several other males (as one-by-one the other dogs' owners came for them or they were adopted), and he had no trouble with any of his kennelmates. Apparently Anjo had either a chip or a collar, because he was found to have an owner!! But when the owner was called, he couldn't bother to come and get his dog (Lobo) and surrendered him to the shelter!! What is wrong with people?

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Anjo was deemed "highly adoptable" and the shelter was more than willing to give him time to get adopted. But, unfortunately, on July 25th, Anjo's status changed to critical. The Idyllwild Fire in California was making his stay at the shelter tenuous. He had to get out to make room for dogs that were coming in because of the fire. In other words, he was getting pushed out. The shelter put out a plea to all of their rescue partners to PLEASE come and take any dog(s) you could. We were bursting at the seams, but it looked like we were Anjo's only hope, and so with the weekend looming and the fires getting worse, we said YES. We weren't even given the opportunity to have Anjo neutered (as is usually required) before picking him up, as the shelter needed to move dogs out to make room for the fire evacuees.

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The sweet smell of freedom

UPDATE 7/28: Thanks to our favorite transporter Tera, Anjo was pulled from the shelter this morning and transported to Crossroads where he will remain until we have room for him in Phoenix. According to Tera, "Hes very mellow."

Safe at Crossroads

Anjo is said to be between 3 and 4 years old. He will be neutered at the earliest convenience and updated on shots and microchipped as well. His transport to Phoenix will have to be delayed until we have room for him (or a foster).

UPDATE 8/2: Lobo was neutered today and came through the procedure without complication. He will be resting at Crossroads until transport.

UPDATE 8/22: Thanks to our good friend and adopter, Deb, Anjo/Lobo will be making his way to Phoenix on the 27th!

UPDATE 8/27: Deb and Lobo are on their way to Phoenix. According to Deb, "Hes a nice boy. Seems smart and alert. Needs a bath pretty bad--pulls like a freight train and needs leash manners. Takes treats nicely. He's a good rider. Very handsome!"

Deb and Lobo have arrived, safe and sound, in Phoenix!


Lobo met the resident cats on his way into the house and, although interested, he made no move to chase or harass them. They even followed Lobo out into the kitchen area -- apparently the cats weren't afraid of him. We'll do some additional kitty testing once Lobo has had a chance to settle in. Lobo will be seeing our vet on Thursday for his initial exam.

UPDATE 8/30: Lobo saw our vet today for his initial exam. He weighed in an a slightly underweight 80 pounds. When we met Lobo, we saw for the first time the turned placement of his right front foot. We brought it to the vet's attention and he could find nothing wrong; however, he took several xrays -- no broken bones or healed fractures -- and has requested a consult. Birth defect? Old injury (although there are no healed fractures visible)? We should know more shortly.


UPDATE 9/4: We heard from our vet today on Lobo's xrays and the final verdict -- an old tendon and/or ligament injury that Lobo has simply learned to live with and which should cause him no problems as time goes by. There is no sign of a bone fracture anywhere or current changes in the bones that would indicate an infection (such as valley fever). Lobo will never be an athlete, but as a loving companion, he's perfect!

UPDATE 10/20: Lobo moved in with his new foster family today. Time will tell if this will be a permanent arrangement ... we sure hope so.

Adoption fee $295.00.

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