This is Addie at the shelter waiting to be free

She's quite thin but not for long

Finally "home" with her foster buddy Collin....stay tuned for updates

It's been less than 24 hours so there's a lot for us to learn in the coming weeks. For now, this is what we do know:

Addie was brought into HSSA with an older puppy, believed to be hers, as a stray with the appearance of neglect. She was very thin, had a course dry coat, swollen teats..the staff suspects it could have actually been the owner who told intake they were strays. The amazing thing is that she had been at the shelter since December.

We have since learned that she had surgery to remove a small benign mammary mass and later spayed, so thankfully, and because of her lovely temperament, she was granted time to recover from both and ultimately given a clean bill of health. Addie is estimated to be between 3 to 4 years old.

She is very active, very smart, alert and very confident. She did not seem anxious being in a new strange environment and was more focused on playing with toys and bringing the ball to her foster Mom. Addie is a quick study and we're guessing it's going to be a fun ride......she just might be reclaiming her own, missed puppy-hood...

PRELIMINARY FOSTER REPORT: The word is that Addie never sits still so here's a rare photo of her doing just that. She hops right up onto tables and clearly demonstrates her athleticism...agility anyone?


UPDATE: Addie has completed her health checks and is gaining weight. she is very high energy; her forever family must have ample time for her.

Our gal is one who requires a competent leader, preferably someone with GSD and/or formal training experience. She's a tough little cookie..somewhat fearless and pushy with other dogs. As previously indicated she is smart and confident thus her human must be equally smart and confident. She has not demonstrated any aggression or resource guarding yet does have a friendly more dominant core temperament.

She knows some basic commands but will require an outdoor group obedience class both to hone her social skills and teach her to focus on her handler in a distracting environment. We will be working on her ongoing socialization.

Addie would do well with a large breed male canine companion but will not be placed with small dogs, a multi-dog pack or cats. We do not know about kids but suspect over 12 would be best. She loves and is well behaved on car rides and adores her toys.

She is crate trained, housebroken, micro-chipped, spayed and up to date with vaccinations.

Addie loves to play in water and would appreciate a pool for those miserably long hot summer months. We suspect that dock diving just might be her ticket.

UPDATE: Addie is a lotta fun to have around; her foster Mom is very fond of her. That said, she won't do well if left alone all day long..she has not done anything naughty yet, however, that might not be the case if left bored and inactive for extended periods. She was labeled as fearless until she got stung by a bee she was chasing recently at which point she went screaming to "Mommy" as though she were dying. A lesson learned; don't chase bees . There is no pool at her foster home but Addie really enjoys jumping into the Koi pond!

UPDATE: We think that Addie would benefit from some additional socialization so we have signed her up for a basic group obedience class which starts the 1st week of June. Once she has completed her 8 week course she will be ready for forever.

Nothing can stop her from going after her ball as evidenced by the branch attached to her after barreling through the lemon tree while in pursuit. Miss personality thinks it's all part of the game.


UPDATE: As luck would have it, Addie's class was canceled (not enough participants) so we will make the completion of an outdoor obedience class a requirement of her new family..hopefully by fall or when it's cooler. Given that we rescued Addie right about when the temperature was not conducive to training, this is something we believe will be very beneficial for all.

What follows is a July foster report. The reference to triggers with large unfamiliar dogs is exactly why we feel an outdoor group class is just what she needs.This is very common with dogs that have not been well socialized; the challenge now is the weather and high temperatures.

FOSTER REPORT: Princess Addie is coming out of her shell, she had a little setback with the loss of Collin. I guess I didnít realize how much she depended on him to boost her confidence. It took her about a week before she would go in the back yard by herself or let me out of her sight if she wasnít in her crate, but she is bouncing back.

She is not a jumper and has shown no interest in going over the fence. She also hasnít attempted to bolt out the door, if I tell her to stay or back up, she does.

She has no problems with children, small dogs, or cats. The strays run across the yard right in front of her and she just watches them, Iíve never had a shepherd that was so disinterested in live moving objects (usually their curiosity gets the better of them even if they mean no harm). Large dogs within a 10 foot radius are still a trigger for her, but she has made great progress and can control the need to act tough. I think that this urge will also be a thing of the past soon.

She rides in the car quietly and usually settles down into sleeping within 15 minutes. I have had no significant issues with crating her during the day with the exception of a few days after I picked her up from the kennel. She sleeps on her mat in the bedroom at night. She understands that bedtime is quiet time and doesnít fuss or wander around and usually doesnít budge until I wake her up.

She is not vocal at all, I have only heard her bark a handful of times. She has no problem with vacuums, loud tools, door bells or electronics. She really isnít interested in the pond but if someone had a pool that people were in, she might decide that swimming is her thing. >{?Really adorable things about her:
Her affection for people, she loves everyone but remembers her manners and doesnít jump or insist on attention. She will just stare at you until she is acknowledged.

She wakes up really slow. She doesnít like light in her eyes first thing in the morning and will cover them with her paws. Then she yawns several times, stretches numerous times, and then will decide she is going to get up. When she hits the yard, she will sit and yawn a few more times and slowly decide to begin her day.

She doesnít like large bites of food. I dropped a hamburger patty the other day so it went in her bowl. She sat quietly, staring at me until I cut it into pieces for her. Fruits and vegetables fall into this category also, they need to be in dainty bite-sized pieces.

She doesnít like playing in the sprinklers, it messes up her hair and gets mud on her paws.

In a nutshell she is a well adjusted sweet dog that loves playing ball. Walks are great also, but she is not a fanatic about it as long as she gets to play in the yard.

So, we now know that Addie is not a morning gal...(just like me) and has relatively low prey drive. She would also appreciate a grassy yard in which to play. She is ready to meet you provided that you are able and willing to follow up with her training and she is not left all alone all day long.

UPDATE JULY 24th: Addie was scheduled to meet what might be her new family last weekend but her foster's vehicle broke down and the meet & greet had to be postponed. Hopefully next weekend will be cooler so that we can post the outcome of that meeting.

Here's Addie last weekend with the tow truck driver..she thought riding in that truck was really cool...and waiting at the dealership for her 1st Uber ride. All in all she took the incident in stride and was a perfect lady.


Sweet Addie made a brief visit to Phoenix; brief due to the temperature and humidity, and met a male dog unfamiliar to her. As expected, she was very excited and wanted to play, however, lacks the social skills to properly invite another dog to engage with her. She made great progress in that regard and will continue to do so as we are able to get her out around strange dogs. Right now the weather is not cooperating. She was also handled by several strangers and was friendly and accepting of all..a well mannered charmer.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER: Finally, our little Princess is all signed up and starts her group obedience class tomorrow, September 9th. This will provide her with the exposure to a bunch of strange dogs she needs and hone her social skills. The class will run 6 or 7 weeks after which she will be ready to be some lucky family's holiday addition.

Below, Addie visited a friend's home which had a pool. She wasn't crazy about the swimming part and preferred to cool off on the steps.

maybe they won't find me here, away from that BIG bath

Adoption fee $395.00.

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