This is Addie at the shelter waiting to be free

She's quite thin but not for long

Finally "home" with her foster buddy Collin....stay tuned for updates

It's been less than 24 hours so there's a lot for us to learn in the coming weeks. For now, this is what we do know:

Addie was brought into HSSA with an older puppy, believed to be hers, as a stray. The staff suspects it could have actually been the owner who told intake they were strays. Addie is no more, likely less, than 18 mos old and had a litter of puppies in her first under a year old and very much a puppy herself. The amazing thing is that she had been at the shelter since December.

She is very active, very smart, alert and very confident. She did not seem anxious being in a new strange environment and was more focused on playing with toys and bringing the ball to her foster Mom. Addie is a quick study and we're guessing it's going to be a fun ride......she just might be reclaiming her own, missed puppy-hood...

PRELIMINARY FOSTER REPORT: The word is that Addie never sits still so here's a rare photo of her doing just that. She hops right up onto tables and clearly demonstrates her athleticism...agility anyone?


UPDATE: Addie has completed her health checks and is gaining weight. she is very high energy; her forever family must have ample time for her.

Our gal is one who requires a competent leader, preferably someone with GSD and/or formal training experience. She's a tough little cookie..somewhat fearless and pushy with other dogs. As previously indicated she is smart and confident thus her human must be equally smart and confident. She has not demonstrated any aggression or resource guarding yet does have a friendly more dominant core temperament.

She knows some basic commands but will require an outdoor group obedience class both to hone her social skills and teach her to focus on her handler in a distracting environment. We will be working on her ongoing socialization.

Addie would do well with a large breed male canine companion but will not be placed with small dogs, a multi-dog pack or cats. We do not know about kids but suspect over 12 would be best. She loves and is well behaved on car rides and adores her toys.

She is crate trained, housebroken, micro-chipped, spayed and up to date with vaccinations.

Addie loves to play in water and would appreciate a pool for those miserably long hot summer months. We suspect that dock diving just might be her ticket.

Adoption fee $395.00.

Reminder: There are no online adoption applications for SW GSD Rescue; our adoption process begins with a phone interview. More info is available within the link "HOW TO ADOPT OUR DOGS" below.