Albert was found wandering in the high desert just outside of Hemet (California) by his Good Samaritan, Jennifer. Jen picked him up off the highway (thank goodness traffic was light or she would not have been able to stop), dusted him off and brought him to the Ramona shelter to have him scanned for a microchip -- none was found. "He is a nice dog and ran right up to me when I saved him ... I think he would be highly adoptable and u can see, he is gorgeous." Not wanting to leave him at the shelter, Jen took him home and began searching for an owner, but to no avail. Jen believes Al was probably dumped because the area where she found him is nothing but desert -- no houses for miles. But she kept trying. According to Jen, "It's so hard when u have good heart. This dog appears to be afraid of my cats ... it's going to be a long nite. He is very calm but not sure he has had much comfort. Hard to get him into my home so now he won't leave kitchen ... maybe old owners kept him in a garage."

Jen then reached out to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, who reached out to us to see if we could help. We didn't have a square inch to spare, but with Jen sleeping on her sofa (her cats were hiding in her bedroom and Albert wouldn't let her out of his sight), and her cats very unhappy with the situation, we once again made room for just one more.

More from Jen: "I think you'll agree when u meet him, that he is an exceptional dog. Couple things right now and more later: only one other person in office besides me and Al was friendly with him but he is allergic so stayed his distance and Al respected his distance. Obviously my office is small. I'm in reception and then two small offices for my bosses who are hubby and wife and great people. At first Al was a bit anxious because, of course, who wouldn't be, but he calmed down and slept. I think he was tired from his ordeal. Al will kind of whine a wee bit when he needs to go pee ... never had one mistake in my home. He did have a big fan club today when I ran an errand before dropping him off at kennel. It was two young girls and when I walked into their store, they ran over and hugged him and said how gorgeous and great he was.

"While on a few walks with him, always had two or three people say how beautiful he is. And his nature is very calm. He never barked and just seems to be laid back. You know those harsh spur like things ... what are they, foxtails? He got one while walking and starting limping but never yelped and I got it out of course. He took their two young girls attention very well. I would say girls were in their 20's. I did not have an opportunity to see him around children but would be surprised if he didn't like them. While walking around my complex, he would encounter people and they always wanted to pet him because they were amazed at how beautiful he is. Again, he would not jump on them or lick them ... just kind of let them pet him and be amazed by him. He also does NOT jump on people as some dogs do. He's well behaved. Doesn't lick u face either. In my opinion, he would be a good dog for anyone, including someone with kids and even small kids because of his calm nature. He's just a real relaxed kind of dog. No biting, no chewing of shoes or anything. He whined a couple times but just wanted some hugs."

Albert will be taking up residence at Crossroads near Riverside this afternoon and will be brought to Phoenix as soon as there is a spot for him here. Al's Good Samaritan sent us the following: "ALBERT is a calm, sweet boy, with a fantastic disposition. He does not jump, is about 4 years old and is gorgeous. He does not bark indiscriminately. He doesn’t yet know his name, but if you do the 'smooches' sound like kisses, he will come right to you. Albert was found wandering on a very busy highway in the desert by a dog loving senior citizen. This senior states that she feels Albert is truly an exceptional dog with high intellect and a fierce loyalty as he stayed by her side and bonded almost immediately. Anyone lucky enough to make this dog their forever dog is one lucky person(s)."

Albert is scheduled for his neuter surgery on December 4th, and will be brought to Phoenix shortly thereafter.

UPDATE 12/8: Albert hit the road for Phoenix today, and shortly after nightfall was tucked in safely at the home of his foster folks, Kerry and Chris.

Meeting transport in Quartzsite

Is this Phoenix?

Meeting his new foster folks

Checking out the yard with Bert

Brooklyn makes the first move

Chris (with Brooklyn) and Kerry with Albert

Foster mom Kerry reports all is well

Adoption fee $325.00.

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