Ally was adopted from a Craig's List post at approximately 9 weeks of age in October by a very loving family. Within 2 weeks, the family's 6 month old puppy became very ill and was rushed to the emergency vet -- it was PARVO. About 2 days later, Ally started showing the same symptoms and was also brought to the emergency clinic, only to receive the same diagnosis.

Someone who had been helped by our partner, Southwest GSD Rescue in the past, saw the family's post for help and reached out to us to see if we could assist. We contacted Ally's owners and had them bring her immediately to our vet. After a thorough going over and receiving medications, we sent Ally home with her owner with the offer to take her on Tuesday.

UPDATE 11/17: Ally's family has made the difficult decision to surrender her to our rescue. They have their hands full with a large family (including other pets), and thought Ally would be best served elsewhere. We thank them for making the right decision for Ally. We will, of course, do our best for her.

Ally saw our vet again this afternoon. Her temperature is slightly higher than it had been on Saturday, but she's hanging in there.

Ally and vet tech, Sara, after today's treatment

She was sent home with one of our staff members with fluids and medication and will be rechecked by the end of the week. Her vet bill is already approaching $1,000.00...

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To all of Ally's faithful & generous supporters, we are eternally grateful...

Thanks to a donation from our volunteer foster, Wendy, Ally has a new bed and a stuffie toy to keep her company. She looks a little brighter, don't you think?

UPDATE 11/18: Ally had her first solid food in almost a week last night. She smelled her foster mom coming into the room with it and devoured it immediately! She then took the bowl, gave it another good licking to make sure she'd gotten every last scrap, and tucked it into her front paws and went to sleep with it!

This morning Ally has no interest in food and is, once again, down in the dumps. She kept last night's food down successfully, but she did have some diarrhea early this morning. She was taken outside to pee, drank a little water, received her sub-Q fluids and is now fast asleep.

Not thrilled with isolation but tolerating it

This afternoon Ally seemed to perk up. She asked to go out, drank some water but wasn't interested in food. She received her sub-Q fluids around 8pm, then fell fast asleep.

UPDATE 11/19: Today was not a very good day for Ally; that is, until she discovered that Lila (one of our other rescue furkids) was actually in a crate not too far from her. We had been keeping the two of them completely separated by a temporary wall of blankets, but today we took down the blankets and let them see each other. Lila was not impressed, but Ally definitely perked up.

Lila was unimpressed, but Ally was delighted

This is the happiest and most awake we've seen her
in days ~ we're praying it's a good sign

UPDATE 11/20: Ally had a slow start this morning, but we were able to encourage her to eat something and take her medication. She saw our vet and the good news is that she no longer has a fever and we were advised to cut back slightly on her sub-Q fluids. Believe it or not, she has gained some weight, but we're inclined to believe it's all the excess fluids we're been pumping into her. The bad news is that she threw up on the way home -- something she has not done since we've had her -- but we're hoping it was the car ride and nothing more. After the vet visit, she curled up and went to sleep ... and hasn't moved much in the past 5 hours.

We woke Ally up around 6 and just gave her some love and attention -- and some food! We have discovered that if we try feeding her after giving her some loving (rather than when we have a needle in our hands for sub-Q fluids), she will eat! And eat she did.

We woke Ally up again around 9 to give her her final sub-Q fluids for the day, but we just didn't have the heart. She seemed to have plenty of fluid pockets under her skin, so we decided to give her a break from the needle and just love on her a bit. She loved it and thanked us by eating some more food -- something she has not done since we've had her -- eating more than once in a day. She's very weak, but she's a fighter. We have high hopes that she will have a future...

UPDATE 11/21: Our thanks go out to our dear friend, Alvin, who came by the house today with some antibiotics and tummy meds for our girl. She popped her head right up this morning, but didn't move otherwise. At dinner time, she ate well after soaking up the loving her foster mom was giving her. We sent in a stool sample to test for parasites and worms, just to be on the safe side. She's eating, but still very weak.


UPDATE 11/22: Ally is still hanging in there. She ate a very small breakfast (just enough to get her meds down) and had a very short bath, which we're hoping will make her feel better. She seems to be "brighter," but she's still too weak to stand for any amount of time on her own. We'll keep trying and encouraging her to eat and stand.

UPDATE 11/23: Ally tested positive for coccidia (an internal parasite) today, which explains why she has taken so long to recover. This poor girl has been fighting parvo AND coccidiosis! We have started treatment already, so we're just a step ahead of the game. We're switching her to chicken & rice (rather than the prescription canned food that she seems to HATE), and hoping that things will turn around soon.

Chicken and rice is a hit

UPDATE 11/24: After having a wonderful day yesterday made up of multiple meals of chicken and rice (cooked for her by her foster mom), Ally has taken a turn for the worse. She is down to just over 8 pounds and although she initially ate some chicken for breakfast, has refused any further food. We have an appointment with our vet this afternoon and will stand by his recommendation to do what is best for Ally.

We saw our vet this afternoon and while Ally weighed in at 8 pounds, the vet said her heart sounded good, her lungs were clear and she does not have a fever! He doesn't believe Ally is ready to give up and, if she's not ready to give up, neither are we. She's back on sub-Q fluids as her major source of intake, along with Vitamin B injections and coccidiosis meds.

UPDATE 11/25: Ally had a wonderful morning. She was bright and cheerful and seemed to be headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, she began to "sundown" later in the day. We decided to try her on a small amount of rice with chicken broth and she went to town on it! We were very happy to see her appetite returning. We'll only be giving her very small meals at frequent intervals and hope that the diarrhea doesn't return. If it does, we're back to square one -- withholding all food.

Ally's first meal in over 24 hours

UPDATE 11/26: Today was not a good day for Ally. She was uncomfortable for a good part of the day. When her evening meal rolled around, she was hungry, but her stomach was very swollen and she was definitely in pain. She threw up several times and then let out a huge belch, at which point her stomach deflated and she was immediately relieved. Whew! We definitely dodged a bullet there.

UPDATE 11/27: It's hard to believe that Ally has only been in our care for ten days. It has been an exhausting, emotional rollercoaster ride with her. We have put her on a new feeding and medication schedule that seems to be working for her. Today is the first day that Ally has actually shown interest in the people and noises around her. Thanks to our staff member's daughter, Ally received a much-needed bath and brush today. It is our hope that she will continue to improve in the weeks to come.

Katherine & Ally

Not exactly thrilled with the bath idea
Even Kevin came in to check to see what was going on in the bathroom

The best she's looked and felt in weeks

UPDATE 12/1: Ally saw our vet today and she's up to 9.4 pounds (a gain of just over a pound), which we were very happy to see after the rollercoaster ride we've been on with her these past 2 weeks. She's still unable to walk, but is sitting up more frequently and giving puppy kisses. The vet recommended we continue with out feeding/medication/fluid schedule for now and to try adding dry food to her diet since she's really not drinking on her own.

Adoption fee to be determined.

We will not be accepting applications for Ally until we are sure she is out of the woods. She has a long road ahead of her.

If you are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt Ally, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Ally or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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